Dear Sir
Recently I have been interviewd by a manufacturing company.. When I informed that my increment is due in March 2014... The HR manager questioned me How you are getting increment in March 2014... Since my last increment was awarded in Feb 2013 and this year it falls in March 2014... To that he said as per standard factory rules increment is only granted in the month of April only and he took me as suspicious....
Pls advise whether its written that annual increment cant be granted in March, if a person joins last year in Feb his annual incremnet will be due in March as per my knowlecdge.. please advise... the company is from Jaipur Rajsthan..... How to tackle this pls advise...

From India, Indore
Dear Maze,
What HR Manager says is correct. Generally increments happen as on 1st April. Therefore, nothing wrong if he takes your statement with pinch of salt.
How many years you have worked in the current company? Do you have proof of increment for Feb 2013, Feb 212 etc. If yes, then scan the pay slips and send the scanned copies by e-mail. If you do not have scanned copies then what about bank statement? Obtain bank statement for the last three financial years and show it to him.
All the best!
Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Thanks a lot sir.
i had already given them my feb 2013 increment letter along with salary slip and salary slip of march 2014 so that they can come to know how it happens....
also given them my statment of account of bank....

From India, Indore
These days, in many organisations, performance appraisal and annual rewards are considered twice an year - once in April and again in October. For those employees who joined after April, are considered for appraisal and award; or else, they have to wait for more than an year for their annual rewards..
From India
Dear All,
I am just going through all view given by memeber... but, sorry to say, i feel there is some misscommunication or misinterprited on the question..
Performance appraisal is the company's internal policy, there is nothing any law, where the appraisal or period of appraisal of employee performance is mentioned.
Period of appraisal is also again depend or company culture, economi strenght etc. some companies are doing the appraisal on twice in year or some on yrs basis. some of companies period is as per calender yrs, but some of as financial yrs, some of MNC company follow as per whether they based on US, China, UK, as per their Head quater;s process, as it is usefull to them to work out on global / national for cost liability / effectness.

From India, Mumbai
Annual increment can be any time in the year according to the likes of the company. Some small companies give increment at their wish. In general, the appraisal and increments happen w.e.f. Apr i.e. FY. Some companies prefer calendar year. No fixed rule yet.

From India, Lucknow
I agree with Tushar and Pon. There is no fixed time for increment. Many companies have yearly increment policy. Many have twice a year policy. It varies from company to company.
From India, Ahmadabad
I do agree with V Perival Performance Appraisal/ Salary increment depends on company’s internal policy. And you could answer to HR Manager as mentioned by Perival. Kiramuddin
From Afghanistan, Kabul
Dear Maze,
Giving increment, promotion etc., will be as per the police and procedure of the organizations, which differs from organization to organization.
There is no such rule that increment should be given in the month April.
There may be reason why he might have raised the issue is.
1.Government revises Minimum wages (DA revision) every year in the month of April paid in may. So every company increase their employees DA in the month of April if they are paying less otherwise itís not mandatory to give hike in April.
2.Companies follow the accounting year April to March. So usually they revise every things in April
NOthing to worry , just explain him your company practice.
All the best!

From India, Bangalore

This aspect is too, based on the size of organization. In a company where I worked, increments are awarded to
employees four times in a year (i.e. 1st Jan, 1st April, 1st July and 1st Oct). If an employee joins the organization
between 1st Jan & 31st March, then his increment shall fall on 1st Jan, next year. Likewise for employee's date of joining
falls between 1st April-30th June, his anniversary date for increment shall be 1st April. likewise..
There is no rules for increment. Depending upon the performance appraisal policy/increment policy of the vompany.
R K Nair

From India, Aizawl

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