Hi i am an employed in company its good but last 5month i have facing some issue about sallery and incentive and most of thing we have take any leave company mark as absent and deduction the money of our sallery so tell me can we take any action company
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You first need to contact/speak with your HR department with your query and questions and also need to obtained salary slip which will describe you about your leave and salary calculations.
Second, you need to know about leave policy applicable/applied in your company.
And hope you are taking leaves with official approval of your Boss/Senior and submitting the same (Approved Leave Application) to your HR Department but if not, this can be the reason of your leave deduction in your salary.
Again, I would suggest you as well as to all the members/ employees to speak with your respective HR department with your query/questions which must be your first action before asking other or to the community.

From India, Gurgaon

Hi Anil.
I am being critical here on your following comment:
Again, I would suggest you as well as to all the members/ employees to speak with your respective HR department with your query/questions which must be your first action before asking other or to the community.

Citehr Blog main purpose is to help People like rajesh the person who is asking help. What if his company does not have HR Department. I appreciate your suggestion, but not your advise to "Help Seekers" on what they should be doing before coming to Citehr. You advise,sounds to me a way to shoo them away.

From Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

Labour Union system was evolved precisely to tackle issues faced by people like Rajesh.
May be Rajesh can tell, how big is his organisation, nature of business, how many such people are affected, is it a privately held company or a stock-exchange listed company. If it is a privately held company, arbitrarily run by the owner, he can start collecting evidence such as appointment letters, salary credits in banks etc. and then approach a lawyer for issuing a notice. Alternatively, they can approach the labour comissioner for redressal. Best optioln could be to meet a labour lawyer with enough evidence.
When people join an organisation, it is always with a hope that they will get the promised salary, career will grow and they will be able to lead a comfortable life. More often than not, things go wrong and we end up in an awful organisation, which may not have any focus on employee welfare.
Best wishes

From India

I advise that you check the leave policy of the organization and if there is no policy on leave the employment laws of your country will guide you.the law guides on minimum leave entitlement.

2ndly ensure that, if you have taken any day off, it was official approval and documented, any day taken should be deducted from your annual leave entitlement and not from your salary unless the day was taken without permission, however deducting anything from your salary without your permission is wrong, you should have been informed and either agree the deduction to be made or the day be recovered from your leave days for the year (annual leave) you have the two options.

Another possible reason for deducting from your salary could be that you exhausted your leave days for the year and the company policy may not support taking leave in advance.

otherwise if you have taken leave with permission and you have not exhausted your annual leave, you have a reason to to get clarification and if not satisfied you can either report to your union leader (if unionisable) or labour officer, ensure that you have all the proof required and be ready to go head on and all the way especially if you have a very stubborn employer who does appreciate challenge from its employees.Most important thing, you should know your rights.

I hope this will help.

All the best

From Kenya, Nairobi

Greetings of the day to all

Hello Mr Mitra,

Thanks for your response and I appreciate it too but I believe we must not ignore the value and purpose of HR department existing in an organization which is not just to make rules/policies, to work over payroll and to make system for better work life but to help the employees /workers in many ways basically. HR department in his company is prime responsible unit and to solve the queries/questions like Rajesh have.

Every employee in an Organization deserve the right to seek help of HR department with their questions /queries and I don’t think we can deny or ignore this fact.

I accept that we are here to help each other as much as we can but Cite Community is not just to help other but to share experiences, knowledge, our learning and to learn from each other as much as possible. And if we just feel like we are here just to help other or we can just seek help of other, I seriously don’t think can fulfill the purpose of the Cite.co community.

“CiteHR and Member of Community must understand and accept the value of HR”

For example: I am an employee of a company and if facing any problem and need to know anything related to anything for which my HR department in company is responsible or answerable, my duty is to speak with them first not just to speak with my friends in HR with other companies or with any community.

But if facing any problem which I want to discuss with my friends outside the Company /Department and unfortunately my HR is not responding or we feel like we are not getting our answers, or facing kind of problem, I deserve the right to seek opinion/ guidance/ suggestions from other

But it is seriously not acceptable if one is not speaking with his/her HRD, though can get the solution easily by them.

Hope that I have made myself very clear this time with and answered the questions raised by you Mr UKMitra.

From India, Gurgaon
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