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Please Share the Ideas that will make Good relation Between Employer And Emplyees
In Most of the company There is So much negativity in Employeees Mind about Employer and thier Seniors. So it would not be Good for Company. so plz guide
Thanks And Regards

From India, Mumbai
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Sanket,

Healthy employer-employee relationship depends on how far employees are engaged with the company. You have written that there is no much negativity in the minds of employees about their seniors. However, this is a sweeping statement. In unprofessional companies, employees might be holding negative views about company or their employers. This is because leadership does not understand the importance of the "human" factor in their business. Humans are not machines and they need to be motivated. Well motivated employees satisfy their customers, put forth innovative ideas and propel the business.

In fact "Employee Relations" itself is old hat and now we have moved to "Employee Engagement". You may click on the hyperlink to refer my reply on this subject.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
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Dear Sanket,
You have identified the symptom, what is the cause? There are tons of initiative that you can take, however, none will work, if you cant resolve the root the morale.
This might be too early, but let me share, that no initiative will ever work, until and unless its driven with a top-down approach. How much of an initiative do you think the top officials at the form would take to clean the current environment?
It's great to see your enthusiasm. However, what you are wishing for can only be achieved in the long haul.
You have first focus on trust building, pruning every effort that is creating the negative impact.
Stay focus on replacing the dissent with trust. Once faith is established, happy working environment will result on its own.
Looking forward to understand your development in this initiative.

From India, Mumbai
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