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Rathi Naik
I have query regarding Installation of attendance machine in our company. Our company strength is around 60 and it is a 40 years old company. To maintain attendance of workers we were using attendance cards. To make work easier and more systematically, management is planing to instal the attendance machine. My question is which attendance machine is appropriate for my company. whether biometric, punching card or etc...what are the advantages of that particular machine and disadvantage of it. Please help to find the suitable attendance machine and also of lesser cost one.
From India, Bangalore
Rathi Naik
At present attendance card is used to have workers attendance track. As it is old system and consumes a lot time to keep the track we are looking for some changes. Now in market there are various attendance machines are available which helps to simplify HR activities and make work more systematically. As I don't have much idea in usage and suitability of attendance machine please guide me. And also want to know about payroll software how it is connected to attendance machine and how does it works.
From India, Bangalore
EIN Tech
Go for Any Good Service Provider. Please make sure opting for product of low cost is not good idea. Go for people who understand your requirement and provide long term solution. Attendance System is service based product so only installing the same will not serve your purpose. you will need active service provider providing prompt service and customisation for a growing customisations or modifications mainly in software.
Basic Low cost devices come with a freeware which may not solve your purpose of good solutions. Because free-wares cannot be customised by low cost service providers because they offer product and not so quality service with long term perspective.

From India, Mumbai

Dear Rathi
Please type Biometric Attendance in the above "What do you Need?" Box and click on "Research" Button. You will get plenty of earlier posts on this subject. We have already discussed on the pros and cons of various biometric attendance system. The type of selection of Biometric Attendance system is fully depending on the work force involved in your industry.

From India, Kumbakonam

Hi Rathi Naik,
Installing an Access Control device is a good idea. And, you need to think about various aspects before installing.
-) You are saying your headcount is 60 (approx), then you don't need a Bio-Metric Reader, since it is costlier.
-) If the nature/ process of your company is very classifieds, then go for a Bio-Metric Reader, since confidentiality is more important that cost.
-) If you are making this reader for marking attendance only then, you don't need a reader installation. All you need to do is to make strict policies of timings.
Think in all possible ways and install, Rathi Naik.

From United States

Greetings Rathi,

In my opinion a biometric device will certainly reduce your workload. But you need to first list down your requirements before you start discussing with companies dealing with such devices.

a) The number of shifts operating in your company with the timings for each shift.

b) Do you have a flexi timing option or the shift timings are fixed.

c) What is the grace time you intend to give to each employee every day for shift reporting?

d) What is the cut off grace time beyond which the employee is considered late?

e) If he is considered late for work, what should the device do should it consider him absent or you will manually intervene and mark him present as the case may be.

f) If you are working in different shifts what is the frequency of shift rotation (Generally it is weekly). If so what is the pattern of shift rotation A shift to B shift, B Shift to C shift and C shift to A shift and so on.

g) If there is a shift change how are your employees going to intimate you and what is the manual intervention you propose to do

h) Do you intend to connect the attendance recorded to your payroll software?

i) Do you propose to enter leave data also in the software?

j) Do you propose to introduce the biometric attendance at all levels (Top management), if so upto what levely. If you want to exclude top management people, how will their attendance be recorded?

k) What are the reports you intend to generate from the software?

- Daily attendance report

- Daily late coming report

- Daily late sitting report

- Shift changes report

- Early in/ Early out report

- Loss of Pay report

- Extended Lunch report

- Absenteeism report ............................

l) Which of these you want to view in screen and those you would require a hard copy for authorisation purpose.

m) The number of locations you would require a reader to capture the finger prints. If the strength is less then one reader will suffice, but if the number of employees are more then you need to install more than one. The location of the reader must be free for employees and if there is crowding then it creates time delay in registering attendance.

Some reports are available in the software by default but may require some fine tuning while some reports have to be customised.

There are two elements in Biometric attendance devices. The cost of the device and the associated software. Clearly understand the cost implication and then propose to the Management.

Ask the service provider shortlisted by you to provide the device for one month for you to test it out. Generally companies agree to this.

After one month generate reports sought by you and then decide the matter. More importantly you need to educate your employees on registering the attendance on the device.


From India, Madras
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