I am a Banker having 4 years of experience . Last week one of my colleague misbehaved with me and when I complained to BM he threatened me to see outside in front of others. I immediately marked a mail to HR describing the incident and requested them to accept my resignation as well as waiving of my notice period. Immediately I got a call from HR asking me to calm down and stating that they are not accepting my resignation and will take necessary action against employee but they have given nothing on mail.

I clarified that I can't join the organisation until some action is taken .Now one week has passed and I got no call from HR .Now will I be treated as absconding as technically I have given my resignation and can I take any legal action against my colleague and organisation and get my notice period waived off as after this incident I don't feel secure to join the organisation.
19th September 2017 From India, New Delhi

Dinesh Divekar
Business Mentor, Consultant And Trainer
Ashutosh Thakre
Hr Professional
Lavi J
Senior Officer

Dear Friend,

I think, there is much that is hidden from the view. Any answers to the above questions will be vague. You need to answer the below questions first:-

1. The person has said, meet me outside and he will show you ( you are now outside and not in company, he can harm you anytime)
2. Is the person so dangerous that you feel insecure?
3. What is the communication that you have done in the last one week with the BM and the HR?
4. Why did you wait for one week and not file a police complaint, if you were so scared?
5. You have also, not been in office for one week, how do you know, that they have not taken any action on the colleague?
6. You wrote a mail to HR to accept your resignation, why not to the BM as he was there in the office?
7. When you say misbehaved (what exactly happened)?

answers to these questions, will enable to understand the situation more better and help us to help you.

19th September 2017 From India, Mumbai

Dear friend,

You have written that "Last week one of my colleague misbehaved with me and when I complained to BM he threatened me to see outside in front of others." Therefore, instead of taking action against the person who misbehaved with you, why BM threatened you in a language that suits leader of a crime syndicate? What exactly happened in your meeting with your BM? Have you given us the complete information?

In a fit of annoyance, you have taken drastic step of tendering resignation. HR's action was right in telling you to calm down and further HR clarified that they were not accepting the resignation. Even then also why it did not sooth your tempers?

Your post purports your retaliation with matched intensity to your colleague or even to BM. Therefore, right course of decision would be joining your duties immediately. In case if your company considers your absence as abandonment of your duties and if your employment is terminated, it would be a grave loss to you. With one single incident of workplace fracas, you cannot risk your employment or even career itself. If you do that it would be imprudence of the highest kind!


Dinesh Divekar
19th September 2017 From India, Bangalore

Dear sir,

The person has attitude problem .he used behave improperly and pass comments on any body in the office.Heis always into gossiping and one senior suporrts him. He is my backup and always a mess creator in one way or other tries to put his work on.me because of this there have been arguments many a times between us and I had reported the same to HR but he was just issued an oral warning . this time also he misbehaved by argumenting and talking aloud I took the matter to BM cabin and it was he who starting panicking and threatening as soon as he entered the cabin. everybody was there but nobody replied on this I came out and marked a mail to HR .I am at home but not received any call from HR and on Thursday I called hr to ask about the status on which they have said that they will update I have put my resignation cc to my gmail id so that I receive response on my personal mail.I have not yet filed Fir since the same has happened in office and HR has assured me verbally that they will take an action. further my query is can I leave the organisation without serving notice period because after this incident I feel that the organisation is not capable to maintain proper work culture and act to preserve employee security and no longer I have trust on my senior that they will be able to deal in such situation if arise in future further it's affecting my morale and i am mentally harassed due to such humilation
19th September 2017 From India, New Delhi

Dear Dinesh sir,

Thanks for your review but may I am unable to explain clearly ..th e guy who threatened me was my colleague not BM. and as far as my concern to join the organisation is my office is quite far away from my home and I am the only female employee there .further this is not the only incidence of misbehave by the same employee .In past also I had raised the concerns to HR and my BM but every time oral warnings were issued . He has also misbehave with other co workers as well . but nobody complains as he has personal relations with someone in management..since this time he has crossed the limits and I feel insulted nd humiliated by this behaviour I have taken this step. Request you please guide about the steps that should be taken by me or shall I wait for HR to respond
19th September 2017 From India, New Delhi

It is surprising, that you have lost faith in the organisation, but trust on the verbal confirmation of a staff.

Also, if is really so troublesome, then running away, will only boost his arrogance, So advice, that file an FIR with the police station.

More over, the company has every right to ask you handover in a proper manner and in a controlled environment. You can request to waive off the notice period, but cannot demand it. The person has not did anything that he said in the past one week, so he seems to be all gas and a police complaint, will keep him and the someone in the management in their place.

I feel that, by running away, you are proving that he was right and you are wrong. Stand and fight back, take the legal resource to your help. Just saying that i am insecure, will not help. Stop the thinking that you are weak and cannot touch a person as he has high connections, take it all out, anyways, you have resigned and seems to not care at all in this regards, if you keep the job or not. So go all out and teach that monster (in your words) a lesson.

19th September 2017 From India, Mumbai

Dear Lavi,

My reply is to your third post (Sl No 5).

If there was series of bad behaviour and that too with multiple employees then all of you could have put up joint application to HR and if the oral warning had no impact then all of you could have put up application to the GM of the company. If that also did not work then you could have approached the MD of the company. Why you did not escalate the matter as per hierarchy of the organisation?

Your colleague misbehaves with you repeatedly, for which BM or HR do not take any conclusive action. In a fit of frustration, you put up your resignation and stop reporting for duties. Now in such scenario, possibly your HR could construe it as unauthorised absence and may initiate disciplinary action against you. Therefore, instead of your wayward colleague, you could bear the brunt.

I recommend you going to the HO and personally talking to the senior management professional like VP, Director or MD himself. Ask for the change of your branch. Partially, your BM with his laissez-faire leadership style is also responsible for aggravating the situation. With his timely feedback to HO, the delinquent employee could have been taken on task. That has not happened.

In your post, you have written that "my office is quite far away from my home and I am the only female employee there". Farness of office from home and your gender does not matter in the case at hand. These are not related issues.


Dinesh Divekar
19th September 2017 From India, Bangalore

Thanks to dinesh sir and ashutosh sir for your valuable replies.What I extracted from the replies is that I should join back and file a complaint against him. Since I already told you that he has good terms with management personnel I am sure that once I resume action will be taken against him and it will boost his arrogance .as earlier he has passed a statement when I complained about him last time that jo karna h karo mera kuch ni hoga...and on every argument he says mark kar lo mail...it's very humiliating to live in this type of environment and very mentally stressed and this time this has come to the level of self respect.... Am with this organisation from past 1.9 years I have never faced any problem with my previous employers in the same industry. This is a small bank with no clarified policies on many matter. I am feeling insignificant after this incident. I really wanted to quit can there be any way in which I can take my experience letter and organisation relives me.
19th September 2017 From India, New Delhi

Dear member,

This is reply to the Post Sl No 8 of this thread.

Overall from the description of your post, it can be inferred that it is a unprofessional company. As such somehow you had completed 1.9 years, then you could have shown little more patience and allowed two years to complete and looked for new job.

Needy employees are expected to show patience or swallow their pride and continue. When time comes, they can very well quit. Anyway, even now also you may go back and join. The person who has some internal connection may take potshots at you but ignore them. Concentrate on your work and then quit.

If you deem appropriate, then you may write a letter to the MD of the company. However, you need to support it with evidence. For this, when this arrogant person shows arrogance, try recording his voice in your mobile. This audio file could be impeccable evidence to show his arrogance.

Nevertheless, these types of persons do not thrive without countenance from the top-most management. Therefore, check how far this person has blessings from the top management.


Dinesh Divekar
19th September 2017 From India, Bangalore

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