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Hi , I have completed a master's degree (with publications) and along with it Expert level IT certifications. I have 6 months of internship experience from a delhi based Internet service provider. Prior to that, I had 2.8 years of irrelevant experience of repairing PCs/cable work and doing administrative work.

I have interviews scheduled from fortune top 10 companies. I am planning to omit/summarize my trivial experience in 2-3 lines, as I do not wish to highlight this. Is it OK to do this? Also prior to masters and certifications, I had shown this experience and faced interviews but now I don't feel it is relevant to the roles I am applying for.

I have always been embarrassed by this irrelevant work experience in my previous interviews

Shall i omit this ? or summarize this at the end of the resume?

From India, Delhi
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Raohn_gupta,

First and foremost, you need to remove confusion between two words, unrelated and trivial. Trivial means "small and of little importance". However, unrelated need not mean it is trivial.

Nothing wrong if you show Admin experience of 2.8 years in your CV. Each job teaches us something new. Each job builds certain skills in us. By repairing PCs or doing cable work, you had at least overview of the hardware. What is wrong in that? Because of your Admin activities, you must have dealt with the service providers, you must have learnt importance of record management. Why to say it as "irrelevant".

Any type of work is important as it teaches us how to work in organised environment. What happens when rules are transgressed, why customers get dissatisfied or why workplace conflict happens. Exposure of this kind is not irrelevant per se.

In many government jobs, primary and secondary duties are allotted. Generally there ratio is 80:20. However, in private sector, this may not be the case. Many professionals are given only the primary duties and nothing else. Nevertheless, it is secondary duties that help in building common sense. Which is job that does not require common sense?

Therefore, my recommendation is not to delete that experience. On the contrary, if you remove that experience, it will create time gap in the CV. How will you explain that career gap?

All the best!

Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
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