Hi everyone, I have joined as HR in a small organisation . I am the first HR of this organisation and in the process of implementing HR Policies. I encounter some issues here with the employees and needs your valuable advice on this pls.
Payroll is done by Accounts with mistakes. Here employees of certain categories (HOD,Asst.Manager) are not all signing the attendance ,gets full salary but feels like prestige issue if asked to sign the attendance.
One Senior employee of our organisation has not come to office for 1 week and we receive no information from her. When asked for leave letter she claims that she has worked from home on these leave days and will not submit any leave letter though she has EL & CL & no rules will be applicable to her as she is of senior position. There are also other employees who supports her in this. I have asked to streamline these sort of issues by the management.
Kindly help me to handle these employees pls.

From India, Madras
Dear Jayarani,
Basically you are a law-abiding person by nature and as such you should be a strict disciplinarian. It is good and commendable. However, you should not lose sight of the fact of organizational politics irrespective of the size of the organization. When H.O.Ds and Senior Managers flout the basic rules of attendance and leave, naturally they can not take cognizance of the indiscipline and deficient performance of lower rung employees under them. As a new comer into the organization, that too as a HR Executive that is basically a staff-function, if you try to set things right all of a sudden, you may not be successful. Therefore, try to impress the C.E.O first and convince him with proven facts and figures of the mess happening around and the extent it can affect the organization in the long-run. Your post does not reveal your reporting pattern whether directly to the CEO or through some Line Manager. Let all the orders and instructions be in the name of the CEO and don't engage any one personally when they make transgressions. At the same time bear in mind that being nice is different from being meek or weak. Be tactful.

From India, Salem
Dear Jayaranai,
Discuss with Top Mgmt & have a biometric attendance in place.
Have a leave & attendance policy in place ( with permission of the CEO / Top Mgmt ) & circulate to all stating that salary will be calculated as per punches in the biometric machine. You should have a very clear work from home policy. For all you know, some of your employees may be holidaying in Goa while claiming work from home wages !!!
Have a payroll software which is linked to biometric attendance so that manual tampering of attendance records is ruled out.
All the best !
Anil Raina
Mob : 9810180148

From India, Delhi
Dear Jayarani,
First of all you need to prepare a detailed report and submit to the CEO / top management about the indiscipline and the bad practices. In case they are positive and wants brings discipline in to the organization then they need to call for a meeting, discuss and obtain inputs from the HODs.
Change is painful but the change is inevitable hence it will be difficult for new entrant like you to handle until and unless it comes from the Horse's mouth. The Senior Management generally don't wants to be bad hence they will put all such tasks on HR and ultimately HR will become bad in their eyes feeling that the HR person is creating all these issues however it is our responsibility to bring the culture back but you should have patience. I also faced such critical issues in one organization but on briefing the management understood the implications and supported unconditionally. Its a 15 yr old organization with out any written policies, procedures, systems, rules, performance evaluation system, recognition, reward etc., Struggled for 2 yrs and finally introduced all systems of course I was into Senior Position.
Try to work out, bring the change in to the organization or Change the organization.

From India, Hyderabad
Dear Jayarani,
You need to set up the system in the small organisation first, so that your problems are minimized. First of all, if you can go for biometric attendance at the entrance, each and every person attending the office will be punched in and out with timings.
Secondly you need to make the Employees HR manual which will regulate all aspects and which should contain Leave Rules and provisions for work from home and all other details, which will be applicable to each and every employee of the organisation. These and other systems will help you maintain a formal atmosphere in the organisation.

From India, Pune
Many thanks to all for sharing your valuable suggestions. Will start implementing it one by one with the consent of my Management.
If any one has work from home policy, pls share it with me.
Jayarani J

From India, Madras

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