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Thread Started by #Ram_Rao

How do you handle behavioural issues in a startup company? Is it really wise to terminate an employee based on behaviour?
24th March 2018 From India, Bengaluru
Dear Ram Rao,
What exactly are the behavioural issues? Can you please explain further with example? Why things have come to such a pass where you need to terminate an employee?
Partially it is failure of recruitment and leadership as well. While conducting interview itself what efforts were made to understand the personality of the candidate? By the way, are the clashes happening because of the mismatch of the personality or lack of interpersonal skills?
It is leadership that is responsible to foster a culture of teamwork and further collaboration. What efforts leadership has made to foster this culture?
There are three types of conflict: process conflict, task conflict and relationship conflict. Was it earlier process or task conflict but later it escalated to the relationship conflict? Have done investigation on this count?
Dinesh Divekar
24th March 2018 From India, Bangalore
What exactly is the behavioural issue
Being a startup, culture would not have been deeply embedded
Before termination need to follow natural. Justice is paramount
24th March 2018 From India, Pune
Yes, as the learned members said, you need to spell out the behavioral issues in specific terms.it is a vary vague description of issue making it difficult for members to rely.
HR & Labour Relations Consultant
Navi Mumbai
25th March 2018 From India, Mumbai
Hello Dinesh,
I can come up with one example.
Not adhering to company policies like no prior information about leaves, late coming, permissions etc.,
26th March 2018 From India, Chennai
Hi Dinesh,
Thank you for responding to my question. Behavior issue that i am facing with the employee is that, he is late to office everyday. Prolonged breaks. Considering he has been with us for about a month now. We have issued him 2 verbal warnings and 1 written warning. But i see no improvement with him.
I have addressed this concern with the employee on multiple instances, i,e 1 on 1 discussion, casual meet, verbal warnings etc.. Each time he assures that he would be punctual.
As a startup company, each resource is valuable to us. While building our core team, we don`t want such behavior to affect other employees. My concern is, i dont want to loose this employee only because of such behavioral issue. Having said that, i dont want this to influence behavior of my team as well. What would you suggest? .
26th March 2018 From India, Bengaluru
Dear Ram Rao,
If the employee's tenure with your company is for a month then why are you so much worried about his termination? In spite of receiving verbal and written warnings, if he remains incorrigible then it could liability in future. There is better if you check him out sooner. You may make 31st March as his last working day and start looking for the replacement.
Behavioural issue or otherwise, this is a recruitment problem. Why the candidate's attitude was not identified in the interview? Who conducted the interview and what questions were asked in the interview? Please revisit the recruitment session that has taken place and the situation merits evaluation of the recruitment practice. Lastly, the lesson from this sour episode is that you need to improve your recruitment practice.
Dinesh Divekar
26th March 2018 From India, Bangalore
I am very much agree with Mr. Dinesh. It is the right solution. Otherwise he S/he will be a big problem for the company as well i suggest to review the interview process. Minimum you have to go through an employee with the following issues:
1. Adaptability 2. Management Skill 3. Interpersonal skill 4. leadership in the position with other competency.
29th March 2018 From Bangladesh, Sylhet
Hi All,
we are facing the same kind of problems in my company. We have developed our recruitment process as strong as in shorter time. Also, we clear the expectation very clearly in the interview and the later stages of onboarding. Still facing such issues but what we have observed is this is influential from some of the strong pillars. What actions can be taken against this?
30th March 2018 From India, undefined
Dear Ram Rao,
Coming late to office everyday, taking prolonged breaks could be indicative of a burn out in the employee or even a stressed employee who starts to believe that if he cannot get out of the situation, he should start skirting it.
Give the employee an opportunity to explain why he is regularly late and encourage him to develop a solution that works for both the employee and the employer, with the end result being that the employee arrives to work on time.
Approaching the problem in this manner will help to ensure that the employee comes up with a solution that he buys into, and can help resolve the issue without the need for further disciplinary action.
I run a training and counselling company and a large part of our programs focus on enhancing employee happiness quotient and going by our experience these are potent signs of stress in the employee.
Having a counselling approach, will help the employee uncover the reason he is late and providing him support and guidance can make a big difference. As a start up, while business is priority, an employee's wellness should not be allowed to take a back seat. Demonstrating a caring attitude may help improve employee engagement and boost your business in turn.
Do let us know if you need any help in this regard.
Best Regards
Riti Sinha
Founder, Pharos Hub
6th April 2018 From India, Bangalore
Dear Ram Rao,
I totally agree with Dinesh , As a organisation we need professionals who can contribute to the organisation goals as well as set an example to others . If we do not take any action the later stage will be very troublesome for you , as he/she will take up things for granted and this trends will be slowly followed by others.
Sheeba Alex.
HR Manager
Suba Group of Hotels
7th April 2018 From India, Mumbai
How many employees are there? What is the product? What is this person's role? Has he been hunted from a competitor? And a few more facts need to be examined before giving any advice.
Is he reporting to you? reporting to some one else? Reporting to CEO?
Examine all carefully before taking this up very seriously
T Sivasankaran
13th April 2018 From India, Chennai
The action what we are taking on the employee should be based on the company structure. It the company is at large scale then we can follow hire & fire policy ... if it is small scale sector & new start up then should go little slowly...
If the employee is an very good in his work and really hard worker then should see to make alteration in his working time, in case late mark in the only concern...
If you try to work on the problem of the employee, I am sure he will stay with the company for long time with loyalty & hardworking which require for any new start up.
Every time termination is not only the way handle the employee issues...!!
Thank You
Nilesh Kadam
14th April 2018 From India, Mumbai
Hi this is my first post respected seniors please correct me if any wrong
i think for stop late coming you should have make strong policy for your startup company if ur policies are strong you cane introduce it to candidates at the time of joining so they will aware for it and it will help you to maintain discipline in your organisation
14th April 2018 From India, Pune
Having hired, and wants to retain for his technical skills, the solution lies in finding the reasons for such cronic late reporting from him in one to one session. Termination by legal remedies is the last option. Making him understanding the effects of late reporting by cost & business besides setting indiscipline for the co- staff in the organization.
To retain, attract talent, Organization policies also requires to be user friendly and certain amount of flexbility in related in particular based on various factors including commuting.
Anil Kumar
DGM - HR & Admn
16th April 2018 From India, Mumbai
Dear Ram Rao,
All the learned members who have responded so far are correct and are point driven. This problem is to be viewed in two ways. It may be an intentional arrogance from employee. we can treat it as a behavoural trait, and if so, it could have been judged during interview. If not, another reason could be that the employee is not interested to work with you and he would like to find ways to move out as quickly as possible. If the second one is the answer, you please revisit your organization culture from his perspective. Many times we take things granted. But, initially one tone rises to tell us what we are doing is not correct, then the rest will join. Who knows there may be some unsatisfied souls working with you not able to find a way to express or adjusting having not been able to quit. The only catch in the entire episode is the peculiar behaviour of the individual. Either this person must have developed a thick skin or acting so. I strongly feel that this is one of the opportunities for your budding organization to set your traits still more robust.
Irrespective of his retention or termination, it is essential to identify the reason behind the employees behaviour, inspite of the repeated warning and job threat.
Thank you,
Trainer and counsellor.
18th April 2018 From India, New Delhi
Dear Friends,
From the above observations & comments, i would also like to add that firstly the hiring has gone wrong, may be HR focused too much on the technical aspects and knowledge and bargaining on the salary of the potential candidate and overlooked the behavior part, which i feel is an important aspect for right fitment in any team to cohesively work together.
Always remember - Start with good people, lay out the rules clearly and communicate with them regularly, motivate them and reward them adequately. And if you are doing all these things, you can't Miss!!!!!
I am sure the outburst or negative reactions from the new joinee is because, he is not getting the right role / salary that was promised to him at the time of joining and has not been well inducted or taken well care off during this last one month period. A new joinee should always be welcomed warmly by the others and make him feel accepted by them. Of course, he has to equally reciprocate the team in the same manner.
I suggest, the HR should sit with the employee and have long chat with him to discuss and understand the issues and root cause of this behavior.
19th April 2018 From India, New Delhi
Just a suggestion, after talking/counselling to the respective employee if things still remain unchanged, you can probably revise you policies as per requirement. Being a start-up you have an advantage of revising the policies (provided it should not be a habit). You can go for policies like 3 late marks will result in half a day's loss of salary. This might avoid other employees behavior.
Amar Joshi
28th April 2018 From India, Pune
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