Dear Cite HR Members, My organization is about to conduct a mega event by the end of this year where we I am supposed to give a presentation on "HR & Employee Engagement Plan" for the year 2014. I could use my company's mission, vision & core value statement and create one presentation accordingly. What i need is if any one of you could help me with a template then it would be really great. Could any one on you please help me on this?????
From India, Tiruchchirappalli

Hi Mohana, Before solving your query, I would like to know about the following things - 1. you want the ppt background template OR points need to be added template
From India, Delhi
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Mohana,

This is in addition to what Nipuna has asked. This "mega-event" is for your company employees only or for the general public? What is the nature of your industry? In how many locations your employees are spread? What is the employee strength? What is the level of attrition?

Anyway, you may include the following points in your presentation:

a) Whether you have conducted an engagement survey of any kind and findings of this survey? What factors comprise "employee engagement"? By the way, why was the need felt to conduct this survey? How do you distinguish between "engaged employee" and "not engaged employee"?

b) Whether there is any variation based on gender, designation, function (HR, Marketing, Finance, Purchase) etc as far as engagement is concerned?

c) Do you have any details of employee engagement in your industry? Where do you stand vis-a-vis the industry scenario?

d) Did employee engagement translate into a higher level of business performance? If yes, how?

e) Which employee engagement efforts failed? Which succeeded?

f) Are the "engaged" employees "committed" too? If yes, how do you say that?

g) What is the cost of employee engagement initiatives? Has ROI been measured on these activities? If yes, then what is ROI?

h) Did you take the help of any motivation theory to improve the "employee engagement"? If yes, then how?

Hope the above questions are more than sufficient.

All the best! Please come back after a couple of weeks or months and share your experience.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

dear mohana

god bless you

i am sending you some theoretical data . how to apply it to your organisation environment is your task

quote "Drivers of engagement[edit]

While it is possible to measure engagement itself through employee surveys, this does not assist in identifying areas for improvement within organisations. There are a range of factors, known as drivers, that are thought to increase overall engagement. By managing the drivers, an organisation can effectively manage engagement levels of its employees. Drivers such as communication, performance clarity and feedback, organisational culture, rewards and recognition, relationships with managers and peers, career development opportunities and knowledge of the organisation's goals and vision are some of the factors that facilitate employee engagement. Some points from the research are presented below:

* Employee perceptions of job importance - " employee's attitude toward the job's importance and the company had the greatest impact on loyalty and customer service than all other employee factors combined."[3]

* Employee clarity of job expectations - "If expectations are not clear and basic materials and equipment are not provided, negative emotions such as boredom or resentment may result, and the employee may then become focused on surviving more than thinking about how he can help the organization succeed."[7]

* Career advancement/improvement opportunities - "Plant supervisors and managers indicated that many plant improvements were being made outside the suggestion system, where employees initiated changes in order to reap the bonuses generated by the subsequent cost savings."[17]

* Regular feedback and dialogue with superiors - "Feedback is the key to giving employees a sense of where they’re going, but many organizations are remarkably bad at giving it."[7] "'What I really wanted to hear was 'Thanks. You did a good job.' But all my boss did was hand me a check.'"[12]

* Quality of working relationships with peers, superiors, and subordinates - "...if employees' relationship with their managers is fractured, then no amount of perks will persuade the employees to perform at top levels. Employee engagement is a direct reflection of how employees feel about their relationship with the boss."[16]

* Perceptions of the ethos and values of the organization - "'Inspiration and values' is the most important of the six drivers in our Engaged Performance model. Inspirational leadership is the ultimate perk. In its absence, [it] is unlikely to engage employees."/>

* Effective Internal Employee Communications - which convey a clear description of "what's going on". "'If you accept that employees want to be involved in what they are doing then this trend is clear (from small businesses to large global organisations). The effect of poor internal communications is seen as its most destructive in global organisations which suffer from employee annexation - where the head office in one country is buoyant (since they are closest to the action, know what is going on, and are heavily engaged) but its annexes (who are furthest away from the action and know little about what is happening) are dis-engaged. In the worst case, employee annexation can be very destructive when the head office attributes the annex's low engagement to its poor performance… when its poor performance is really due to its poor communications.

* Reward to engage - Look at employee benefits and acknowledge the role of incentives. "An incentive to reward good work is a tried and test way of boosting staff morale and enhancing engagement." There are a range of tactics you can employ to ensure your incentive scheme hits the mark with your workforce such as: Setting realistic targets, selecting the right rewards for your incentive programme, communicating the scheme effectively and frequently, have lots of winners and reward all achievers, encouraging sustained effort, present awards publicly and evaluate the incentive scheme regularly.[18] It further tends to improve the overall productivity unquote


dr ram.

From India, Indore

Hi Dinesh,
This Mega event is for our company alone and we are into recruiting industry(not a consultancy).
After i read your inputs i have so many questions in front of me and out of which i have answers for few. Let me find answers for the rest and frame a good presentation. Thank you so much for your inputs.

From India, Tiruchchirappalli

Hi Mohana, Before solving your query, I would like to know about the following things - 1. you want the ppt background template OR points need to be added template attribution
From Maldives, Male

You must suggest/implement some kind of engagement activities. These may include training & development oppurtunities to employees, long service awards, celebrating birthdays/sucess in organization etc.
The activities planned should connect with the emotions of employees.

From Pakistan, Lahore

Dear Sir,
You may include the following points in your presentation-
1-Atrition Rate of your recruitment.
2- Types of Level/Position for which you recruit.
3- Mini.& Max. Salary Package
4- Methods used in the process.
5- Your Client Information
Best Of Luck!!!!
Warm Regards
Salabh Kumar

From India, Haridwar
Dear Member,
Apart from content try to add some pictorial presentation linked to the topics which would help your employees to grasp your points more easily and remember for a long period and your hard work would also pay well.

From India, Hyderabad
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