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Angelica U.
Hi everyone!
I am a 4th year college student and I am currently doing my thesis. My topic is all about the effectiveness of Human Resource Information System in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies. I just want to seek for help on how can I measure HRIS' effectiveness. Also, I don't know what to put in my survey questionnaire once I conduct a survey on selected BPO companies. Hope you can help me on this matter. Thank you so much in advance!

From Philippines, Quezon City


Regarding measuring the effectiveness of HRIS, depends on the business and user expectations. Firstly is it purpose build for the busines and does it cover all requirements, is the system scalable and confirgurable to the evolving business needs, is the developer/vendor flexible to accomodate future needs, are some of the key factors you would consider even at the initial stage of choosing the system. Once you have identified the busines requirements, then you can have measures to evaluate how well those requrements are met and delivered. One of the primary business requirement is to have consitent, accurate data about employees in one place. Then once you have the data, instead of just populating data in a report, is the system capable of any analytics. So the first part of your analysis should be about system capabliity and functionalities.

The second part I believe should be about user experience. Even the best system in the world is only as good as how well its used. If the system is not user friendly and easy to use, it will impact the user experience and the result is, credibility of data and completeness of data will suffer. So in this regards, your measures will be focused on completeness of data, timeliness of data and accuracy of data etc. If this HRIS includes a Employee Self-service, you may also check how often people login to use the system and update their own information.

These are just the very basics and it all depends on the industry, busines and other factors.

Hope this will give you at least a start and I am sure other will contribute to this thread




dear angelica

nice to see you asking forum for help . but you need to have a long chat with your HR faculty before you throw up an open ended question like this.

1. you want to measure effectiveness of HRIS in BPO

2. you want to take a survey through a questionnaire from BPO coys

it is important that you must get your objective of the thesis correct before you venture into measuring effectiveness or prepare a questionnaire.

the HRIS encompasesPayroll

Time and attendance

Performance appraisal

Benefits administration

HR management information system

Recruiting/Learning management

Performance record

Employee self-service


Absence management


now in this ocean you will be lost . so get your thesis objective right . then prepare your research questions . select the HRIS you want to study [ there are many in the market] then revert back to me for framing your questionnaire in this forum or

but have a session with your thesis guide/ professor before you revert

we will help you in the forum .


dr ram

From India, Indore

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From Pakistan, Karachi
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