Hi everyone! I have a question.. I have created an Employee handbook for new employees. I have added names of managers along with their pictures in the handbook. I need to know if I can add title (Mr./Ms.)to their names?
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Hi, Thats upto you to add or not. If you are adding the title it would be more respectful. Regards, Alex
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What is your Organizational Culture? Do you address your Managers by their first names? If that is the case, it would be ok if you dropped off the titles. However, I suggest you check your Management team profile on the company website. If they use just the names without the title, I suggest you follow the same convention here. If your organization is formal and hierarchical, then I suggest adding the title.
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Prefixing the names with Mr / Ms is not important to be done. However I agree with Narmadha. When one signs below a communication (letter / e-mail) I have not seen many prefixing their names with Mr. / Ms. In some cases at times you do get confused whether the person is a male or a female - specially when you receive communication from other countries. How ever in your case you are giving a photograph of the person as such gender mix up will not be there.
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This entirely depends on your organisation's culture, weather they are having a modern approach wherein managers can be called by their first names or they are having a conventional approach wherein seniors are called by the salutations like sir, madam etc.
As it is a welcome handbook, so placing of title before the names play a psychological role, this makes a new entrant ready to make their mind up for the cultural approach of the organisation, so I would suggest if your organisation runs on a modern approach dont use titles and if they are on conventional approach definitely use the title.

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Itís nice to know your organization has a hand book for new employees for good on boarding. Putting names of managers in different departments in the hand book is a matter to be decided by your management.

In many MNCs where employee hand books are in place, only the CEO/MD/COO or top most ranks are allowed to be printed in the hand book along with a detailed profile of the person.

Here, apart from the essential organizational information, you can clearly show the organizational hierarchy with the designations, roles and responsibilities business functions, regional structures (for MNCs) and so on.

Since lower level employees are tend to leave the job more than that of top level executives, it would be a good idea to print your hand book only with top level peoplesí profiles. Usually CEOs and MDs serve for long time in orgnisations.

At the same time you can use the same book in a more detailed form as soft copy in PDF format which can include all your present managers starting from top to bottom positions with their designations and salutations. It is easy to include their photos and brief profiles and can edit it whenever is needed.

On the first day when an employee joins, he is welcomed with this soft copy of the hand book send from Corporate HR dept to his new Email ID (official) along with other statutory forms to go though and get filled up, and returned to HR dept in the same day itself.

You can add a lot of other information in corporate PowerPoint presentations with commentary and videos to let the new joiner get accustomed to the new environment very soon. These can be uploaded in the common shared drives if your organization or in local intranet. In organizations I have worked (and currently working) we follow these practices.

Thank you

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Wow! I appreciate for giving such a detailed information Mr. Binu. This detailed information gives me a scope to add more details to the handbook. I liked the soft copy handbook idea. But since we are into Retail and Hospitality, we do not give email IDs to all the employees, only Managers and above level are provided with it. But yes we can use soft copies for Managers and above level.
We do have one Orientation/Induction presentation. This handbook will be given to the employees once they are done with the presentation. The whole idea here is to give them a brief on everything related to the company and the handbook has more detailed information which they can read at their own ease & comfort and can get back to us if they have any questions :)

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Happy to see you concerned about micro level details as well. This is very subjective thing. Yes people have mentioned very correctly that its the Culture that defines prefix to be used or not.
Adding them would not harm anythign if they are not used BUT not adding them if they are used would create issue.............

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It entirely depends on the culture of the organization and/or the preferences of the top management.
If you have an opportunity to discuss with the top management, it is suggested to use the names with prefix (Mr or Ms) in official or public records.
Such prefix can be dropped in the informal conversations.

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Dear All, Thank you very much for your answers. It helped me in many ways. I have successfully launched the New Employee Handbook for our company. Regards, Ashlesha Telang
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