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We have an employee who's serving his notice period and his last day is going to be in next 2 weeks.
His manager has nominated him for a Star of the month award (a monthly award that we give the best performer in that department).
My question is should we be giving an award to someone who has performed well in that month, but will be leaving us shortly or should we use the slot for another person who is going to be with the company?
HR folks - your comments please.
Dear Vachana
As per my suggestion , should go for another person, as the person who is been nominated for the award is about to leave the organisation and it will make no sense in awarding him.
Atleast let the other employee is awarded and motivated .
Reward and Recognition (R & R) are given mainly for motivating and retaining the employees.
Hope you got the point and be clear when discussed with concern HOD.
B.Anand Kumar
I take a diametrically opposite view to that of Anand Kumar. If the employee has performed that has resulted in the best result the employee should be given the award, even if the employee has resigned and working the notice period. Otherwise, it sends a wrong signal to others that once they resign, they should not give their best. If I were working in that place and the best performer was awarded the honour, I would not be upset.
Dear Simhan
Agree with your views but Reward and Recognition (R & R) are given mainly for motivating and retaining the employees.
It will not give any wrong signals to the employees b'cos it's decided by the HOD of the concern department, committee and HR.
unless it was declared and then was backoff , it would have send bad signals to other employees. It's just nominated.
As per my strong guts feeling , should give to other person and retain.
Thanks Simhan for your view and feedback.
B.Anand Kumar
Dear Vachana,
I would definitely go with Mr. Simhan. If the employee has performed well and his manager, who is much aware that the same employee would be leaving within 2 weeks has recommended, you shall announce him as "Star of the Month". This would surely bring in a healthy atmosphere. Who knows, even that employee would pull back his resignation ;)
I wish Vachana had given us more information about how the system works in her organization. Please see http://www.cov.com/files/Publication...09/oid6366.pdf
There should be a company policy to the effect of not giving awards to people who resign; in such a case the manager would not have nominated. But once he has nominated, not honouring it will send wrong signals to both the workers and managers. I am not a HR expert, but that's my view as a lay man.
Hello Vachanam,
Seniors have already post their views and I would like to add mine
The concept of recognition program is to award employees who demonstrate a high level of job performance for that month.
The employee has resigned but will remain the employee till his last working day. If he/she has demonstrated star performer then there is no reason not to recognize.
If he/she wins the award during his departure it may be an honor for him/her. This will show how much a resigned employee mater to the company and he/she may think of association in future.
Selection procedure should be fair and may help in retention. You should refer to your company policy.
Hi Vachana,
I am sure we are going to confuse you a bit. But here's my view, and second Anand's thoughts.
You also mentioned that there are other performers as well like the one who was nominated. So, I guess surely they must be chosen over the person who is serving notice period.
Values and ethics are very critical in retention . Policies and practices concerning awards and rewards must reflect the ethical standards of an organization. If the Company policy is silent about giving the award to a resigned employee, then it must be presumed all employees are eligible and the resigned employee must get the award.
There need not be any confusion. I endorse the views of Mr.Simhan and Sivasankaran. The award is given in recognition of some one's performance.Then it should be given to an employee who performed as per the set standards irrespective of the fact that he is leaving. When an employee has been nominated for the award, it goes without saying that he was the only one among others who performed better and deserves the award.If the award is given to some one it has two implications.1) one is that the award is given to some one who performed less.2) the award is given more for showing loyalty than for performance and consequently the award changes it's charecter in the estimation of other employees.It sends bad signals.

An award is given to recognize the sterling achievement of an employee and a recognition of his loyalty and continued stay in the company. As there will be equally other people who have delivered quality service, it is only reasonable and the right thing to do to award this to the latter.
Hope this helps.
Hi, I would say go with the truth and truth is that person has performed well. He should be awarded as per company policy. Regards Rakesh
I would like to differ slightly from various views. 1) R&R is for recognition, reward and retain the staff. 2) Policies are incomplete in this and that should be rectified and notified 3) The staff leaves an organisation unless for his / her personal issues, due to companies policies and rewards are not satisfactory in comparison to other places where one opt to be joining 4) Many orgnisations take revenge if the real cause is exposed. So whether the employee leaves or not and if his HOD is convinced of him being the best during his work, he should be awarded with the reward. And the company should check with an open mind why he is leaving. Then if the company can absorb him should do so or should allow him to leave peacefully. Finally the company in that case should review their policies and fine tune them to be a best organisation.
Sasidharan Kunnath
I could almost take an headcount on this thread and find the side that is winning!
Its been interesting to note , that even during an R&R, what do we end up valuing , performance or loyalty?
By all means give the award to the deserving employee, irrespective of his tenure in the firm. He might have resigned, but delivered to deserve the award, long before that.
He is your ambassador to the external talent pool. Hence , please do the justice and give him his dues.
Wish you all the best
Well, if you just focused to the company you are working then you can't think of awarding a person who is going to leave even if he did the best of ever job in and for your company. But, if you think genuinely and professionally that if an employee has performed extraordinary and the top performer of the company then you can not hide it form other employees and suppose he has resigned and serving the notice period and just because of that you award someone else. It will sure create a bad image for the company among all the employees including the top performer who deserve the award but not get awarded.
So, better to be broad minded, genuine and award the deserved person. It will sure add positivity to all your employees for the company and the employee who is leaving will sure proud to work for your company and praise it always and remember his / tenure for the company with a good feeling.
I second views expressed by Mr. Simhan.
Performance related reward is being given for best performance of the employee. If an employee's performance is rewarding and contributory in nature, he / she should be rewarded as a recognition. It will always be taken positively.
In spite of putting one's resignation and efforts were put to contribute successfully, this particular state of mind is being recognised by the employer. Not that once you put your paper, then starts thinking negatively, spreads unproductive signal all across, etc. is not what is expected from any employee.
Employee will leave organisation as per his / her priorities, but that does not mean his / her contribution should not be recognised. Any logically thinking person will, for sure, appreciate organisation's effort to recognise efforts of its employees whether working continuously or on the verge of leaving organisation.
Dear Vachna,
You have mentioned in your post that this "Star of the month" award is - "a monthly award that we give the best performer in that department" ,
It makes it clear that the award is meant for the one who has preformed above all in the past month. So as per this criteria only The BEST performer deserves the award, no matter if he/she is leaving the organization or not. Dont we see prestigious awards being given even posthumously?
Dont deprive the outgoing employee of a well deserved award ! As an alternate you can award another consolation prize to the second best performer. This will create a sense of satisfaction & belief in the minds of employees that in no case their performance is going to be deprived of the acclaim & awards that they rightly deserve.
With regards
Samuel C Prasad
This has been a really brain storming subject. Even I had the same doubt now am clear.
The star of the month award/reward is given for the employees performance during that particular month.
Inspite of the employee being in his/her notice period has shown positive results and performed well than others, definitely he/she should be recognised for his performance.
Hi Vachana,
I totally support the views expressed Sh B.Saikumar. He has nicely explained the implications for debarring the employee for the reasons that he is leaving the company.He must have been nominated for the Star of the month award because he has performed well in that particular month. You should understand that award is linked to one's performance and not to the person. As such he really deserves the Star of the month award irrespective of the fact that he has served notice period on company.
BS Kalsi
Member since Aug 2011
Hi Vachana,

I got in a little late, however, I saw and must appreciate the views expressed - both for and against, and it is heartening to note there are more.

I'll add my penny to this thread :

Awards are for Character and Competence, awards are for Performances.

You may have people with Character but not Competence, and vice versa too people with Competence without Character, however both can be good performers, and some my be both Competent and good Characters too.

Now taking this case is which of the Award and Resignation.

Let me link this to Character - the company should have and maintain its Character and reward the employee who has proven his Competence. It is for something the company derived when he/she was there. It's an honor and once bestowed it's not honorable to go back, so the award should be given, if you can do it with more dignity than normal. It'll earn more respect from the one leaving the company and will serve as a booster to the others that "fairness" prevails. Any good will earned is a "bonus" so you must go ahead..
Dear Vachana,
When anyone works in an organization it devotes his time, work, knowledge & all that things which is helpful for improving & achieving organizational goal. In your case the employee actually nominated though he actually resigned from service. It indicates he is actually very good & sincere in his job. So, awarding such person show our good faith & respect to employees cause improving organizational image also.

With Regards,
Vineet Deshmukh
Hi All !

Just got in here and thought I'd stir this up a bit :-)

As I understand the Employee was nominated by his HOD. Not clear whether such nomination has been publicly declared or if it is pending with HR for final adjudication. Also not clear if HR has a say at all in such matters.

If declaration still pending and HR has a say, then isn't loyalty also a factor in determining the " Best Performer " . And if he has already demonstrated a lapse on that for " Greener Pastures " isn't that, by itself, a disqualification ?

If, inspite of the Employee leaving he is awarded the " Best Performer " what is weightage you are giving to loyalty ? None, IMHO. Besides :

- An opportunity to motivate the loyal workers who are staying on is lost.

- A signal goes out that loyalty is not a factor at all.

- Indeed one gives out a signal that maybe the award was given under a pressure to retain. And if so, would most probably fail , as most retention efforts after a resignation do.

IMHO, the efforts to retain should be made before the employee resigns, and within the constraints of the Organization. Not later. And if the HR is sensing an employee is looking out and cannot be retained, it is better to keep a talent pipe ready.

While it is nice to be " fair " , business imperatives - which is the raison d'etre for the Organization and the HR Deptt itself, should not be forgotten. Else all organizations will become non-profit making ones :-)

OTOH, if the nomination has been publicly declared then :

- HR should seriously introspect as to their role in such a structure where they had no say , and, if supported by the Top Management, amend all relevant policies for the future.

- Make clear to the Organization that Loyalty will be a deciding factor in the future, and will be factored in. And this is the lesson that they have learnt. No wrong signals should go out even if it means HR owing up and rectifying the award mechanism. HR is also human, after all.

Of course the possibility still exists that the Employee would use this Award itself to demonstrate his " worth" to future employers and would still move , maybe shortly thereafter. But that possibility exists in all cases - uncertainty is the fun part of being alive , isn't it :-))

Just my views..


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Dear All,
Let me also add something to this ever growing thread :-)
R & R is no doubt a retention and motivation tool but it not only that tool, it has many other implications, as well.
However, by not giving such award to someone who is serving notice period will send many wrong signals to other employees
1. The others leaving company will start treating notice period as a period of no work.
2. You are not interested in taking back your ex employees, as and when, such situation arises.
3. You take resignations personally by not giving your employees; employee status during notice period.
4. You totally negate the concept that your HoD actually may be trying to retain this particular employee, albeit, with little chances of success but you never know.
Agree with Saikumar. We should appriciate this emloyee, that he has given 100% though in notice period, which is a rarity now-a-days.
Dear All,
My piece of thought to this 3 page thread.
Employee Rewards and Recognition serves as motivating and rewarding program to highlight the excellence of employees in all areas and job functions across the organization.
In this case, the resigned employee should be awarded which makes him move out with an intention to come back at a later point of time and also "word of mouth" from him that spreads is good about the company.
Also, the organization can have Annual R & R where Loyalty can be recognized and awarded to those employees who are loyal to the organization.
Thanks & regards
Nagaranjani J
Dear Friends, Mr. Sai Kumar is saying correct. No other issues. We have see the both the implications. Regards, PBS KUMAR
Team Group HR has brought to the fore an advantage or opportunity of winning back an employee with potential who leaves by giving him the credit that is due to him despite he being on the notice period. A miffed employee probably will not return. A learning, growing and proactive organisation does not believe in the dictum that 'once left- always left' and shall in fact keep it's doors open to it's ex-employees more so with potential to come back to them.Gestures like this and the exit interviews will surely facilitate such reunions which may work for mutual benfit and profit.
HR & Labour law advisor

Hi All,
Performance & reward management system is implemented to achieve set target for organizational growth. In this system Management , Managers are playing key role in planning & implementation of system. Once Manager monitors employee performance & gives his feedback about employee even though employee is not with company after next 2 week & find him deserve for this reward that means Manger is performing his role properly then why not HR. HR is driving organization for getting work done with such policies. Until employee is working for organization with his full dedication he deserves reward. If employee thinks in opposite way like why should I perform & give the best for organization which he is leaving soon then how Manager reach target & give best ? So Giving Award to employee is even if he is under notice period is good for organizational health.
I am totally agree with Mr. Nashbramhall views!!!!
If the company gave the award to the employee who were best in the department whether he/she is resigned or not!!!
If company do the same then employees satisfaction level can go high because they might think that company also gave the best result otherwise it sends a wrong signal to others that once they resign, they should not give their best!!!!
Dipal Shah
You are right at your point..but keep your self at both the end, if the new person gets the aword it will be benefited to that same person but if the company awarded the resign employee it gives a great honour to that employee and the also to the company...other will feel so proud about the company where they are working in future more employees will come front as an achiever....( employees will thing 100 times before living the organization) that they are working in the best of the best organization.
Hi Sandeep
Thanks for your feedback and do agree with you, but still strongly stand with view which I stated at the beginning.
Some people have given good and excellent views regarding the thread..
Self have totally different view about it but never the less . thanks for sharing yor views sandeep.
Vachana, its a good practice consider this seems should be the reward for the service what he provides to the establishment during his tenure .
Don't worry be happy.
Thanks & Regards,
Sumit Kumar Saxena
Hi Everyone Concerned in this discussion,
It is better to award that resigned employee as it will give a positive impact to other employees & they will feel good for the management of the organization, that even a resigned employee is being awarded as the management very well knows that the concerned employee is certainly going to leave the organisation. On the other hand the concerned employee is surely an asset of the organization. Who knows that the decision of resignation may be changed?
Thanks & Regards
Shibabrata Das
Manager - HR
Go with the guy who has performed cause his contribution have impact the companies revenues the most ....... if the guy is leaving so be it ..... it would be great gesture and u never know he would come back and join the company ..call it employee retention ;)
Hi Guys,
This thread is growing!!
HR of this company is thinking that this guy is going why reward him? But thee employee never thought so. He gave 100% and worded hard even after resigning!!!
Company should have shown more magnanimity...!!?
Have a Great week end!!
Best Regards,
The award is given in recognition of some one's performance.There are two examples when i awarded even ex employee and really that works.... The talent joined back. Just awarding to another employee even some body do not deserve it may start a claiming attitude...I appreciate the Mangers decision who decide to recommend this. why gallantry & civil awards are given to retired or even ex peoples of country. The employee is people of that respective organization.
hi, my views for the employees who is serving notice period because he wont get chance again and it will show company loyalty toward employees may be in future he can back good notessss
Hello Senior Member
I am new to this forum, I want to know about the Return which have to file under Contact Labour Act 1970.
and complete details of Registers is necessary for Contractor and Principal employer
Hello Senior Member
I am new to this forum, I want to know about the Return which have to file under Contact Labour Act 1970. ( For Gujarat Region )
and complete details of Registers is necessary for Contractor and Principal employer
Hi all !

Firstly, to my mind - many comments on this thread - including mine - hold only if the Reward is NOT public yet , HR has a clear say and values loyalty.

Hence, to reiterate, as already said in my earlier post, the following has to be factored in :

a) Is Loyalty a parameter , either explicit or implicit ?

b) Does HR have a say in such matters and if so, does HR value Loyalty - it seems it does, else we will not be having this discussion :-)

c) And , to reiterate yet again, Has the Reward been publicly declared or is it still under consideration , with the HOD just recommending the worker confidentially to HR for consideration.

If the award has been publicly declared then, as already said by me and many others, HR has NO option except to follow through, learn and make future policies accordingly.

I have already indicated my reasoning for not giving the Reward to the resigning employee.

The counter objections seem to be :

a) Be fair and Reward the “ best performer” : Without knowing how the parameters were structured one cannot comment.

If this award is on clearly defined parameters, publicly declared and well known to all then again there is really no argument since it obviously can not be contested. Only thing HR can do is learn from this and , if loyalty ( either past or future ) is a parameter, perhaps introduce in some fashion for the future . Indeed it can be an explicit retention tool - anyone who gets the award has to serve at least for the next three months, for example ?

BUT, it seems this is based solely on the HOD's recommendation. Not sure if one can call it an " Objective " recommendation . Is it possible that the HOD himself is biased , and hoping that the award will serve as the " retention carrot " ?

b) Use Rewards as a Retention tool for this worker

As I said before , unless the issue was addressed much earlier, trying to retain an employee AFTER he has resigned is fraught with perils. For BOTH the Organization as well as the Worker. Examples and research abound on this and one can have a separate thread on this. Suffice to say that the basic issues for which the worker seeks other avenues - better company, working environ, greater responsibilities and future growth avenues, better boss and better / much better salary will not go away just by a Reward for a month's performance- unless the Reward itself addresses such issues which seems remote :-)

And to my mind, it would be a rather immature worker who stays back just because he got a Reward for last month performance..

I am NOT saying people are not retained. They are. But unless the retention covers all the above, it is bound to be a short term one. I am sure all HR folks have come up with the dragon of offers and counter offers. And the resentment across the board that it creates, whether it succeeds or not.

c) This worker will leave with " Good feelings " and may come back again

For sure a possibility. But I would have thought " Farewell functions " and a prompt settlement of dues could equally cover that :-)

Fact is, the Worker is leaving since the offer he has is the best for him at this moment in time. All those calculations have already been done by him before he resigned.

And he will come back only if what you offer him - at that time - is the best for him.

d) This will be an example of the " fair practices " the Company follows which will motivate everyone to keep on giving their best even during the Notice Period

This depends upon the level and the work being performed. Perhaps such motivation will hold for mainly routine , transactional work. But as one goes up the ladder, in critical roles this period is used for " handover " as much as possible, since the " best " is now clearly suspect. Indeed we know of many cases where the Management by itself doesn't involve such worker in any further operational matters

e) Others will “ feel good “ about the Organization and so work with that much more commitment

OTOH will not most of workers see it as an obvious retention attempt - even if it is not meant to be ? The connection is too proximate to be ignored. And once it fails- as it most probably will - the HR will get the flack , while the HOD will be the “ White Knight “ who did his best but what to do, HR is not agreeing … etc…

In fact, to my mind, it is the HOD who needs counseling here most of all. First, he could not recognize and appreciate a best performing worker in time. Then , when that worker puts in his papers he recommends him for an award to HR without appreciating for himself that loyalty is also a factor, which he should have.

Just my thoughts….
I also agree with B saikumar , because the trust & loyalty is justified by the employer side and shows the transparency of Employer or company and it would be create a great value in other existing employees that company is focusing on their performance without any partiality.
Yeah it purely depends on the companies policies and the nature of the HR manager or the reporting manager, there are cases wherein managers have included their personal feelings and given awards and recognitions to employees based on love, friendship, hatred, fear, etc...

I joined one MNC ltd co as HR asst for a contract period of one year @ Rs.5K pm and had a really good time with the company but since the company could not increase my salary after one year i decided to move on and had a nice relieving, my manager was very supportive and guided me as a mentor. Then after I left the company some 7-8 months after I received a call from my friend who worked in the company in admin and lived near my house, he mentioned that he will come and deliver the cheque to my house. The cheque was for bonus of employee for past year, all employees used to get past years bonus in next year, if the manager or company they would very well have stopped my bonus since I was no longer working with them and could not ask them.

But it is all a part of the policies and procedures, and depends on person to person. The bonus amount was more than my monthly salary, this did not just made me happy but increased the goodwill of the company.

We as Managers, are only expected to follow the rules of the company, if the company sets criteria as hardwork and dedication then we should follow it and as per our individual company policies take decisions.
Hi Vachana,
My Suggestion would be , that the award should be given , as an appreaciation to the employee that even in his notice period he has done well and the company appreciates that , The employee will carry a good image of the organisation before leaving.
Dear Vachana
1) Follow your policy (if not then make it).
2) The R & R (Rewards & Recognition) Awards are given to motivate the employees, to retain them which motivates them to show their Loyalty
So, if in my view an employee who is showing loyalty to the org. & can set as example to the other present employees should me Awarded.
Hi Vachana,
I agree with Abhinav and others, R & R is for retaining & motivating employees.
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The guy service notice period should not be considered for the award. For the simple reason, people love to imitiate role models.
Dear I am totally with him, looking for future motivation and culture in your organization, you should plan it for another person
Talk to you department manager and give him reason.
If you do this, you will find another motivated person, it will help ful toyou for retain as well.
Hope you agree with me.

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