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Hi All,
I am asking this query behalf of my friend.
My friend is working in one company where salary cycle is from 20th to 20th (i.e 20 Nov-20Dec) .
He was on leave from 25 November to 25th December.
His leave balance is 12 and its 5 days working company i.e Mon-Fri.
So my query is how many days salary he will get for current month.

From India, Pune
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Dear Suraj.
Kindly provide me your organisation pre & suffixing of the weekly off with any leaves policies. and if you are getting salary slip than what is your salary month is mention? whether it is date from 20th to 20th of month or month's name. and how they are giving you salary ? through Cash or Bank. and what is the gross salary?

From India, Mumbai
Hello Mohd.Shuaib,
Thanks for your reply.They are giving salary slip.Month mention on slip is current month i.e December.
There is no any policy related to weekly off.Sat and Sun is weekly off.Even if you get long leave still you will get salary for weekends.
Salary is deposited via bank.Gross salary is 17500.
Please let me know if you need any iinformation.

From India, Pune

Your Friend is entitled to get 12 days Salary, for which he has leave balance
From India, Ahmadabad
Thanks for your reply. My question is what about the days he went to office from 20th to 25th November I.e 5 days and 6 weekly off. Is he eligible for getting salary of these 11 days?? Thanks, Suraj
From India, Pune

Dear Suraj,
There are many companies, who close attendance early. The purpose behind this is to disburse monthly paychecks by the first of every month or early.
In your scenario the attendance computation period as it seems should be 21st to 20th. Therefore:
.... November salary: there should be no deduction (Attendance 21-Oct to 20 Nov)
... December salary: (Zero Attendance 25 Nov to 20 Dec = 26 days absence - Less 12 leave bal = 14 days deduction)
... January salary: 05 days salary deduction (21 Dec to 25 Dec)
Hope this answers your question

From Pakistan, Karachi
Hello Arman, Thanks for your reply.I am totally agreed with your answer.But in December month salary 20th -25th November which he attended office is he eligible for that also?? Thanks, Suraj
From India, Pune
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