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Hi Friends!
I am interested in learning about what challenges are faced by CHROs and CEOs in rolling our 360 survey and assessment projects. If you have conducted 360 degree survey or assessment activity in your Organization, please share your experience:
1. What was the objective of the activity?
2. What challenges were faced in design, implementation and follow up stage?
3. What did you to do to overcome those challenges?
Looking forward to the experience sharing
Warm Regards,
Dear Mr Vijai Pandey,

Well gentleman you want others to be magnanimous and share their experience with you. Noble thoughts indeed. Nevertheless, the information that you expect others to share is not easy to come by. In India, people are absolutely wary of sharing even inch of information or experience.

I conduct the training programmes on Contract Management, Supply Chain Management (SCM) etc. In my pre-training activities when I send the questionnaire, I find that my clients hold their hand back. This is the situation while dealing with a service provider like me who provides training services. Why people will open their heart with a unknown person like you? If you get the replies, then it is your great luck.

This is your 125th post. Have you shared any experiences from your side about psychometric tests? You have uploaded first post on 06-Oct-2006 and thereafter most of the time you have used this forum to promote your business. Citehr is a community and any community develops on give-and-take basis. May I know what is that you have done to develop this community?

My comments may sound ungenerous or uncharitable. Nevertheless, severity of my straightforwardness originates from the observation of the service providers who use this forum for business promotion and nothing else. Possibly a question may come to your mind about what is that I have done to share the information. Occasionally I have shared experiences but more than that let me specify that this is my 5,950th post and about 90% of my replies are advices to the needy members of this forum. If you wish then you may check for the evidence


Dinesh Divekar

Share and learn is the basic idea of this forum. I have an expertise in some area and you have in some other area,when we share we grow and learn.
Dear Mr Vijay Pandey,
I have been active in this forum since the last four years. The experience has been a two way process of learning.
Mr Divekar has raised some valid points. Hope you will come forward with useful tips for the beginners and others who have no previous exposure to 360 degree appraisal. I am sure your gesture will be well received and appreciated.
Taking your questions ‘per se ‘
1.0 The objective is to get a feedback from all around- one’s peers, juniors, customers, suppliers and other stake holders. This sounds good in theory and appears fair, but sometimes people do manage to influence the results in their favour. In such cases BIAS sets in.
2.0 Less of problems in design and implementation while follow up poses challenges.
3.0 Sometimes pressure had to be exerted from top Management to get the feedback.
Sometimes this 360 degree feedback program fails due to lack of unstinted support from top management and is seen to be an HR driven project.
Other reason is feed back given does not remain fully confidential and sometimes personal remarks are given and they leak out.
Anonymous survey my prove more useful.
Dear Vijay,
Dinesh Divekar and others have raised valid questions and given you some information. I will raise a couple of questions before giving some unsolicited advice, as an ex-academic.
May we kindly know why you are interested and how you will use the information given? For example, if I were writing a paper for an academic journal, I could seek such information as a part of my research. Or, If I were interested in introducing a 360 degree feedback system, I would do make that clear and seek help clearly giving details about the organisation's activities, the strength, etc.
If it was the former, I would clearly state it's objectives and then indicate how it would help the respondents (For example, tell them that the information would be kept confidential and they would get a copy of my findings.). This would improve the response rate.
I would second the comments of my fellow contributors here.

You say you "are looking forward to the experience sharing", but as Dinesh has pointed out, you appear not to share anything with us. Sadly this is a failing of a number of our members. Many are asking for (at times demanding) information, but give nothing in return, and not even saying please or thank you!

You could start the ball rolling, by telling us about YOUR EXPERIENCES with 360 degree performance appraisal, and let the discussion develop from there.

Now I have to say that I have no direct experience of this. However, anecdotal evidence of this type of evaluation from my friends has not been complimentary.

There is plenty for you to read on the web about the challenges. You might start there, formulate some ideas of your own to share, then come back to us for further discussion.


I am sure there is also plenty to read in the CiteHR archives. Just use the Search box at the top of the page.
Mr. Divekar!
Just have a look at the files I have uploaded and comments I made.
Yes, I am not a very active member but I do not think less participation deserves derogatory comments like this. I prefer not to reply to your wild allegations.
And, contrary to your experience, my experience with my clients and communities I am part of has been very good. My clients share even their most confidential information with me and my posts on groups are answered.
Thank you Mr. Ragunathan!
This is all I expected. I asked few simple questions and people can choose not to respond to that but unnecessary comments about my less participation shows the mentality of commentators.
Hi John!
You said that I did not share in this group anything. Lets see. Just search for 'Competency Mapping' related files in this group. The most downloaded file is named 'vCompetencyMapping.ppt' . This file is created by me (v in the file name stands for Vijai) . I still have the original file in my system. This file is renamed and shared by hundreds of people at hundreds of forums without even any attribution to me. But I never complained, because for me sharing is not done with the expectation of getting back.
Some people take pride in posting 10000 craps in a year, I do not do that. I post very less but every single post of mine is addressed to the issue directly.
It is easy to point fingers and follow the herd mentality but I refuse to be part of this game.
""Some people take pride in posting 10000 craps in a year, I do not do that. I post very less but every single post of mine is addressed to the issue directly.""
I totally disagree with the word "crap" used here.
If any poster had commented adversely, a simple reply mentioning your contributions would be self explanatory.
If you now ask me about 360 degree appraisal,I would comment that employee tends to react angrily and looses control of his words when criticised.
Let not the posts go in wrong direction and the forum be a place to learn and to share equally.
360s are a great instrument and I love it. It enables the staff who are REALLY team spirited and conscientious to be recognized. In a typical performance feedback, the Supervisor may give high ratings for his favourite subordinates. In a 360, the results might be vastly different and the political staff who climbs up by doing favours for his boss will get poor ratings.
@Vijay - Kindly refrain from using unprofessional language - please reach out to me or any of the moderators if you face any issues with any members. We are all here to learn - while debate is encouraged, language needs to be controlled.
@Dinesh - Avoid pointing to member's depth of knowledge or number of posts. We are not here to compete - point to facts and your experience and limit it to that. Being a moderator it's more important that you restrain yourself from speaking to members that way.
@Everyone - Promotions on CiteHR is allowed - via signatures or otherwise. Consultants provide time for exposure - that is how it works here. However posts should not be pure promotions and should contain some value for readers.
Thank you very much Mr. Ganesh,

This was helpful for me to understand the challenges.

For those who are wondering about why I asked these questions and how this information will be used. Here are some pointers:

A. I asked the question out of my curiosity and my mission bringing more of 'HUMAN' in human resources. I am a psychologist and currently working as Advisor in government sector in the middle east. Assessments and Development is of interest and I am currently working on a large project on 360 assessments (more than 10000 managers to be evaluated by more than 100000 others). I know what challenges are faced by people I worked with but I also wanted to know what challenges are faced by those I do not know at all (that is why I chose this group as here I was least active).

B. Confidentiality: I asked the questions in very impersonal way, I do not need/want to know any personal or identifiable information from any of the members here. I am focused only on issues.

C. How the information will be used? I am not collecting any personal or company information and will not name any person or organisation for any purpose whatsoever.

D. How the members of this group will benefit? At the end of this discussion, I will post a summary of the discussion and all the points for all the members along with my experience and issues that I faced so that if any member sees this discussion in future, they feel that they got some insights.

Thank you all for your participation and advises.
Vijay, Probably this post should have been the first on this issue. It contains clear enunciations of what is planned and will be done.
I understand the frustration some of our members feel - but the reasons for that frustration is unfounded. If you believe that one consultant who is only posting promotional material has gained more than a consultant who has actively been involved in the community - that presumption is wrong. The exposure you get is far more than someone who has merely posted promotional texts - and this exposure will continue to rise as we roll out new features to promote these contributions. These are posts that remain in the view of new people coming in with queries.

Secondly, its very important that you do not start the conversation on any thread based on what you feel about the poster - someone who lands on citehr (for the first time via search engine) will see that a query was posted and the moderator behaved like this. Treat every discussion page as a separate instance and add your views - not your feelings - your views and... on the topic. Had the topic been about how some consultants take advantage of the platform - this was perfect.

Your tone of conversation is the tone of CiteHR - unfortunately as a moderator or senior member you need to be cautious of this. On this thread you showed anger and frustration - that is going to be the core vibe in the mind of the new user - if he/she lands up on citehr via this thread. This is public forum - so be very careful about what you say and how you say it.


Dear all ,
Some of senior members have communicated this feeling on similar posts earlier also and I fully support views expressed by CHR and few others as well. Letz aim and all agree on to limit ourselves to last line which is- mutual gain and sharing of learning; understanding of response in return of the issue , try to resolve / answer without aiming improvement in posters' personality or medium of communication.In fact, this thread has pointed out to HR community to conclude here this only, subject matter that time and again had rolled over our efforts and impacted to our collective strength to lower professional standard.Cheer up and smile!!!
RDS Yadav
Director-Future Instt.of Management and Technology
Labour Law Adviser
Dear Dinesh, You are absolutely right. this actually happens with us. This is not a easy task to share more.
Dear Priya,
You may please try the following.
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