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Dear All,
Please help me to developed a effective recruitment and onboarding process for my company. We already have onboarding process but i need help from your side to develop it in a attractive manner as well as pl help me to understand effectiveness of recruitment and provide me formats also. Please suggest me your thoughts how can i implement a effective onboarding process.Please share your method also.
Thanks & regards,

From India, Palwal
Workplace Assessment And Training

Dear Payal,

Its the responsibility of HR Department to bring a first impression which can have a lasting Impression Iwith new joining. Effective on boarding help in lasting impact and change employees outlook about the Company whereas poor onboarding definitely will have a calamitous effect.

Effective On boarding process

Onboarding starts before hiring.

New hire should feel welcomed and valued.

Use your best employee to welcome new resources.

Inform all employees about the new hire either person or sending a welcoming note.

Welcome note should new hire’s role, his/her previous experience , education etc...

Introduce new employee to the team.

Train the new hire with clear purpose.

Provide the new hire with the appropriate trainer.

Peer mentoring can also be the part of onboarding.

Strengthen the connection between work and people.

Regularly check with new employees that they are best prepared for their Job.

Successful onboarding process reflect the time and effort put into them.

Always make sure you give a positive set of tone.

The main point is by setting employee up to succeed.

Hope this will help you.


Sonia Thomas

From India, Chennai
Dear Sonia mam,
Thanks you so much for your valuable advice.
Pl tell me how to find out training need identification.
We find TNI through PMS but its only system related how can i find technical training Need identification as well as behavioural training.if you have some formats to find TNI pl suggest me.
Thanks & regards,

From India, Palwal

There is a ton of information on all the topics you have mentioned in your post already posted here on CiteHR by other members.
Please use the search box at the top of the page to find all the information you need.
All these questions are asked many times, over and over again, when the answers are already here.
As for recruitment, I have posted many times on this. You can easily find my posts by a search.

From Australia, Melbourne
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