Hi Members,
An employee is our organisation has resigned on 3rd April 2014 and is serving notice period of a month. As far as I know this employee will not be eligible for the appraisals as he has already resigned. But the employee has a question to me that when he has been in service for a year then why shouldn't he be a part of this year's appraisal. Can anyone help me on this?
The matter isn't serious yet I need a clarification for my purpose as well as to make the employee understand about it.
Sir HR

From India, Bangalore
Dear Sir HR,
This thing depend on the policy of your company.
Appraisal is for the motivation and retention of the employee and if employee is already on notice period then he can not expect any such benefit.

Thanks for the response MSR.
We are a small organisation and I checked through our policy manual and the employment letter. There is no such clause related to appraisal policy. But the employee has genuine personal reasons to quit as for further studies. How do I treat this matter in such situation.

From India, Bangalore
If employee have genuine reason, still that can not make any effect because after notice period employee will leave the company.
For future, you can mention all these terms and conditions in appointment letter.

1. If the employee resignation is prior to scheduled date for performance appraisal & the resignation had been accepted by concerned authority, he/she would Not be eligible to be part of organization’s PMS.
2. If the employees resignation has been dated post the scheduled date for performance appraisal, if the T & C mentioned in company policy permits - only a performance review can be done & a PMS Rating can be shared with the resigned employee. This may help in self-evaluation of his/her performance since last 1 year in organization
Though being in notice period he/she would Not be eligible for any salary increments.

From India, Mumbai
Sir HR
-As financial year ends on March 31st 2014, appraisal result of an employee should get effected in his role & salary from 1st April 2014 onwards.
-As the employee filed his resignation after 2 days of 1st april, he seeks appraisal, which shall be considered.
-However if your company does appraisal since 1st april & conclude later after 3rd april, then the employer shall be excused from considering employee for appraisal, since employee filed resignation before conclusion of appraisal

From India, Chennai
I am not approaching the issue from technical point of policy and terms but from practical point of spirit and objective of PMS.Here are my views.

1) You are already convinced that the employee is quitting for personal reasons.

2) You appraise an employee for his performance for the preceding year.

3)The employee though resigned on 3rd April 2014 but continue to work for one full month during the notice period i.e till the end of April 14 and thus completes the appraisal period technically

4)You reward an employee after appraisal for the performance rendered by him during the past year which he has rendered but not for serving in future. It means the rewards flow from PMS are for performance alone but not to be mistaken as loyalty bonus.

5) Your policy is silent on the issue raised by you and thus does not prohibit from you granting him what is due under the PMS taking a practical view.

6) It enhances your company's image and contnues relationship with him even after he leaves which helps you rehire him again in future since many a time ex-employees send feelers of rejoining the company


In-house HR & IR Advisor

From India, Mumbai
I strongly second Mr. Saikumar, apart from all the above view, what is the harm if the employee wants to be appraised that can help the employer to rehire the candidate once he/she completes the studies.
From India, Ahmadabad
I too support the statement and opinion of Mr. Saikumar.

In fact, this may be the attitude of small companies who always look into the cost-benefit aspect of everything; however all big and goosd companies do not DEBAR an employee out of the Appraisal process, just because he has submitted resignation.

In fact I know of companies where the employees even after LEAVING the organization, have been paid ARREARS on the basis of their performance appraisal in the past one year.

In fact, there is NO CONNECTION between these two matters; and only a HYPER-ACTIVE (without any bonafide or benevolent reasons) would CLUB these two separate HR processes.

Performance Appraisal, as the term indicates is an appraisal of the performance. Of course, it stands to reason the NO BENEFITS will accrue AFTER the employee has left the organization. Burt to DENY an employee the chance of attending the appraisal process is a form of PROSECUTION.

Moreover, as RIGHTLY POINTED OUT by Mr. Saikumar : What if the employee wants to join back after a few months ???

A good appraisal report may mean an easy and welcome RE-ENTRY as well as better management of offered compensation package.

Also, the employee's request or contention is CORRECT and VALID.

Imagine what kind of impression he will carry.

In good companies, EX-EMPLOYEES are considered AMBASSADORS of their previous companies.

Also, what will be the impression of the existing employees, when they come to know how their management TREATS employees who may be excellent performers, but have submitted their resignations.

Only an IMPOVERISHED management and an equally negative HRs would prevent such an activity that generates such goodwill and employee motivation, without spending a penny.

This is exactly what sets apart a RESOURCEFUL and good companies from small and mediocre ones.

Warm regards.

From India, Delhi
I echo our leaders . The employee worked through out the year. Now what stops you from appraising his last year's performance ?
Him leaving the organisation is a different process and a choice of his own.
Why should that affect the system ?
Please appraise him and treat it just as you would have treated any other employee.
His actions do not direct the system , the process needs to remain agile .
Wish you all the best !

From India, Mumbai

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