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Dear All,

I worked in one IT- Company for 2 years. I left the company because of the mental torture. After leaving my Company HR Manager is not doing my FnF Settlement from past 7 Months. I left my company because of mental torture of my reporting manager and he was putting lots of wrong allegations on me. I resigned and served the notice period of 40 Days. My last day in Company was 31 Oct. 2013 and from that day I am following up with everyone for FnF Settlement but they are giving one or other excuses. Since from last 3 months when I approached my Company HR Manager 1st he said I will investigate the matter and will help you in getting justices. But after following up for 3 months he not did anything. Later on he started telling me that all your certificates you submitted was fraud it means you did fraud with company because of which company came in great loss. Also you theft harddisk and laptop from client place. He further said that you had given all this in writing. I tried explaining and convincing him that certificates are not fraud and I had not theft anything from client place. I further said that I had given in writing that this incident has happened and I am not involved in any type of theft. I further went to police station for asking justice but they came to police station and said this person has fraud certificates and theft harddisk and laptop. On which police person shouted on me. I further spoke with company HR Manager for explaining and convincing but he said your reporting manager had told me lots of your negative incident about you. Hence I will screw your career and your life. But I will not do your FnF Settlement. Company HR Manager further said I will file a legal case again you for submitting fraud certificates and for theft of harddisk and laptop. But they had not taken any legal action on me. But when I do follow-ups for my FnF Settlement, They give warning and fearing me by taking legal action and putting me behind bars. I am not involved in anything wrong but my reporting manager and company HR is playing games with me so that they can save money of my FnF Settlement, PF Amount & my Experience and Relieving Letter.

My Ex-Reporting Manager is putting the following false allegation on me, Which now Company HR is also supporting him :

1st : I was not performing well at my Job Site and he further said that this is what the customer is complaining to him.

2nd : I was not reporting office on time.

3rd : From past 1year he was forcing me to search a new job before he terminate me from job.

4th : Was giving unnecessary and unless work while leaving office in late evening.

5th : My Documents (PAN Card, HSC & Diploma) are fraud.

6th : I had taken away Computer Harddisk from Office. Which he forcefully took it in writing.

7th : I had deleted & theft the official data of office.

8th : I had taken Laptop from Office. Which he forcefully took it in writing.

9th : I am sending Spam or illegal mails to Office Senior Members and other People.

Above are the false allegation they put on me but they are not giving me in writing. Not even they terminate me. I had resigned because of all this mental torture. Also few days back I removed enquiry from PF Office and I came to know that they had not deposited Employer PF in my Account.

Dear All, I request everyone please help me by giving your expert suggestion. How should I get my FnF Settlement done as well as I need my Experience / Relieving letter and my PF Amount.
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Dear ,
Post read your case, i feel that, there is some incident happen which you have not mentioned here, which connect to fraud & missbehaviour blam on you as well as you said that, your Sr. had taken letter from you in writting regarding on points 6,7,8 by forcefully.
So, i would appreciation that, if you tell us the exact what incident was happne, then it will be easy for members to advise you in better way.
Dear Tushar,

I am giving more detail about Point No. 6,7,8. i had been deployed in one branch and was managing other branches from that location. Suddenly one morning i got a call from customer was a senior IT- manager. He said one person had been absconded from south mumbai branch due to which the escalation happened hence i want you to go and seat in south mumbai branch for few weeks. As i got a call i took my own desktop harddisk which company had given me for using. I took that harddisk and started working from south mumbai branch. When my reporting manager came to know about this he made an issue that you took company harddisk with informing on which i said its a device which company gave me for using and i can take it any where but he did not listen and he told to submit in the branch from where you took so i took my data and kept online so that i can work from any branches. On which again my reporting manager made any issue that you deleted the data, I said that data is safe and not deleted i kept online so that i can do my work easly but asual he made issue. When i was had been moved from my branch to south mumbai branch during that time someone theft the laptop at that time i was not there but still he caught me and force me to write. On which i said i had not taken laptop i will not write. He said that branch comes under you so u have to write saying u had not taken laptop and further you have to write that you took harddisk to another branch and data was not there. He force me on which i write and gave to him. And when i left my company before few days of my last day i submitted the harddisk which was given to me for working. I also given all the data which i kept online. also i help in searching the person who took the laptop. he appreciate my work when i was leaving. but after that he made my negative image in Company HR because of which they are not doing settlement. Pls let me know what to be done. I am honest i had not taken anything this people are just framing me. please help.
As per the description given by you, it appears that your manager has taken everything in writing. This implies that you admit all this. As per the status in law, you have failed to report the matter to appropriate authorities about your writing under pressure immediately after that pressure ceased to exist. So, at this stage you have no remedy available. Anand
Dear Anand Sir,
They had taken in writing from me they gave me lots of pressure for writing. Hence i gave in writing. But I had only written that i accept that the harddisk had been moved from one office branch to another office branch for doing office work. and in second letter i had written that i had not taken laptop and i will give full cooperation in searching the same. I had not admit that i had taken harddisk or laptop i just said that i will help you in searching and i moved harddisk to another office for doing work. And same harddisk had given back to office after making the issue as well as the data had also been given by me. I had not admit about any crime So how can anyone put a blame on me. And making that letter as a admit of crime. Requesting Anand Sir and everyone to Please advice.
Thanking you, Everyone and Anand Sir.
After gone through your case, i found there are some mistake done from your side. which are as below.
1) when you got the call to move to another branch, then you did not intimated to your reporting boss regarding the same as you got a call from some anyother person.
2) you kept data online, how can you kept company confidencial data online (on personal custody)
3) if you say that, your laptop has been stolen, then why did you not file police compliant, it shall be avoid to force by your boss to take everything in written from you.
4) whatever you have given it written, which is not usefull for you but, it is very much usefull for company.
Dear Tushar Sir,

Request you to pls read my answers on the 4 points given by you.

1) when you got the call to move to another branch, then you did not intimated to your reporting boss regarding the same as you got a call from some anyother person ?

Answer : I got a call from my Customer to move from 1 branch to another branch in morning some around 8.45AM. I reached there and i meet the concerned person after meeting i called my reporting manager and informed that due to critical situation i had been moved by customer.

2) you kept data online, how can you kept company confidential data online (on personal custody)

Answer : I had stored data online on company server and not on my personal custody. All the official data was stored on there own company server. Which was password protected. so that i can work from any branches. Nothing was stored on personal device.

3) if you say that, your laptop has been stolen, then why did you not file police compliant, it shall be avoid to force by your boss to take everything in written from you.

Answer : Company laptop was stolen so how can i file the police complaint it was not my asset. It was company asset so it was duty of company legal department to file the FIR for stolen laptop.

4) whatever you have given it written, which is not useful for you but, it is very much useful for company.

Answer : As i said earlier i did not confessed that i had taken the asset. I just wrote that i had not taken and i will cooperate in catching the culprit. They forcefully took in writing on 17-Oct-2013 and my last day was on 31-Oct-2013 after which my boss initially helped me in getting all the necessary approval for clearing my settlement. Copy of my boss email is with me, in which he said within few days he will get approval from his higher authorities and than you will get your settlement. If i had given in written they had enough time to take legal action. than why still they had not used the letter which they took from me forcefully. Now when i am doing my followups from last 7months now the HR Manager is raising the points. if you want you should take action immediately why they are waiting till now and when i m asking for my own money they are just giving warning that they will take legal action. Why not taking action on me. Everyone in the company had given approval that i had confirmed with HR now only HR Manager is not giving approval and when i am following up he just put allegation and not taking any action just giving warnings.

Sir, Please guide me how to get my FnF Cheque and my experience letter and my PF Amount.
Are you still unemployed or employed ??? Secondly what is the amount of FNF, what was your last salary drawn, so as to ascertain the legal way of approach is worth or not.
Are you still unemployed. Secondly my the amount of FNF is above 35k, my last salary drawn was 36k, my PF is 77000.
Approach a Lawyer take his advice and send a legal notice to your employer. With regards to PF Amount check online whether the same is deposited in your PF Account or not, check your payslip whether the same is deducted from your salary. If you have enough evidence file a complaint to the RPFO of your city.
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