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I had completed 1.8 years, after that, I decided to change for new opportunities. I had ask HR to adjust 1 month's basic salary for one month's notice period, as specified in the notice letter. But my resignation is still not accepted saying that my supervisor had to accept this. But no such condition specified in the Offer letter. I had not joined office for 2 days during the notice period, so HR warned me that the notice period will again be recalculated and will take disciplinary action if failed to join the office the next day. But I really do not want to join the office to serve the notice period. Please help me?
From India, Hyderabad

Better attend office during notice period. If you want a smooth relieving from the Company, attend office, resolve issues, request and get a relieving letter. ego is not important at this stage. There is no point in talking about legality of not issuing acceptance letter at this stage. Some will say it is legal and some will say it is illegal. But, you will suffer . Many small companies act in this fashion and no point in discussing about the same. Attend office, request all concerned. satisfy their ego and get a letter of relieving . Join a new Company with peace.
If you do not want any relieving letter from them, and if you think you will be wasting your time and energy, then take a different route

From India, Chennai

As a HR always salary doesn't matter. which you offered him to adjust with the same month. They also try to perform their work in discipline. Today you will leave like this. soon other people will also do the same. obviously doesn't matter for you at this point because you are getting job might be or going to join the company soon after this. But this is the monetary responsibility you are fulfilling towards your company. what about work responsibility. Its very simple if you will move like this then it will be difficult to handle work in your sudden absence and also recruitment dept will also be in pressure. when they will suffer then its sure they will suffer you too. so better don't argue with them. try to settle issue softly and give proper handover to the authorized person and also request to HR about your new growth in carrier. I am sure he'll understand if you will give at least half period of your notice time and properly handover your all work. Don't try to absent in your notice period otherwise you'll be responsible for the results.
From India, Gurgaon

As Sivasankaran has said, let us get into the legalities at this point. Discuss with your employer and get proper relieving letter. You have put close to 2 years experience and proper experience / relieving letter is definitely needed. Do not fight with them to relieve you at the earliest. Go by the procedures.
Even if the new company where you plan to join doesn't insist on experience / relieving letter, still don't come out just like that from present employer.

From India, Madras
Thanks for the valuable suggestions. When I joined office, I was suggested to withdraw my resignation letter by my account manager. I had discussed the situation promptly but it was not being considered. Later I was suggested to discuss with HR for further processing. After meeting with HR, I came to know that I will be terminated for taking unauthorized leave during the notice period. Please help me if there is a possibility of getting any job in future without the experience and release letter. How could I convince the interviewers positively in this situation.
From India, Hyderabad

You haven't given some basic details.
1] Is this your First Job?
2] Do you have any Bond? If Yes, for what duration?
3] Why don't you want to serve the Notice Period? When you joined the Company, I am sure you would have been aware of this aspect.
4] It's surprising that you didn't SEEM to have discussed your resignation with your boss--any reason(s)?
5] You take umbrage in the fact that it wasn't mentioned in your Offer Letter that you need to take your boss's OK for the resignation to be processed by the Company. But you DON'T want to follow the other points/clauses in the very same Offer Letter--meaning you wish to be CHOOSY?
Unfortunately, things don't work this way in any company. Like Atul Khanna mentioned, what about your Work responsibilities? And also, what about the work ethics & the Company's interests?
Frankly, I think you have to blame YOURSELF for this situation. I can see only 2 options:
1] Talk to your Boss & HR to resolve the issue.
2] If not, take back your resignation & rejoin. Look for other opportunities--and next time you want to resign, better be more careful & PROFESSIONAL.
Also, since you have ~2 yrs exp, it will surely be tough for you to explain any lack of employment records later in your career--if not immediately, it COULD much later too, when it would be too late. Just use the 'Research' facility @ the top of this page--you will find dozens of postings of those who faced such problems.
All the Best.

From India, Hyderabad
Manoj Liyonzon

E-mail your resignation letter, requesting to relieve you with 1 month notice period & to accept it by acknowledging within 5 working days & failure of acknowledging will be considered implied. As well send the same as hard copy through registered post through post office. Definitely the company will reciprocate positively, if the notice period is 1 month as mentioned in your appointment letter or bond. if the company does not agrees even if notice period is 1 month, then the agreement between you & the company becomes void, & the company can be sued for creating mental agony to you.
From India, Chennai
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