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I AM shyamalee. Final year undergraduate student in state field is human resource management. now i am doing a research on " contribution of competency based HR practices on employee performances" plese help me on design the reserch & a questionnaire for employees to address this topic . I look forward to hearing from you very soon.
thank you.

From Sri Lanka, Colombo
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hi i can post some of the HR practices which can help u some what in ur questioneer ok .


1. many companies are conducting every Saturday a get together. in that every employee has

to show his extra curricular activities . this to drive employees inner talent.

2. in Bangalore since because of usage of cell phones increased in office hours their HR dept.

made a rule not to use cell phones in the company premises and they started giving dating

allowance on week ends .

3. since many employees are wasting time in searching the net for songs and movies many

software companies are providing movies and latest songs in their intranet, so that the

employee can get all the latest update of songs without searching the net and wasting

office time.

4. in many manufacturing and software firms they made any one day in week as suggestion day

in that every employee can participate and give his suggestion, based on the suggestion

they are awarded with some money or gift.

5. in order to increase the relationship between the employees every month company will take

them to some tour outside and conduct some sort of games and competitions .

6. many companies identified that " by humor " they can able to remove stress for their

employees so they encouraged humor while doing work and they started awarding the people

who are so humorous.

7. all companies now a days are following 360 degree appraisal and self appraisal and they

Are comparing the both appraisals.

8. Since employees will get monatany in doing work in same place many companies are sending

Their employees to other branches in other sates and some times abroad so that he can get

Out of some work burden and can get refresh and can learn new things and develop

Communication, this is also one type of motivational technique.

9. in order to improve communication between employees and management they are encouraging

Employee participation in decision making, this is also one of the motivational technique.

10.many software companies are following the practice given below:

"every one knows that first impression is the best impression" so many companies are trying

to attract the new comers or fresher in their company from beginning so that they can

develop more relationship with the company and never think of getting out from the


11. in case of any tour on office work they are giving extra money on day basis for going

on office work.

12.every company is giving sweets or perks or some bonus as gift for the festivals.

13. some companies developed e-greeting in their intranet so that any employee can great

other employees without knowing him also without knowing him also this is to develop

relationship between employees and remove the barriers between departments.

14. some companies are giving sodaxo tokens to their employees worth around rs.2000/- month

so that they can use it in any restaurant for paying bill.

15. many companies developed in their campus itself discos and gym so that when ever

employees felt boared so that they can go at any time and relax by enjoying music.

16. many companies like RANE TRW in order to decrease the turnover of executive employees

they followed the following rule:

every high level executive is given car and if he does not left the company for 5-6 years

that car is his own he no need to surrender the car to the company.

17. in order to decrease the absenteeism employees who are present for the three months

continuously are awarded with some gold coins or silver coins.

18.after the completion of project that team can go to any five star restaurant or any

holiday resort company will pay all the expenses for the trip. this is to remove the stress

from the employees.

19. some companies are giving family tour along with their family to some holiday spot this

allowance they will give once in three years .

20. many companies came to conclusion that if employee has to concentrate more and give his

max. effort his family situation is also one of the reason so many companies concentrated

on the employees family welfare .

many companies are giving medical allowance not only for the employee but for also for their


21. many companies in order to encourage the children of employees they are giving

scholarship to the employee children. because of this indirectly employee will develop good

relationship with organization.

22.some companies in order to make their employees relief from stress they are conducting the

employee free yoga classes for them so that they can get some relief from stress. since

stress is one of the factor for turnover.

23.inorder to increase the relationship between the employees and HR dept . HR dept.

started conducting counseling to their employees in that they can tell their personal

problems also so that HR people will give suggestions to solve the problem here all the

complaints will be kept secret.

24.some companies started conducting games between their employees of one branch with the

employees of other branch.

25.some companies made their retired employees still in contact with the company in

decision making, by doing so they can develop trust in the working employees that company

will care them after their retirement also and they will stick to the company and will feel

secured also.

26. HR dept.'s are maintaining 24 X 7 help center for their employees for their queries.

27.many companies are empowering their employees

Obviously, "information-availability" is the key input required for this sense

of empowerment to grow. As the "HSS Way" is also based on these values of "Openness" and

"Trust", information access (by having all Policies and Key Information available on-line

to all employees) and creation of on-line "discussion groups" were the first e-HR

initiatives launched at the time of HSS’ inception itself.

28.some companies are energizing.

e-energizing the organization’s internal environment with a positive energy in a

way that it makes each and every employees feel happy, energized and charged up about life


29. The BPO industry in India is still evolving. HR policies of other industries cannot be

pasted on this new kind of business model. It needs to be looked at with fresh approach so

that problems as seen are arrested before those even arise. What HR policies to form?

Recruitment in BPO is tricky and challenging. Women are more suited for the various job

profiles but the work timings do not suit them. Transportation and safety for them is a big


30. in BPO Working conditions and the job content is the real problem. It is seen as very

routine and strenuous after a few initial months. The young employees do not find any

excitement in it except the pay package.

Hence, they look for that excitement outside the work environment which can pose

disciplinary issues in the Indian work-culture. Some young people are clearly seeing this

opportunity as a stop-gap arrangement till they find a good and more stable career paths

for themselves.

so HR should practice in such a way to stop the above things.

31. some BPO companies are giving their employees Compensation based benefits - incentive

plans, bonus plans, Overtime Plans, Statutory Benefits like PF, Gratuity and ESI; medical

benefits process-specific recognition/rewards and recreational benefits

32. some companies started encouraging the social responsibility of their employees and

started motivating them and helping them by giving money.

33. many companies developed dress code in order to remove the difference between employees

and develop relationship between employees.

this was first introduced by maruthi, in south by TVS.

34. some companies made their employees as share holders in their company so that

employees will put more effort and never leave organization.

35. some companies are providing rest rooms to their employees and many BPO companies are

proving hostel facility for their women employees so that they can work night shift also.

36. many BPO's are providing CAB facilities for their employees.

37. many companies are concentrating more on the environment such as providing swimming

pools, interior decoration and games room like that so that when ever employee feels stress

he can utilize that benefits.

38. in many companies all employee can access internet . there will be no restriction and

can do their personal work also after completing office work.

39.many companies are providing facilities for work at home in this employee can do all the

office work sitting in home itself . this kind of practice will help BPO very much.

40. some times companies are giving free tokens of money so that employees can buy what

ever they want.

41. Employee Communications and Feedback - Successful companies realize the power of

effective employee communications programs, which always include a feedback loop of some

kind. When supported from the top, effective, two-way communication helps ensure that

employees clearly understand your company's direction and goals, what is expected from them

in their jobs, and the current condition of the business -- regardless of economic climate.

42.Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Employee productivity and innovation, and the creation of satisfied, loyal customers all

rely on one common element -- employee satisfaction.

Employee surveys are not just for improving employee satisfaction, however; they help you

improve customer satisfaction as well.

43.Taking the time to better understand your employees' thoughts and opinions, and tapping

into their reservoir of experiences and insights, can be one of the best investments you

can make in the long-term success of your organization.

44.some companies started providing all house hold items at a cheaper cost to thier


45. many companies started providing transportation facility to their employees so that all employees will be there in time and they will also be stress free from the traffic.

46. some companies started awarding the people who are very communicative with others and developed good relations with other employees without any disputes.

47. in order to drive away the communication fear from the employees they started conducting seminars in that every employee has to give his presentation on his work . because of this his stage fear will be removed to some extent.

48.many companies started conducting workshops by outside professors about knowledge management and how to control stress ?

From India, Hyderabad
Many thanks to citeHR team, your site is very educative and useful for MBA students like me.i would recommend all my friends to avail this. Regards, viddu
From India, Kochi
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