Hi sir,
I request your suggestion in the following case.
Two of our employees had an argument and they had used unparliamentary language. This happened in front of all the other employees and during working hours.
I request you to tell me what kind of letter to be given as per process?
Shall i give them a showcause notice letter and then a warning letter.
Few superiors are asking to give suspension letters.
Request your suggestion asap. please send me some formats
Thanks & Regards
parameshwar reddy.v

31st March 2014 From India, Hyderabad

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I request you to tell me what kind of letter to be given as per process? please send the some letter formats for this case
31st March 2014 From India, Hyderabad
Yes, you can have disciplinary options to pursue against them including suspension to charge-sheeting them for their conduct.But I am of the view that managements shall not rush for extreme disciplinary.actions to deal with the conduct of an employee resulting from behavioral aberrations.There may be socio-economic,educational and familial reasons behind exhibiting such conduct by an employee. Because of these limitations, some may not be able to know the correct way of expressing their dissent or difference or their view over an issue.or they may not be adept in controlling anger when opposed by another..In many cases, the behavior is unintentional and is the result of fit of emotions.They may not be aware of the consequences of their conduct.There may be realization of their mistake or their disorderly conduct once they get back to their normal mental state The issue may be personal, not related to employment or the issue may be over differences in respect of the manner in doing a job.In my view, whatever may be the reasons, beahvioural misconduct requires more a clinical approach than a disciplinary approach unless they are deliberate, intimidating and is directed against the interests of the organisations. it is therefore, advisable to pursue a therapeutic approach to deal with the conduct of employees resulting from behavior that deviates from the normal standards of discipline.

My suggestion is to administer counselling in the first place. Call both the employees and bring to their notice their objectionable behavior and how it disturbed the smooth functioning of the office and if possible, explain them as to how to handle differences or disagreements and caution them in writing not to repeat them in future, failing which the management will take strict view of the matter.

Hope this helps


In-house HR & IR Advisor

1st April 2014 From India, Mumbai
Dear Mr.Reddy,
First go through the entire case again , and also you have to see their past behavior in the organization. Than take appropriate action .
Regarding formats, all types of letter are available in citeHR itself , which will help you lots in drafting.
Thanks & Regards
HRM Executive.
1st April 2014 From India, Mumbai
rkn61 124
Analyse the (1) language they used (2) Whether in front of senior/top management.
(Answer yourself as Who? When? What? Where? How? and Why? - this is a basic formula in "IR".
Examine the accused employees past history and their experience(No. of years). If this is the first
incident, close the case by giving a suitable warning letter - with copy in their personal files.
If this is not the first incident, give show cause notice, followed by a Charge Sheet-cum-Suspension Order (min. one week).
If your factory is having more workforce and registered trade unions, it is better to constitute a Disciplinary Action committee
with participation from workforce AND/ OR Holde Domestic Enquiry by appointing an Enquiry Officer (a management personnel
with preferably legal back ground or even an advocate with experience in this field, and act acdording to the findings of
the Enquiry Officer.
R K Nair
1st April 2014 From India, Aizawl
Hi Parameshwar,

Its really a bad concern..The worst point is that other employees had to suffer from bad language between two persons fight.This is non tolerable in any organization.

You should do one thing call an urgent meeting with seniors and both persons and ask the genuine reason of this fight and after discussing with them if it seems that they are feeling themselves guilty and want to rectify their mistake.Ask them to write an apology letter and paste it on notice board But if they seem with same approach and not feeling guilty then terminate them.

Also have a meeting with all employees and strictly convey them that this was the last mistake and show of indiscipline and another mistake by anyone in organization will lead to some serious action against the particular employee.If possible issue a corrective action policy in your organization mentioning all rules and penalities.This will help you in further.

Good Luck !!!



Hr Executive

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1st April 2014 From India, Mohali
Hi Parameshwar,
Members have given you a lot of good advice and food for thought to consider.
May I just add one more observation:
This incident must be dealt with, so that in future other employees do not think they can behave in the same way and get away with it. Therefore, I suggest, you put in place a " Respect and Dignity Policy ", clearly laying out consequences if breached. There is plenty of information available on the net to help you produce a bespoke policy.
I hope the above helps.
1st April 2014 From United Kingdom, Barrow
-Under Disciplinary action issue a show cause notice.
-Conduct enquiry. If the reason reflects official cause, then administer them a counselling benching the line superiors also counsel the line superiors for their failure for not addressing such
-else if personal reasons, first obtain an apology letter from both, subsequently issue a warning letter along with administer a counselling, since human error is much common also its a courtesy
too. Kindly avoid gearing up towards heavy penalty
1st April 2014 From India, Chennai
After reading all the comments I hope you have an idea what is to be done.
I would say counseling is the best way. Talk to them and make them realize whatever has happened was incorrect and company will not encourage such behavior at all. I am sure they will understand.
You can give them the verbal warning so such behavior do not rub on others.
2nd April 2014 From India, Pune
rkn61 124
I refer to Ms Monica's view . The suggested type of action will work in a small sized office set up. But in factories, where unionised labour
workforce is present in large numbers, this type of soft pedalling will not work. Strict disciplinary action is warranted after
holding domestic enquiry.
R K Nair
2nd April 2014 From India, Aizawl

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