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Swapna Dhangar
Hello All, i m new to this form i m an employee of xyz company as an HR, also i m fresher now i m studying in the last semester of my MBA. but in my company, i m first HR and for 1 month I'm doing nothing in the company I meant to say I'm just coming sitting and going that's it. I'm trying to communicate with my boss but it does not work. now I m frustrated from all these things. please help me to overcome this.\
From India, Mumbai
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Hi Swapna,
I understand it is very frustrating to waste time doing nothing.
If you are the first HR person then your boss would be the director or some head, please clarify - who is your boss?
Since you are first HR - I believe you should not wait for any order or request from your boss, you can ask or intimate him/her that you want to make HR Manual for the company, which will include all the hr policies for the company.
Then try to bring one by one all HR process in line. I also can assume that your responsibilities would not be clear. So also make your own profile / responsibilities / job description for the company.
You must start from the scratch.
For more queries please reply or email me at

From India, Mumbai
Swapna Dhangar
Thanks you so much madam for a best suggestions.
but madam I am Fresher in this field, and my boss is MD.
he cant give me any athority for a work. i have do work with his permission not in mine.
in this company no one knows the meaning of HR and Responsibility of HR.
I dont understand what i do.

From India, Mumbai

Hi Swapna,
As a HR slowly first gather all the employee details, whether they are maintained or not check. IF not start gathering, next ID cards for all employees. Next Time Management, keep time and see that all come in time, if shifts, tell them to let you know about shifts. Leaves, etc., First tell you Md, and start doing.

From India, Visakhapatnam

Look at the HR activities being done so far in your company.
See what is to be done to streamline work.
Go step by step,keeping your boss in confidence.
Go with suggested solutions to problem areas.
Once your boss understands that you have the knowledge and willingness to work hard,he will start delegating authority to you.
One has to be patient.(After all you are the first HR person)
Your boss has to see how good you are at work and what is your people skills and knowledge about core HR activities.
Move with simple workable ideas and changes in small doses.

From India, Pune

Dear Swapna,

Give more details about the size of the company, the nature of its work, and your background. Also, kindly tell us in which mode you are doing your MBA?

Let me tell you what you face is nothing new. When my friend joined a multinational company as Measurement Engineer, he had nothing to do for 2 weeks; he was asked to study company documents and get familiarised with the organisation and its culture. Another friend was promoted as an Assistant Industrial Engineering Manager and was asked not to do what she used to do as an engineer (Method study, Time study, etc., of operatives work). Then she found that she had nothing to do; it was real frustrating, as she sat in an open office where 13 Bonus Clerks worked non stop, with their supervisor. Later she found out that her boss, the Regional Manager, did not have much to do. To cut the story short, she enrolled on a part-time Master Degree and, eventually, uit the job after years.

So, grit your teeth, study the organisation well and then suggest what needs doing to improve the HR function. If you think that you are a fresher and do not know much about and wanted to learn, I wonder why you took up the job!! Did you do ay research about the company before joining?

From United Kingdom
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