We are start up IT company currently with employee strength of 15 employees.THis number will increase by 25 by end of this fiscal year. We want to set up for performance management. Can anybody tell me what could be the best system to follow. Key things which I am looking at it its more of coaching way system which is should be reviewed every 3 months for each employee (Like 60-90 days Plan).
We have Kept PLI as part of CTC for all the employees based on their salary slab. So we have thought of releasing some part of PLI after completion of six months and the remaining PLI after completing 1 year with the company.
We want to implement this as part of performance management system.
Can you all please throw some more light on this approach.
Awaiting Reply.
[email protected]

From India, Mumbai
Dear Shikha,

It appears that you have basic confusion between Performance Management System (PMS) and coaching. These two things need to be delinked. Coaching is important but then it is to improve the performance. Whereas PMS is to measure the performance. Secondly, about salary increase. It is not part of the PMS activity. Yes you may link salary increase with the quantum of performance. However, both are independent activities.

To know more about instituting PMS in the company, you click here to refer my past post.

There is lot of misconception on the concept of KPI and KRA. To remove this misconception, I have uploaded my presentation on Youtube. To refer that video, you may click here.

Just today morning I gave my reply to the post titled Subjectivity in Performance Appraisal. You may click on the link to refer it.

I handle consulting on PMS. To know more about my services, you may click here. Talk to your management and if they are ready then we may work together. If you hire my services, trust me I will design new measures which hitherto you had never thought of.


Dinesh V Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Hi Shikha,

Please find our product details

Introducing CALIBRIXTM - Solution for your daily HR needs

CALIBRIX is a complete enterprise solution for HR to take care of transactions, processes and workflows. The product is offered in SaaS form over the clouds. It has got inbuilt MIS for decision makers as well. Further, it integrates with 3rd party service providers like trainers, recruiters etc. The product is capable of managing multi locational workforce with real-time MIS to the management.

Our platform, Calibrix, offers you the following modules.

1. Recruitment management (right from indenting a vacancy to on-boarding, including interview management, competency mapping of each candidate and CV database management, integration with third party service vendors)

2. Talent management (performance management system, talent pool creation and management, succession planning etc, 360 degree feedback etc.)

3. Payroll management (Salary and Reimbursements)

4. Attendance and Leave management (Integration with swipe card and biometric systems)

5. Training management (right from identification of training needs to conducting trainings, taking feedbacks and ranking of each trainer)

6. Exit management (F & F settlement, deactivation of account, Relieving letter, assets recovery etc.)

7. Communication management (between employer and the employees, supervisor/ subordinates, peers etc.)

8. Data base management (employee personal information, educational, experience, family, contact details)

9. Document management (employee key documents like Pan Card, Passport, Relieving letter, Educational certificates etc.)




From India, Mumbai
Hi Shikha,
It seems you want to have a competency management system which is directly linked to your performance management system with a review periodicity of three months. You are having some concept in your mind, which can be explored.
I would suggest you can sit with an expert who will help you design the HR Management System based on your needs. You can design the HRMS in phases considering the priority.
Considering the present size of the org. automation may not be required, but can be done considering future needs.
Thanks and Regards,
PCMM Consultant

From India, Mumbai
Dear Ms Bhatnagar,

If you are looking for a performance management system, we can help you with this. Our engineers & consultants can provide you with solutions and help you set up a performance linked management system.

We are a premier HR Consultancy Services company having offices at California, US and New Delhi, India.

We generally, provide 360 degree feedback assessment tool, recruitment and other HR services. We have worked with many clients in India, UAE and the US.

If interested, you can contact us at or you can also call on 9911778647 so that we can fix an appointment with you.

Looking forward to a great association with you.

Thanks & Best Regards,

Swaraj Kumar Murmu

Business Development Analyst

Dhung Pvt Ltd

S-26, Manish Mall

Sector-22, Dwarka,

New Delhi- 110077

P : 011-45785700

M : 9911778647

W: Company Reviews, Salaries, Job Interview question answers, Job roles and skills | - Dhung <link updated to site home> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google )

From India, Delhi

Attached Images
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Thanks all of you for your replies.
I am looking for expert advice from this forum that what could be the most effective and simple way of implementing PMS in start up firm. As Harsh has mentioned rightly that t I am kind of looking for competency management system which is directly linked to your performance management system with a review periodicity of three months.
Can you guys throw some more light on this and can anybody provide any documents on this process.
Guys I am not looking to hire any consultants for implementing PMS. I just need your suggestions and ideas.
Awaiting Replies..

From India, Mumbai
Dear Shikha,

You wanted to link PMS with Competency Management System. However, it requires immense expertise and I doubt whether anyone in

start up will have that competency.

Let me explain to you. Though you have not mentioned what industry you belong to or what is your finished product or service, let me give you simple example.

Suppose you are in factory and Inventory Turnover Ratio is 5. You wanted to raise it to 5.5. What competencies are required to raise this ratio? Who will guide you? Suppose even if you get some "document" in hand, do you think it is that simple?

Suppose line stoppage is ____. You wanted to decrease it by 10% Who will tell you what competencies are required to reduce them?

PMS is not just about having individual targets. PMS is about measuring business performance. If linking competencies to the business performance were to be that easy then possibly management science would not have taken birth at all. You are asking what seasoned managers are unable to do. This very forum is evidence of what I say. There are millions of posts but then how many posts are there that mention about the business performance of the member's company?

You may not like what I have written, however, unfortunately bitterness of the truth does not go away even if it is packed in sweet words.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Dear Shikha,
If you're in a start-up or relatively small company, getting started on employee performance appraisals generally presents s dilemma. So you have to design a simple & well structured appraisal format which should be clear, transparent and less ambiguity.
Here is the primary tips to carry the process:
1. Keep it simple.
2. Review everyone in the company at the same time.
3. Let employee evaluate their own performance and the company as well.
4. Don't confuse them.
5. Design the format putting as what is their actual job role & task.
6. Dont make too lengthy and add unnecessary question & suggestion.
7. Be Specific.

From India, Bhubaneswar
Well it is a leading technology company in the fast growing cloud computing space. Providing Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure-As-A-Service (IaaS) solutions to SMEs (Small & Medium Sized Businesses) around the globe. Our SaaS practice is currently focused on providing value through Microsoft CRM Online & related cloud technologies and we are also working on Dynamics AX.
Certainly I would like to keep it simple and logical. Guys can you share the process & formats followed by IT Company.
Awaiting Reply.

From India, Mumbai

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