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Hi Dear, Please download the document.
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We are planning to implement 360 degree for Team leaders and Managers in our organisation. I need help preparing questionnaires. Please help if anyone have prepared questionnaire.
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Required 360 degree appraisal system and format for new start up organisation.
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Dear CiteHR Team members,

I am working as an HR Professional in an automobile company. As per management discussion I need 360 degree appraisal format for all level of employees as per per time basis.

I have made an appraisal form but as per their opinion they said all these things to add up in the form. Kindly read it out and help me in this regard. Their points are given below=>

"it appears that the evaluation criteria are primarily qualitative in nature and centered around rating the employer on personality-related aspects such as communication and quality of work. While these traits are certainly important, they can be difficult to measure and evaluate in a quantifiable manner.

Furthermore, there appears to be a lack of quantitative benchmarking, which can make it challenging to assess staff performance and track progress over time. Without clear targets and goals, it can be difficult for employees to understand what is expected of them and to gauge their own progress.

To address these concerns, I would like to suggest using the Goal Sheet based on the Balanced Scorecard method as a framework for evaluating staff performance. This approach provides a more comprehensive and structured way of assessing performance, using both qualitative and quantitative criteria to set goals and track progress.

The Balanced Scorecard method includes several key components, including financial performance, customer satisfaction, internal business processes, and learning and growth. By focusing on these areas, we can develop clear, measurable targets that are directly linked to organizational goals and objectives. This will help to create a more objective and data-driven approach to evaluating staff performance, while still taking into account important qualitative factors.

Overall, I believe that this approach will provide a more effective and accurate way of evaluating staff performance, and I am happy to work with HR to develop specific goal sheets for each staff member. Please let me know your thoughts on this approach."

I will be glad to get positive reply from HR gems.

Thanks and regards,

From India, Varanasi

I would suggest that you read books on these topics like Balance Score Card, 360 degree appraisal etc by Prof TV Rao, who is our HR Guru in India. You will learn a lot. I bought six copies of his book on HR Audit, which I handed over to my trainees on HR Audit in Doha Qatar during my training there in Augusr 2022. He has written more than 50 books on various HR Topics. You can try out in Amazon for these books.
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Raghunath Sabat

Hello Rajshree, I can definitely help you with that. A 360-degree appraisal, also known as a multi-rater or 360 feedback, is a performance appraisal process that involves feedback from multiple sources.

These sources typically include the employee's manager, peers, subordinates, and other stakeholders. Here are some steps to consider when implementing a 360-degree appraisal process:

Define the appraisal process: Develop a clear and comprehensive plan that outlines the purpose, scope, and timeline of the 360-degree appraisal process.

Select raters: Identify who will provide feedback on each employee. This could include managers, peers, subordinates, and clients or customers.

Develop appraisal form: Create a 360-degree appraisal form that includes a rating scale and open-ended questions to gather feedback from raters. The format of the appraisal form should be consistent for all employees.

Train raters: Train the raters on the appraisal process and how to provide constructive feedback.

Collect feedback: Gather feedback from the raters and compile the data. Ensure confidentiality of the feedback by keeping it anonymous.

Conduct employee review: Provide the feedback to the employee and discuss areas of improvement and strengths.

Develop an action plan: Develop an action plan with the employee that outlines steps to improve performance.

Regarding the format of the appraisal form, there are several templates available online that you can use as a reference. The format should include the following sections:

Personal information: This includes the employee's name, job title, and department.

Appraisal rating scale: This could include a numerical or descriptive rating scale to evaluate different competencies.

Open-ended questions: Provide open-ended questions to gather specific feedback on areas of strength and improvement.

Overall comments: Allow the raters to provide overall comments on the employee's performance.

Signature: The employee and the raters should sign the form to confirm that they have read and agreed with the feedback.

Below is an additional link to help you in this regard.


I hope this helps you in formulating a 360-degree appraisal process for your organization.

Good luck!

From India, Mumbai
Dear Fraternity, I am seeking your guidance and help in formulating a 360-degree performance evaluation process at my current organization. In case you have forms (supervisor to team, team to supervisor, peer group) kindly share. Also, I would like to understand the weight of each category and how we come to a conclusion on the final rating system.
Thank you so much!

From India, Pune
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