My superior have asked me to set all the process regarding Training & development
As i am not aware on the topic as i am working on HR Core for the first time in detail and would like to know on the below topic which is given as the target to me for this month.
1. Training need identification
2. Preparation of Training Calendar
3. Training Attendance sheet
4. Feed back form
5. Evaluation form
Also would like to know the basic details with PPT on training with step by step process to execute things.
Request all of your help to gain the knowledge on the topic. it would be great if you all can share the formats, procedure and process for smooth execution.

From India, Chennai
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Sujatha,

You have mentioned your requirement but then what you have not mentioned is the nature of your industry and your finished product or service. Before conducting training, you should measure the costs associated with your business. Let us consider the example of the manufacturing industry. The following costs are important for them:

a) Inventory Carrying Cost of Raw Materials

b) Work in Progress (WIP) Inventory Costs

c) Inventory Carrying Cost of Finished Goods

d) Capital costs to run the operations

e) Capacity costs

f) Maintenance costs

g) Quality costs

h) Inspection costs

If you are not from the manufacturing industry then you need to identify costs relevant to business. Any training that does not reduce costs is a waste of time and money for your company. Therefore, take a call judiciously before conducting the training. If you implement my suggestion on cost-centric training then possibly you may be able to provide evidence of the cost reduction because of training. The evidence will lend credibility to you as a person and to the HR profession as a whole.

I have also given a sufficient number of replies on training-related posts. You may click the following link to refer to the replies:

(though this is related to technical training, the comments are useful to behavioural training as well)

I recommend you go through the above links patiently. It will enhance your training awareness.

Final comments: - What you have asked is the clerical part of the training activity. However, that is the quintessence of the training. For any training to be successful, you need to design it ROI centric. Measure the cost before the training and after the training. Though the measurement of ROI on training is simple, measuring the costs and designing training programmes to reduce the costs is not simple.

All the best!

Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Hi Dinesh, Thank you so much for your support, Nature of the company is manufacturing of car components. i will go through all your links and revert back to you if any queries. Thanks, Sujatha
From India, Chennai
Prafulla K Acharya

Dear Sujata,
We may like to know the location and number of employees ( Executive and non executives ).
If your company is near Chennai, or New Delhi or Bhubaneswar or Visakhapatnam, our specialists may assist you without any cost.
The program list and CV of our Chief Faculty are attached for your reference.
Er Prafulla K Acharya, Ph.D. in HRD & Mgt ( IIT_Kgp ), Former Director and BUH of NPC India and former TATA STEEL Industrial Engg Associate

From India, Bhubaneswar
Prafulla K Acharya

Er. Prafulla K Acharya Ph.D. in HRD & Mgt ( IIT-Kgp ), Directror, PPC(LLP): Pragyan Productivity Center ( Lifelong Learning Provider ), Functioning from Bhubaneswar, Visakhapatnam, Chennai and Gurgaon in India and Texas ( Dallas ) in USA. Mail-,
Cell-Ph +919437022040, Land phone in Vizag-08912740516, in Chennai-+914422576515
The earlier post omited these informations. to get Other details pl mail to the emails mentioned above

From India, Bhubaneswar

Hi Sujatha,
In addition to the above advise, please also try Cite HR archives.
Type “Training Need Identification” inside the box WHAT DO YOU NEED
that you find in the title bar right above.
After typing in the box, press the 'research' button next to it.
You will get lot of information.
You can also refer "Related Information" and 'Download Thread'
that you find in the right side of this message.
Repeat the process for ‘Training Calendar’ and other topics of your choice.
You will be flooded with information.

From India
Pritha Pandey

what is the benefit of UGC net (lecturership) for a trainer profile in area of management. The sample paper show that it is majorly based on bookish knowledge .........books covering MBA syllabus
From India, New Delhi

Hi All,
While incorporating a training model for a manufacturing setup, given the challenges of being a new entity, please advise/suggest approaches to initiate competency data gathering, training framework to refer.

From India, Bangalore
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