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Hi All, I worked in company X and was relieved on 5 December 2012. I joined the next company, Y, on 6 December 2012.
However, company Y made a mistake in that the 5th was the date I joined them, and they paid me on the 5th of December 2012.
So, as per my experience letter, 5th Dec 2012 is my relieving date from company X and the date of joining company Y.
I did not notice when I got the experience letter from both companies. I am going to company Z, and they are asking me to correct it.
What is the process to correct it? What support documents do I need to carry to show my upcoming company?
Please help me to fix this, I will loss my golden opportunity because of this.

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Please go back to company Y and ask them to change date to 6th as it was a clerical error and offer to refund one day pay,if they insist.
Company Y can be shown relieving letter of Company X if the want to verify correct date.

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Thank you for the Nathrao. I am checking with the company Y and also I offer to refund one day pay. In the beginning they are saying like they can not change government records like form 16 and PF accounts so they can not able to change the dates in my experience letter, But I have escalated to higher level management and now they told that they will check with complaisance team and get back to me.
my questions is what is the alternate options or documents I can get from company Y, If they can not able to provide updated experience letter to me. So the I can show to company Z to clear my background verification.

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A clarificatory letter under company round stamp that date has erroneously been mentioned in experience letter as 05 instead of 06.
The whole issue revolves around a clerical error which was noticed too late and this company letter should be acceptable.

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The only way to avoid any further Complications & to avoid any issues in your Background Verification, please ensure you get the 'Experience Letter/Service Certificate' with the Corrected Dates. This will always be an issue in BV & you moving ahead in any new company. Pay for One Day & get this sorted once for all. I have been in Recruitments for past 5 yrs with a CMM Level5 Organisation & "Dual Employement" i.e Same Date Joining's/Relieving's is Strictly not allowed.

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Contact Previous Employers: Reach out to both companies X and Y to explain the situation and request correction letters.
Company X: Request a letter stating your correct relieving date as 5th December 2012.
Company Y: Request a letter stating your correct joining date as 6th December 2012 and acknowledging the mistake in their records. <a href="">google</a>
Supporting Documents:
Experience Letters: Obtain corrected experience letters from both companies. The letters should clearly state the correct dates of relieving and joining.
Salary Slips: Collect your salary slips from both companies for December 2012. These documents can help demonstrate the overlap and corroborate your claim.
Email Correspondence: Keep records of any email communication with HR departments of both companies where you requested the corrections. This shows you are actively addressing the issue.
Relieving Letter from Company X: Ensure you have a copy of your original relieving letter from Company X.
Joining Letter from Company Y: Ensure you have a copy of your original joining letter from Company Y.

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