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Manoj Kumar Pulapaka
Dear All
Good Morning !
I am working for a Manufacturing company . We are using Bio matrix for attendance purpose. How much grace time can we give to the employee within the Month, Please give me your valuable suggestion.

From India, Hyderabad
Dinesh Divekar
Business Mentor, Consultant And Trainer
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Kumaran Praveen
Hr Recruiter
Insolvency N Gst Professional
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Dinesh Divekar

Dear Manoj, There is mismatch between the heading and contents of your post. I have changed the heading of the post as "Grace Time for Late Coming for Duty" Thanks, Dinesh Divekar
From India, Bangalore

grace time is a menace in time management. do not go for this. instead ask you employees report 5 minutes before start of shift and leave five minutes after closing of shift.
From India, New Delhi

One can give 15 minutes grace period three times a month/quarter,if it is a city like Mumbai,Kolkatta considering that distances are vast and public transport is overcrowded.
System soft ware should take care of this aspect and no manual intervention should be needed.

From India, Pune

Grace time can be allowed once in a month. The attendance system should take care of it. If it is more than the authorised chances pro rata salary should be deducted. Minimum of 1/2 hour pay should be deducted in case if it is less than 30 mts
From India, Chennai
Kumaran Praveen

I have seen some reputed manufacturing company gave 5 to 10 minutes as a grace time twice or thrice in a month, if employee punch in after this grace time half day salary will not be paid.
Again it is differ according to company terms but we make sure that grace time will be used limited times in a month.
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From India, Chennai

In a month late coming on any day subject to maximum three occasions upto 15 minutes is a normal practice allowed as a grace time. Opening and closing should be strictly and universally applicable as 8 hours throgh soft ware .
From India, Delhi
All Jubiliant
Attendance has two main purposes - payroll calculation and coming to office on time. All attendance tools like handwritten attendance roll registers, muster rolls, electronic systems mainly are used for payroll purposes and if that is the case then coming on time or becoming late becomes secondary. Coming on time was supposed to maintaining discipline in the past and those came late were taken as irresponsible, lazy and were punished but they did not change. Let me assure you it never changes. In Pakistan almost every multinational has removed these registers and handpunch machines (of course some of them use only for payroll purposes) and the level of motivation and the standard performance has gone high since. Not only the multinational but few local private companies have begun to follow suit and they are performing much better than others. Coming on time creates discipline is nothing but a myth now. I can write further but think enough this time. So please remove this myth from your organisations it works negatively.
From Pakistan, Karachi
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