Hi everyone,
I have joined as Manager-HR at Media company. We have two different companies sitting at one place by the same person(Director). one is Indian team and one is Global team.
Earlier there was only one HR for both the teams, now management has hired me dedicatedly for india team. I have joined a month back but the person who was handling both earlier is not ready to handover me anything...management or my immediate boss has reminded him many times but no improvement.
I want to write him a polite mail for sending me a complete handover with CC to my reporting manager and Director.
Please suggest me some polite and good draft for the same.
Thanks in advance!!

From India, Gurgaon

Please put up a draft to the best of your abilities.
Members will put up suggestions/draft to the best of their abilities.
You know the fact and problem, so kindly draft the mail for correction/amendment/addition/alteration.
That will be an easier way to get a perfect email on the subject.

From India, Pune
Hi Vipin,
As discussed, I need some necessary information/documents to take things forward. Please find a list of items which I need urgently.
• Organization Chart
• KRA’s of existing employees
• HR Processes
• Meeting Report format
• Employee Database with DOJ/DOB/Contact details/Designation etc.
• Contact details and agreement with consultants
• Any Resume database for India team
• Joining formalities (Forms/documents etc)
• Any circular for office discipline
• Access to employees attendance software
Thank you!

From India, Gurgaon

I am ---- newly appointed as Manager,India team wef-----(date).
I refer to my discussion regarding taking of India team HR functions and segregation of HR duties.
Management vide circular/letter number -----(Give reference and attach a copy of mail/letter have directed me to take over full responsibility of HR activities for India team.HR duties stand bifurcated as of now.
It is once again requested that all files,duties,documents relating to the said role be handed over urgently.
Management has sought confirmation of taking over of duties by------(date)
Kindly intimate date and time for discussion and taking over process.

From India, Pune

Apart from sending him an email, you can also connect with him over phone or have in person chat with him about this. Sending just an email as intimation would count as course of action however interacting personally will also help you as an HR connect with people and maintain good relations (because you are new here and people will make instant good/bad opinions about you) Moreover don't you think if you have any query or difficulty you would go back to this person and not your boss!
At times even polite emails are taken as official plots but personal interaction gives much healthier meaning to it.
Good luck!

From India, Mumbai
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Kanu,

I look at the issue differently. You have been appointed to handle HR operations for the SBU that has operations in India. In that case, when you were appointed, immediately your Director should have sent a proper business letter to the existing HR Manager about what he should hand over, when he should hand over, by what date he should hand over, what knowledge transfer he should do etc. Since your Director has not done this, you have taken over his work on your shoulders and now wish to write a mail to the existing HR Manager. Who should do what type of work, when they will do it, and where they will do is always decided by the top management and not by lower management.

The major issue that I find is that your Director has not understood two important things. One is media of the communication. After telling your counterpart verbally, he should have sent the written letter. In this letter, he should have asked to forward handing/taking over a report by a specific date. Second thing is that your Director is wary of exercising his authority. Your counterpart has defied the Director's authority. How come an HR manager a paid employee, mustered the courage to do that?

It appears to me that when you were appointed, well before your appointment, Director did not take into confidence your counterpart. Today, what he is doing is nothing but living in the world of denial. This denial has resulted in resistance to change. Change is on account of the appointment of a new HR Manager that forces him to partake in his authority.

The problem also lies with today's work culture where there is too much reliance on oral communication and less on written communication. A written order on the company's letterhead to transfer the charge would have made a big difference and your counterpart would have been less defiant than he is today.

If you have not sent mail, then I recommend speaking to the Director and sending the existing HR Manager a proper letter to complete handing/taking over the process. It is better to shoot by keeping a gun on someone's shoulder. Sending mail for the transfer of change, howsoever, polite it might be, is tantamount to taking the gun from Director's shoulder to your own shoulder. Gentlemen, never do that!


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

The fact that it did not boil down to adherence to director's authority even after director had sent him email about handover AND director himself being lenient about it means that there could be lot going on in background which hasn't been settled. Director's authority is highest authority and defying on it is very serious.

Until Kanu287 gets known to real situation, it is best that he/she talks to the concerned person directly and get an idea of what exactly is his thought process, is he resisting or he was too busy to overlook even director's email or if he has too much power or is he WIP of handover process and needs some "more" time...whatever it is first talk to him and find out and report it to your director and then see how things shape further.

It also could be the fact that he is resisting and your director is unaware of it? What is the role of your reporting manager in this, hasn't he/she intervened in this?? Its been a month and something as basic as handover is not processed boils down to the essentials whether everything really is ok or are things being taken for granted.....and for what reasons. Now it is on you how you find the causes and report it to the seniors than just asking them to follow up. As correctly mentioned by Divekar sir, do not attempt taking gun from Director's shoulder to your own shoulder. First you find out the real situation.

From India, Mumbai

Hello Kanu,

I second Dinesh Divekar's response & suggestions.

Bring-in your Director into the scene......this COULD a bit tricky.

I would suggest the following course-of-action--since you may NOT know the complete background of what happened PRIOR to your entry here [except thru hearsay].

Instead of writing to the existing HR manager, suggest write a mail/letter to your Director on WHAT you propose TO DO to streamline the HR activities [based on your observations--you COULD use another word, if 'streamline' can be misconstrued] AND THEN follow-it up with what inputs you would need to do it.

Request him to clarify/confirm on WHOM you should approach officially to get the inputs. IF he wants you to handle it yourself, then you can use his reply mail to ask the HR guy. IF he prefers to ask the HR guy to hand-over the material, then he is only doing what he's supposed to be doing.

Let this NOT look like you are complaining against this HR guy. It will boomerang.

You are only putting it in another way for the Director to act.....WITHOUT saying so.

Like Dinesh Divekar mentioned, IN CASE the Director is wary of handling the HR guy, for whatever reason(s), you are also building-up your case for your later safeguarding--so that none will be able to blame you later.

All the Best.



From India, Hyderabad
Dear senior,
Tell me what is the Employee leaving time handover process, & how to intimate for our senior team about this regarding awareness.kindly send me mail sample of this regarding.
Thanks & Regards
Haresh Sarange

From India, Mumbai
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