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shweta jevanlata
Hi, This week, my HR Head had visited our branch. AS HRE of my Branch I represent various details to him.I took his time to ask about my professional growth, He ask me what value addition I have done to this branch during last 2 years.
I was mum on this question. My company is MNC from Pune. We have project work related to solar pumps installation in central India villages. Field staff consist of 25-30 young boys who work on filed to install pumps. Office staff consist of 10-12 back office, accountants, logistics, Hre,Technical Manager. We have small office in central India , near Nagpur.
Pls suggest me on following points.
What is value addition to company ?
What & how I can do value addition in my branch ?
How I can motivate our staff for better productivity?

From India, Bhopal
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Shweta,

Employees add value by increasing or decreasing something. Value addition is done by:

a) Reduction in consumption of raw material or spares used

b) Reduction in turnaround time for various activities

c) Reduction in manpower utilised

d) Decrease in direct and indirect costs associated with the business

e) Increase in customer satisfaction

f) Decrease in manpower attrition

g) Decrease in job errors by the employees

h) Decrease in number of days of account receivables

The above points are not mutually exclusive. They are interdependent. The list is only representative. It could grow bigger.

It appears that your HR Head has not designed KRAs on the points mentioned above. If that were the case, the value addition would have spoken in itself by looking at your KRA sheet. But then how many HR are able to do that is a moot point!


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
korgaonkar k a

Dear Shweta Jevanlata,

You are HRE and representing your branch. You have following three questions:

1. What is value addition to company ?

2. What & how I can do value addition in my branch ? and

3. How I can motivate our staff for better productivity?

To find out answers to your first two questions, you need to do your department purpose analysis. Your department has certain objectives and you need to fulfill it to the satisfaction not only of your company but also of your internal customers. You should able to measure your contribution in the success of your department in terms of satisfaction level for both- your company as well your internal customers. You should have some system of monitoring your progress, your out puts, your improvements while achieving the goals of you and your department. Unless you do it, you wont be in position to find out what is your value addition. Value addition means according to me is an extra ordinary contribution by you in the success of your department.

Your third question is on how to motivate the staff for better productivity. There are various methods to motivate the staff. You need to involve all the staff for better productivity by creating conducive work environment / atmosphere. You need to recognize the contribution of every person, appraise every person. You need to have some system to award and reward every one suitably. Management trainer / Consultant like Mr. Dinesh Divekar can help you in this regards professionally.

Hope I answered your all questions to your satisfaction.

From India, Mumbai
Hi shweta
Value addition is simply wat u did fr d organization in d long run for eg wr u able to increase d productivity of d organisation plus d employee' u created a environment whr d habit of employee's of cmng late to office is been reduced or almost eliminated.THIS IS A VALUE ADDITION

From India, Lucknow
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