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deepika pathakk
Hi Everyone, Please help me on format for performance appraisal form. I am looking for simple form not the complex one which includes both the employee & his supervisor rating in one form i.e. employee can tell what achievements n weakness he is having during the tenure as well as supervisor also rate him on that basis n tell his pros n cons.
We are an IT and software company with 30 employees. Kindly help me with this as soon as possible and guide me on what I can do to make this exercise simpler.

From India, Delhi
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Deepika,

There appear to be multiple misconceptions about the concept of Performance Appraisal (PA).

We conduct the PA to measure whether the employee has done the quantum of work that was assigned to him. Therefore, if the situation merits the introduction of an element of complexity in the form, then we must accept it. Our focus should not be on simplicity Vs complexity but on the measure of the performance.

Secondly, PA is not done to assess employees' achievements Vs weaknesses. Performance is measured on a scale of 100. When measured accurately, the marks obtained are the achievements and the difference is the weakness.

Earlier I have given a comprehensive reply on the subject of PA. You may click the following link to refer it:

Though the heading of the post is about salespersons, the reply is applicable to all other departments.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Ed Llarena, Jr.


Indeed, one of the problems in the conduct of appraisal is the complexity of the form that is being used by some systems and/ or methodologies. All of us know that implementing an appraisal system even if only once a year, is often tedious and distasteful to supervisors and/ managers. So, when the methodology adopted is NOT user friendly and takes more time to administer, then it becomes unwelcome or even hated. Sometimes it creates delay in the implementation of promotions and rewards within a company. Hence, the demand for a simple and user friendly appraisal form is a necessary component.

In the design of a good performance management system (PMS), we have always argued for one that has a three (3) parts/ components, namely: Concept, Form, Policy.

My company has developed a one (1) page very easy to fill up Appraisal Form. We sell this and set it up in all interested business organizations worldwide.

Let us know if you need external help and have an approved budget.

Best regards.

From Philippines, Parañaque
Lalitha Bhavani

Hi, I am looking for SOPs for performance appraisal in a software company. can anyone guide me with the format/procedure
From India, Hyderabad
Geetha K V
I am looking for a Performance review questionnaire for a Marketing team (quarterly, half yearly and yearly). Please help me out the template or any kind of objective questions.

Thanks & regards,
Geetha K V

From India, Bengaluru
Hi all, Could any senior HR please explain the real-time process and experience of performance appraisal in a company. Will be highly appreciated for your participation in this.. Thank you, Akshay

Dear Professionals,
I have just joined an IT firm as the HR& Admin Manager. This is a terrain I have never been and I am faced with the task to set up every process that needs to be set up. I am done with the all documentation. I have presented a PA form for approval. Kindly help me with a PA form or a list of KPIs that should exist in such an organization, especially the technical positions.

Thank you in anticipation.
#Standing by!

From India, Kochi
Dear Seniors, Request you to help on the employee appraisal topic What would be the general parameters the employee could be judged on or reviewed on ?
From India, Pune


You need to evaluate :

Commitment to Company

Job Performance Efficiency/Resourcefulness

Communication Skills

Technical Knowledge and Skills

Team Player

Based on the role and responsibilities you need to edit.

After evaluation the overall performance of the individual (for the period under review) to be reviewed and strength and weakness of the employee to be discussed. Finally Critical Development needs to be identified followed by plan of action - how to proceed further like training - internal or external etc.

From India, Madras
Please suggest some software or agencies to help in making the appraisal system for a small size firm. Or any other method by which an effective appraisal system can be developed.
From India, Noida
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