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Hi all, Am HR of an Educational Institution. I joined last month as Asst Mgr HR. Recently came to know that my company is using no. of working days (excluding Sunday). But i suppose we don't calculate that way. If it's April, it will be 30 days. But here they exclude Sunday. Kindly advice how I say this to my boss. How do I explain to him.
Regards, Mythili

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Normally payable days would be [Total Days worked + Holidays+ Weekly Off Days + Paid Leave Days] - [Absent Days]
Absent days could be on account of days in which paid leave is not approved, turned up for work but not stayed in office for required hours, un authorized absent days etc.

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Hi Mythili,
Wage/Salary divide 26 and multiply with absent day and subtract from total wage/salary. example if some one have 26000/-per month salary. than case 1- full attendance
case-2 two days absent
case-3 three days absent two days on leave
case -4 In in month working days 23 and month days 31 and absent day is 1
In this method if we calculate salary we are only depends on absent day.
Apart this payroll calculation method vary organization to organization, But as per gratuity and leave encasement we divide wage and salary by 26 and as per minimum wage we calculate daily wage divide monthly wage by 26 vice versa.

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Dear Mythili,
You can divide gross salary by 30.
The Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972 is showing 26 days for calculating gratuity only( Not for monthly wages calculation)
The Minimum Wages (Central) Rules, 1950, Rule 23 is showing 26 for daily rate wages calculation only (Not for monthly wages calculation)
Monthly rate means, you may divide gross salary by 30 Which it is widely accepted. As per labour law, If anyone works 6 days, one day should be weekly holiday with pay.
Gross salary 45000, Absent 2 Days, Payable Salary : [45000 - ((45000/30) x 2)] = 42000
Even month days are 28 / 29 / 30 / 31. You may use 30 days to divide gross salary for monthly salary calculation

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If an employee is absent absent before and after National Holiday and he was not present in that week whether employee is entitled for that National Holiday or not if he is entitled than under what Law and if there is any case diary than quote it. It is necessary

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