Hi all, I resigned from MNC company and requested for early release. Notice period was 3 months. My manager approved the request and as per requested date I got exit from company. I got released 20 days earlier . After few days I received fnf amount n mail where I found the amount was deducted stating as payback.
About payback I was not informed by anyone. So was that HR responsibity to inform about deduction and share the details ? Can I claim for the deducted amount.? Also as per policy the payback should be deducted as per gross but they deducted as per CTC.
Please help me and Thank you for your time

From India

If notice period and its conditions are part of your appointment letter then HR need not to inform you again for the same. Thus, can not claim for the same. About deductions on CTC you can ask for clarification from them.

sridharan venkataraman

Have you made a request for any waiver of remaining notice period at the time of submitting your resignation? in the absence of such request of waiver of remaining notice period, your employer is not bound to give you any notice for such deduction or non-deduction from your F & F settlement.
From India, Mumbai
I did requested to release early with specific date for which my manager agreed stating you be relieved as per policy.
From India

Dear Friend,
Your management shown leaniency towards your request to release prior to completion of three month notice for which you were bound. Your manager approved your resignation but not the exemption for notice pay.
The general condition is that, to serve the notice period or pay notice period. The act of your managemnt is justified. You can ask the HR to provide you the details of account and deductions happened in the F&F. You are advised to check the appointment letter what exactly the terms put for notice period. Whether to count on basic pay or three moths pay. If it is basic, well you can raise your objection.

From India, Mumbai
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