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My query is regarding the working hours in a Manufacturing company. I am working as an Executive Assistant to the Director of XXX since 4 Months. Now the thing is, I am pretty much confused regarding the working hours. My company's HR Manual states that an Employee's day would be counted as COMPLETED when he completes atleast "8 Hours" from the time of Arrival. So the confusion is, what my real working hours are? Most of the employees come around 9-9:30 am and leave at 6-6:30 pm, so am I entitled to leave at 6'o clock? If I leave at 6 or 6:30, will my boss be offended? Please provide me with valuable suggestion.

From India, Mumbai
As per Factories Act, a worker shall not work for more than 48 hours in a week which comes to 8 hours per day.Therefore i do not find any thing wrong with the manual. I also do not find any thing wrong with people leaving at 6 or 6.30 p.m as they report for duty at 9 or 9.30 A.M.Thus they stay in the factory for a total of 9 hours which may be bifurcated as 8 hours of work and one hour of rest interval.Similarly you can also count 8 hours of work + one hour rest interval(total 9 hours) after you arrive for duty and decide at what time you can leave the factory.It is not that you can come at 10.A.M and leave at 6.00 P.M.along with those who report at 9.00 A.M.
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From India, Mumbai
Dinesh Divekar

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Dear Milan,

My views are different from the legal angle.  Mr Saikumar has given views on legal aspects. Now let me say something from a career point of view. Let me ask some basic questions like what is your age, what is the length of your experience and what is your qualification?

Why Executive Assistants are hired? How are they different from Office Secretaries? Have you given due thought to these two questions? If not, then let me help you in answering them.

Executive Assistants are hired to reduce the workload of the Directors. While Office Secretary does the mundane jobs of typing, maintaining office etc, he/she may not be competent enough to handle a high level of work of the Director. Ideally, this gap is filled by Executive Assistants. Are you doing a job of this kind where one requires knowledge of industry or knowledge of management science itself?

Most directors' transcends across the functions like Purchase, Finance, Marketing, HR etc. Obviously, they cannot restrict their work in the eight-hour work formula. Spillover beyond the specific working hours is obvious. Since Executive Assistants get exposure to the decision-making process of the highest level, they are expected to put up long working hours without grumbling. Since you have started questioning legal aspects of working hours, it appears that you are not finding much value in what you are doing. Now, this is your call on how to derive benefit from your position and improve your own decision-making capabilities. Will this varied exposure is not conducive to your growth? One fine day will it not help you to get into the shoes of Director?


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
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I also second Mr. Dinesh Divekar, it depends on the Job Profile you are handling, if it require responsibility then you cannot treat yourself like other staff who are engaged in the daily routine work. If required to complete a task/responsibility/work to engage yourself few hours more then you are supposed to, for which the company is paying a premium amount for the said post.
From India, Ahmadabad
vijayan Krishnan

Dear Milan
As Mr.Dinesh V Divekar rightly pointed out, your working hours totally depends on the work profile entrusted in you. Moreover, In this computer age no company requires any clock watching employee, as we have to be competent in the field. Once your boss is satisfied with your performance during initial stage, say the first one year, even your boss can be given you some relaxation in timings etc. For all these, you have to be more competent as you are working as an "Executive Assistant" to Director, which is not comparable with other employees.

I am very surprised at this question being posted on such a forum with the company name and everything. It would have been simpler for you to talk to your boss and know his preferences. The role of a Secretary and/EA is successful only when his/her skills/abilities are combined with ownership and commitment. Going by the law book is not the solution especially if you see it as a career.
From India, Bangalore
Dear collegeue
While I agree with all the above observations and suggestions, I stronlgy feel you have a different role to play in the organization compared to other office staff.
You are hired for a different purpose to share work load of Director and ensure his smooth role in the organization. Certain roles cannot have fixed work hours , though I sound unprofessional fromt he law point of view. Responsible roles job scope is something beyond normal scope
and expectations are very high, To meet these expectations you need to go an extra mile , then only you will be succesful in your career, hope you got the message ! happy working !!!
B.Dakshina Murty

From India, Hyderabad

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Dear Milan,
Your timing should be one hour before your boss arrive and half an hour after he leave. it should not be less then 9 hours.
you are working as senior professional not regular worker of company. be proud of it.make contribution with growth chart rather time limit chart.
Capt Rajeshwar Singh

From India, Thana
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