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I would like to know if there is any government regulation on office working hours. Recently I read that maximum hours in a week should be 48 hours as per Delhi S&E Act.
I don't know if it is applicable only for factories or for offices as well.
Please share some more information on this.

From India, Delhi
Dear RV, If you are working in office in delhi, you are covered under shops & establishment act.for furher details kindly go through delhi shops and establishment act Thanks & Regards C.M.Mohla
From India, Delhi
Kindly elaborate your query, whether you work in Delhi and whether your office comes under Factory Act or S&E Act. All act states the working hours, its normally 8 hours in a day and 48 hours in a week.
Please feel free to write to us if you need further assistance

From India, Ahmadabad
Dear All,
Thanks for your contribution.
This query is about office in Delhi. I have gone through the Delhi S&E Act, which says 48 hrs/week or in some cases of stock taking/account closing it can be extended up to 54 hrs.
Iam not clear if this rule is applicable for factories only or also applicable to all the offices/shops/establishments etc in Delhi.
Please clarify.
Iam working in company where official working hours are 54 hours (9 hours/day including 1/2 an hour for lunch) X 6 days/week.
But there is nothing given in writing, working hours are not mentioned in the offer letter but all the employees follow as practice.
I would be helpful if you please tell me if this is LEGALLY right or wrong.

From India, Delhi
Since your office is in Delhi, so as mentioned by you Delhi S&E Act will be applicable, wherein 48 working hour is applicable. If you are into Stores/Accounts where Stock Taking/Account Closing is required the working hours can be extended for further 6 working hours i.e. 54 working hours in a week. This rule is applicable for all establishments and shops registered in Delhi.
With regards to your company where the officials are working 9 hours a day i.e. 54 hours in a week, where the official sits as a practice but the company cannot compel you to do legally. But in private sector people tend not to go against the management so as to avoid loss of job.

From India, Ahmadabad
Dear Rajshree,
Just a pointer which may be useful to you when calculating hours of work, the period of interval/break is not counted.
Therefore when calculating formula is ( hours worked per day less period of interval) X 6 days
Most of our labour laws are applicable to workmen, and also generally depending on the designation & work profile - a few extended hours are generally seen in a growing career progression.
Warm Regards,
Deena Jagasia

From India, Mumbai
Dear All,
Thanks a lot for your contribution.
Like to clarify that working hours mentioned by me are mandatory for each employee, even 1 sec less results in salary deduction.
I understand that in pvt jobs when job demands, employee sit late at work by demand not by force or fear of loosing salary.
As per my understanding, working hours are inclusive of lunch break.
Co. has not given in writing about the working hours but made it compulsory to complete minimum 54 hours/week. The actual working hours go beyond 54 hours.
so just for knowledge and to be well informed, I like to know if it is LEGALLY right or wrong.
I shall be grateful if you share your opinion and throw some light on this topic.
Thanks-Rajshree Vohra

From India, Delhi
Working Hours are calculated exclusive of any interval, if your company is asking for 54 hours/week inclusive of one hour break is justified, but beyond it is not justified. As such company is not giving anything in writing, which indirectly states that the company is not forcing the employees to do work beyond the specified working hours. I hope you understood.
From India, Ahmadabad
you work 9 hours a day including half hour of lunch.
So you are working for 8 1/2 hours a day
x 6 days a week,
so that amounts to 51 hours a week.
Its half hour a day or 3 hours a week. not a great deal
I dont think it makes sense to make a big issue of 3 hours a week.

From India, Mumbai
Dear All,
Thanks so much for your valuable contribution. The matter is now clear about working hours & standard practice.
I like to know, if it is legally allowed to deduct salaries of employees on account of late coming (even by 1 minute) or due to any other reason, like failure to send daily report due to medical emergency etc or failing to finish given task in due time etc?
Thanks Rajshree

From India, Delhi

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