The PF establishment search page is not working since December. Has this link/page been shifted to some other url or EPFO has completely disabled it.
Earlier employees were able to know whether his company is paying on time or not using this page.
Principal employer also used to check whether the contractor is paying epf to it's workers or not.
But now this link is not working. Can somebody tell if there is any substitute to it.
Thank you
26th January 2017 From India, Kolkata
employee get a massage on his registered mobile, that his pf for xxx month is credited . and he can check his passbook also ..............
what exactly you want to know, please specify, as new system ECR has clear mandate in challan to furnish off roll (contract labour) data also, so if the contractor fails to do, then action would go against him.
27th January 2017
People hardly gets an sms from EPFO regarding amount gets credited. In the last 5 years I personally can not remember getting sms from EPFO for more than 5 times despite I have a fully KYC compliant UAN no.

And as far as passbook is concerned I heard that these member portals do not get updated regularly. At least that was that once one of our HR managers told to me when I joined and inquired after 4 months that why my new account no was not showing in my employee uan portal. That had happened 2 years back. And she replied that we had done it from our side but it takes time to get updated and show off itself in your member portal.

Hence I took this route (establishment search) to check whether they were depositing or not and I found they were indeed depositing every month, only my UAN was not showing that member account no. All of a suddent after a few months it showed off itself though.

So my point is if I join a company now and if they link it with my existing UAN it won't get updated in my member portal immediately I presume. At least I can not see it or check it for a few months I believe. That was my own experience.

I don't know after these changes how it's going to take place now though.
27th January 2017 From India, Kolkata
EPFO has a dedicated number to tell your EPF balance. Pull out your mobile and save this number. It is not a fancy number but very useful as you get EPF balance by giving mssed call to this number.
011 22 901 406
27th January 2017
on joining a new employer, it will not reflect immediately unless the employer verify the same with DSC
even after digitally verification department takes it's own time to link the old accounts with present,
it takes upto 3 weeks after digital verification by employer.
27th January 2017
Dear Mr. Sharma,
I'm not talking about consolidating old accounts into one.
Earlier if an employee joins an organization with existing UAN the employer links it, but the employee can see it only after a few months in his member portal.
Is this the same now? If I join a new organization I'll give me existing UAN to link. The employer will link it immediately. After how many days I'll be able to see it in my member portal. Does it still take weeks if not months or it shows in my member portal immediately.
27th January 2017 From India, Kolkata
linking neither confirms employment nor confirms that data is verified,
let the employer either verify the same with DSC or make atleast one payment to the the linked UAN,
most of the linked UAN have missing aadhar data verification, or pan verification which should be verified with the departmental portals, and its submitted by SRO/RO batch-wise to the concerned departments,
if you have doubts then open your own uan member portal and look at aadhar / pan status where it is displaying "verified" and on next a button appear "demographic verification" click that to verify and you can understand the system of EPFO verification.
However on confirmed first payment from employer, the new employer would get visible on the member portal.
27th January 2017
Ok got it. Thank you.
But then if linking only doesn't mean employment then why when an employer links it's establishment code with a UAN the previous employment of that employee gets untagged from the UAN automatically, till the time either employer verifies it with DSC or upload one ecr the previous employment should remain tagged.
It seems you have loads of information in this regard. And you are a master in this field.
Thanks for your comments which help me understand epfo in a better way.
27th January 2017 From India, Kolkata
if the employer does not make payment in the next ECR of the linked NEW LINKED UAN, then the employer will get SCN , and the linked UAN would get free for getting linked for next employer.
under CLRA ( contract labour) a single employee works for more than one employer often, new system allow the allocation of working days of the employee also, so that no employee can enjoy dual employment on any single time slot,
27th January 2017
Ok. At any point in time two establishment codes can not remain active in a single uan, so dual employment is absolutely not possible.
But I guess if employer uploads one ecr against a uan who has joined recenty the employee can see this employment in his member portal service history immediately may be within a week post uploading ecr. It shouldn't take more time than this.
27th January 2017 From India, Kolkata
there may be dozen of previous employer, so does it matter? for a week-time one person got employed at one establishment, and simultaneously he got employed in four establishments in all four weeks, he is member for all establishments unless the ECR is paid, but after the completion of ECR employer has to click exit option, .....if the employee already switched then it would show that "no more employee with you" otherwise EXIT should be submitted.

and yes all four would submit his contribution for different time slot, here if any employer link the UAN at payment time, in place of actual joining time, then he would be termed as last employer, and department will deem that the employee is continuing with that employer .

just imagine that some person worked from 01/01/2017 to 10/01/2017, and the HR department seeds his UAN just before making ECR i.e 5th feb ......... then how he can be able to make exit on 10/01/2017? as system will not allow him to make the entry on the date before joining entry. .......
27th January 2017
And Mr. Sharma I have one more query. I know we can check the active members' service history. But if somebody leave our organization today can we see him in active members field? Can we trace him out about his whereabouts or may where he has joined from his UAN details. Active member section shows the service history of active members only. How to get the details of the employees who have already left but used to be our employees till 10 days ago.
28th January 2017 From India, Kolkata
under active members details, put the UAN in Member service details, it will display
28th January 2017
So for the employee who left my company on 15th January and joined another organization on the very next day I can see his employment details in active member section?
But nothing is showing there.
Can we check the employments of the ex employees from Active Member section? Because they are not active members of my establishment anymore!
28th January 2017 From India, Kolkata
And one more question please. May be this is the last one. :-)

As you have stated earlier unless an employer uploads ECR for an employee the employment is not confirmed from HR perspective.

So employee can not see this company in his own member portal till the time employer uploads the ECR, after uploading employee can see it in his own portal. Right?

Is this rule same for employer? I mean I can check the service history details of my employees, also can see the current employers of those employees who have already left. But in this case also unless his employer uploads the ecr his employment is not confirmed so I can see his current employer if his employer has uploaded the ECR, otherwise not. right?

Suppose A has left my company on 15th and joined another on 18th January his present employer has definitely linked his UAN with their establishment code by now, but not uploaded any ecr for him yet. So neither he can see that employer in his own member portal, nor I can see his current employer in my employer portal through member search or active members. Isn't it right? Only his current employer can see it. Please tell me

You have already clarified loads of my doubts and thank you very much for that. I have already bookmarked this conversation in my browser as I might need it in future also to refer to.
28th January 2017 From India, Kolkata
there are many HRs who upload bulk UAN and thereafter show them left service, with zero days payment, you must have read that there are several posts about multiple UAN linking excel software search,

earlier this trouble was faced by ESIC department also, where the employer asked the IP no over mobile and on verbal talks seeded another person's IP, ..........and with no fault of the actual IP he got the trouble, and made request to his original employer to re enter the same, and issue TIC

but this time both the departments are shaking hands through unified portal, at shram suvidha, where combo return of ESIC and EPF both would be submitted, and EPFO has made it strict .........rule that no aadhaar no epf account, so mere uan number providing can not empower any employer to link, they have got something more than UAN number

However in this transit period , few employees can face trouble, but in long run HR personals have to be careful about their job, other wise department would initiate random vigilance visits and penal actin against such establishments
28th January 2017
more than a dozen case i have handled , who left job in nov and joined in dec at other establishment, ....few have made earlier payment by 5th of january, and they got SMS over their old UAN seeded ( though there is new UAN for few employees who joined in oct and nov also, but we insist to add older, if old is KYC compliant and aadhaar seeded)
their service history is displaying well in both places. , some are yet to file ECR even, so how the department would consider the employee has been added by the HR on real grounds? in this run most bulk seeded UAN would get exit with zero payout, due to wrong seeding
department is also keeping a tab on such establishments, manual errors can be everywhere, but adding bulk persons , and making exit without payout, is under surveillance
28th January 2017
Ok, Understood. But sir my question was unless ECR is uploaded employee can not see the employer name in his own portal as you have stated earlier. Is this same with ex employer? If A left my organization on 15th and joined another one on 18th January, since his new employer has not uploaded an ECR for him he can not see this new employer in his own member portal. But I being his ex employer can I also see it now where he has joined? Or the viewing rights are a bit flexible towards the employer and even though his new employer has not uploaded ECR yet I can see where he joined.
Provided Aadhar was there and new employer also used Aadhar while linking.
28th January 2017 From India, Kolkata
after 1st payment or digital verification the service history will be available to both, or to all employers under the same UAN, this is for ease of payment of arrears ( if any)
28th January 2017
I guess for those who have left in November but the employer is yet to file ECR, the employer can not do it now. There is no way he can do it now.
I have even seen some companies hold pf deposit till the time full and final settlement is not finalised though fnf has got nothing to do with EPFO. but by the the previous company finalized it and is going to depsoit the pf amount the emploee is already linked with another company. And if the previous company tries to relink it once again the present employer gets untagged. Also the employee will come under dual employment then because the previous employer can not make exit before registration date. I don't know how EPFO is going to address these issues.
UAN should be generated and given within a week a joining now. This should be the new rule otherwise there will be trouble for employees.
28th January 2017 From India, Kolkata
there is no need to re link, they can pay for nov contribution , without re-linking
but if they want to pay it with january ECR, then there will be chaos
department has warned several times, that non deposit of " employee's contribution" is cognizable offence, employer can withheld his contribution partially but he can not withheld the employee's share
28th January 2017
Yes but, they can pay with November contribution till 15th December. Once the employee left on November and joined another organization on December and this new employer has already linked his UAN and paid ECR on 9th January, then the ex employee ca not all of a sudden decides to pay the pf, because by the time the employee is already out and has joined a new company. The previous company can not upload the ecr then.

This has actually happened, a guy in Hyderabad joined us on 28th November after leaving his old company. He had some tussle going of with his old company. So neither they gave him fnf nor deposited the pf. We didn't know about the pf part though, we only knew about the fnf problem. Anyways we linked him with us. Uploaded ECR in January and now after we uploading the ecr the previous employer of that guy wanted to give him pf all of a sudden. And since that company was already out of his UAN they had relinked themselves and now we are out.

So it's a chaos. Don't know how to solve it. Had already mailed several times to EPFO but no response received yet.
28th January 2017 From India, Kolkata
ask the employee to send a notice to labour commissioner evidencing that the company is not paying him the salary of december .......... as they are showing the EPF in december ECR, means the person was working in december with that employer
this is enough to drag the company at once, though after few hearings he will get relief ultimate, but would get a lesson , and would not make delay of employees money payout
28th January 2017
That would be better idea. An employee left our organization 13 days back and joined another one, we have not marked exit yet. But his details and his UAN is still showing in our active members list. Is this normal? If his new employer links him he should go away from our active member list isn't it?
28th January 2017 From India, Kolkata
Unless the new employer approve his documents digitally or 1st payment is made in this UAN, the UAN will remain in the previous employer list
if you want to test, then try to mark exit of the specific UAN, it will display that the employee does not belong to the establishment.
keeping himself active in old employer portal is just related to past unpaid ECR dues (if any) or any arrears payment
28th January 2017
Yes you are right, just tried that..:-)
But that specific UAN doesn't have his father name mentioned and I tried to update his father name, but couldn't do so.
He is in my Active member list but I'm unable to change any details of his UAN anymore.
28th January 2017 From India, Kolkata
at new employer end, missing details are updated, including the gross salary, but unless 1st contribution is confirmed, the updates will not get executed.
28th January 2017
Sir, If a person joined in November and left in the same month and if the employer didn't pay his pf by 15th of December and also if the employer didn't link his UAN then (however UAN linking was disabled then) the employer can not upload the ECR for that person now. Because the employer has to link his UAN first in order to upload ECR and linking now means his current employer (Wherever he's working now) will get un linked. Atleast that was what I knew.

But today while having discussion with a person who happens to be the owner of a company who does this jobs for many of the organizations in WB & Jharkhand & Sikkim area told me that in this current system backdated linking is not possible. Employer is supposed to link the moment an employee joins not before uploading ECR.

So if an employee joined and left in November and if his the then employer didn't upload his ECR by 15th December and if his new employer has already linked him and uploaded ECR for December by 20th January then now the previous employer can not link it backdated showing joining date in November. Because the current employer has already submitted another ECR, so the previous employer can not link it now forcefully, it will show an error message.

Please tell me is this right? Has EPFO disables any such thing and makes any notification that UAN has to be given upfront?
29th January 2017 From India, Kolkata
I knew that the previous employer can do that but it would be troublesome for both the employers and employee as his current employment will get unlinked but this person told me that doing is not even possible. EPFO employer portal will not allow you to add that employee under such a circumstances.
He told me that at the time of linking when we put the joining date, the date has to be of this month or last month. In this case if someone wants to link an employee who left in November and joined also in November he can not do it, as either he has to show a joining date of January or December provided some other employer has been linked and uploaded an ECR already, precisely for the month in between
Is that true? That is my question.
29th January 2017 From India, Kolkata
NO aadhaar, no EPF concept was informed to all employers , well in advance, and seminars were conducted to educate the employers and HRs to make it understand that the employee would be linked to portal immediately after joining,
under the ESIC, one employee joins on 11th of january 2017 and meet some accident or injury on 16th of january, but the employer has not registered him the portal, in this case the linking or registration after the date of incident , disallow the benefits of ESIC, department will not consider that he was under employment since 11th,
Exact same provision is present under EPF under EDLI section, where an employee decease during service, then EPFO pays insurance amount, and if employer has not linked the employee well in time, then EDLI claim would not get entertained,
Now it is up to employer to either perform his jobs within time, or face the troubles with labor department
29th January 2017
EPFO portal or ESI portal has no role in linking or de-linking, they just accept the request of employer, with date and time stamp of portal
balance is well prescribed under the respective rules and sections
29th January 2017
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