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I am currently working in a HR Consulting firm as a Recruitment Consultant with exp of around 14 months (8 Months in HR ) & will be working in my current company till Dec’14 (bcuz of contract). now I am planning to go for MBA but m confuse between part-time mba (evening lectures) & Full time MBA. From sometime I have done some research on same topic.

My conclusion is:

1) We all know that for success we don’t need any degree, we can achieve all our targets by working hard & etc etc….but it looks good on paper only. Practically in today’s world no one give a shit to this thought process

2) MBA is worthy only if a individual completed his/her mba from top tier college/institute (again I am talking abt practically, I knw knowledge, experience, hardwork,excellence etc etc are more important)

3) Part-time MBA from top tier college- individual have around 5 yrs of experience+ MBA degree (But is it worthy ?? does corporate entertain this kind of peoples ???, yes they do

I would like to add that in my research I have interacted with some HR Heads, seen lot of cv’s of Senior people in HR (Exp of 10+ yrs). many of them wer from XLRI, IIM’s(very few). the list of Part-timers wer much more(Colleges like JBIMS,Welingkar,NMIMS). they wer earning gud amount of money & designation. The sector I was focusing was BFSI & Consulting, don’t want to mention company names but those companies includes, India biggest mutual fund company, Big-4’s, Rating agency etc.

So my point is that an individual can achieve der goals professionally , earn gud money without MBA degree from top tier college. (again lot of people will say its totally depend on individual to individual, der skills, knowledge etc & its totally right but we have to think practically also)

My conclusion may be not fully correct bcuz I just interacted with some people, done some surfing over internet, & even don’t have a good exp in corporate world.

So need everyone view on it, does corporate really entertain people without mba degree (Specially in HR), so I can decide what should I do full time MBA or part time mba.

I think i have 2 options

1 ) 2 yrs full time MBA from 2nd tier or 3rd tier college/institute anywhere in india (bcuz of fee structure & CAT,CMAT scores)


2) 3 yrs part time MBA from gud college-Mumbai (JBIMS,NMIMS, K.J Somaiya, Welingker )

So plz you people can guide me on this or anything additionally on this will be great help or may be some gud learning exp.

It went toooo long ryt ?? ;)



From India, Thane
Hi Kishor,
I m impressed with your view but you have choose what you think the best you can do, never loose your confidence that you can't get admission in IIMs or any reputed institute. It is better to do full-time MBA because nowadays many reputed companies take the MBA graduates from campus itself and so its a best option to get a high paid salary job in a reputed company without any circumstances. Only you have to focus on your target and keep hard work.

From India
Hi RD,

Thnx. & i think i got my answer that i should go for Full time MBA

But, lets keep my story aside & come to the title of this discussion “Does full time MBA from Top Tier colleges/institute is the only key for achieving professional goals”. Presently I think its true bcuz,

1) Corporate does not entertain MBA grads form 2nd tier clg (in some cases) & 3rd tier clg (yes der are some companies who does not give preference to degree or institute )

2) People from 3rd tier clg have to work with SME’s or smaller firm( by revenue, team size etc) & I believe smaller the firm, higher the learning & development of individual but what about monetary/salary ??

What actually happens I can describe in example :

Say for der guys A & B in Mumbai, want to be HR & both have interest in BFSI


1) Works hard for preparing CMAT, gets good score & takes admission in S.P JAIN (Top tier)

2) Gets placement at J.P Morgan with package of 12 L pa


1) Similar to “A”, he works hard for CMAT , get good score, but he cant make it to S.P JAIN bcuz he cant pay fees of Rs 10-15 lacs.

2) Gets admission in some 2nd tier or 3 rd tier clg, also gets placement at ICICI securities with package of 6 L pa (3rd tier clgs don’t have big companies in placement)

After working for 5 Yrs in der respective companies i.e J.P Morgan & ICICI sec, they goes for interview at Goldman Sachs.

What happens with “A”

1) Ohhhhh, You have done MBA from S.P Jain, great

2) Ohhhhh, you have 5 yrs of exp, great

3) Ohhhhh you handled this & this, you did this & this, excellent, perfect guy,

4) We ‘ll hire you, you gets so n so designation & 30% hike on your ctc (e.g 30% on 12 L pa)

What happens with “B”

1) Oh, you did mba frm dis “XYZ” clg (3rd tier)

2) Ohhhh, you have 5 yrs of exp, great

3) Ohhhhh you handled this & this, you did this & this, excellent, perfect guy

4) End of the story

Both guys are equal on degree, exp, domain knowledge but “A” gets hired bcuz of dat “S.P JAIN”

Lets say “B” also gets hired. & hiring manager says “We ‘ll hire you, you gets so n so designation & 30% hike on your ctc (i.e 30% on 6 L pa)

& this cycle of Hike goes on & “B” will never match the package of “A”…

Ofcourse “B” gets opportunity to work with “Goldman Sachs” once he had a dream to work with….but what abt package ?? now people will say he gets what he dreamed about & money is not all the things n all & it is completely true, 100 % true. money isn't everything but everything needs money

Lollll It went toooooooo long, :D

From India, Thane

Dear, I think either u reject from many companies due to MBA or lack of knowledge of law or U did apply in Big firm. Because if u do this, u will never say like this.
PN- I dont have MBA degree but i have experience and knowledge in HR so i get good package at the same time my colleges have MBA degree but not much more knowledge abt law so he get low salary then me. So only degree will not give big package, knowledge matter in that case.
If u hv MBA degree but u not familier with law then no one can hire u and big package.
Dont loose ur confidence and always try to learn new thing in HR.

From India, Mumbai

Hi Kishor
Well having worked with many MNCs and Having trained many MBA students across India I would like to let you know that you are right according to research. But when opting to study part time you have got to ask the following questions:
- Will my company be supportive
- Do I have the self discipline to study part time
- How efficient is the institute I am studying through
- Is my choice in alignment with my future goals
Ask yourself these questions and make a decision based on your observations about yourself.
You right that a qualification does not determine ones growth or success but in the absence of a qualification one must have raw , concentrated determination.

From India, Bangalore
Hi Arpan,

Thnx for ur valuable reply, i just on to say 4 things on ur reply.

1) No, I never got rejected due to MBA or lack of knowledge of law nor I applied in any Big firm bucz I never went for any interview as I am doing awesome work in my current firm (according to my senior’s) & if you read dis discussion from starting u will cum to knw wer I am working & in which role.

2) I am saying all dis things from my research, from my observation, interacting with HR people, some studies on current education system & corporate culture, Hike systems in corporate (I knw i have very less exp in industry & I may be wrong in understanding corporate culture)

3) As u said “If u hv MBA degree but u not familier with law then no one can hire u and big package” so again if u read dis discussion frm starting u’ll knw dat I have already stated the importance & value of domain knowledge,exp, etc, but prob is dat the many companies are giving more importance to degree (now dis thing I can mention with the names of the companies & with the Role/Designation, CTC, Degree, location etc )

4) Last but not the least, I have done some research on your profile as well :p I must say u have very gud exp in manufacturing industry (HR & Compliance Department )i.e 7 yrs & u r getting package of 3 L pa ;)

From India, Thane
Hi Jade, Thax alot for ur suggestions, I didn’t get the 1st point properly “Will my company be supportive” so can you please elaborate this point
From India, Thane

It is important that the company you are employed at when studying supports you in your effort. For example
- Are they willing to promote you to a better position post your studies
- Are they going to be flexible with you when you want to take a study leave
- Do they have bursary options ? Many companies give students an amount to their studies , this is done so that the company can retain the employees talent after studying,
It is great if a company supports you but what if a company doesn't support you? A non supportive company will not allow for any decrease in productivity and may not give you a better position once you qualify.
You need to be able to handle either situation and have a plan of action .

From India, Bangalore

Kishor, U want to say that 3 lac package is very less as per 7 yrs exp??? Pl replay... and u can do whatever u like because life is urs and u can do whatever u like.
From India, Mumbai
Hi Arpan,
What a reply dear....awesome suggestion :p
btw i am not saying it's less or more but if u r asking the same den, yes its tooo less but at the same time location & industry also matters& i think its normal with manufacturing industry @ vapi

From India, Thane
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