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We have an employee who's serving his notice period and his last day is going to be in next 2 weeks.
His manager has nominated him for a Star of the month award (a monthly award that we give the best performer in that department).
My question is should we be giving an award to someone who has performed well in that month, but will be leaving us shortly or should we use the slot for another person who is going to be with the company?
HR folks - your comments please.

From India, Bangalore
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Dear Vachana
As per my suggestion , should go for another person, as the person who is been nominated for the award is about to leave the organisation and it will make no sense in awarding him.
Atleast let the other employee is awarded and motivated .
Reward and Recognition (R & R) are given mainly for motivating and retaining the employees.
Hope you got the point and be clear when discussed with concern HOD.
B.Anand Kumar

From United Kingdom, London

I take a diametrically opposite view to that of Anand Kumar. If the employee has performed that has resulted in the best result the employee should be given the award, even if the employee has resigned and working the notice period. Otherwise, it sends a wrong signal to others that once they resign, they should not give their best. If I were working in that place and the best performer was awarded the honour, I would not be upset.
From United Kingdom

Dear Simhan
Agree with your views but Reward and Recognition (R & R) are given mainly for motivating and retaining the employees.
It will not give any wrong signals to the employees b'cos it's decided by the HOD of the concern department, committee and HR.
unless it was declared and then was backoff , it would have send bad signals to other employees. It's just nominated.
As per my strong guts feeling , should give to other person and retain.
Thanks Simhan for your view and feedback.
B.Anand Kumar

From United Kingdom, London

Dear Vachana,
I would definitely go with Mr. Simhan. If the employee has performed well and his manager, who is much aware that the same employee would be leaving within 2 weeks has recommended, you shall announce him as "Star of the Month". This would surely bring in a healthy atmosphere. Who knows, even that employee would pull back his resignation ;)

From India, Bangalore

I wish Vachana had given us more information about how the system works in her organization. Please see
There should be a company policy to the effect of not giving awards to people who resign; in such a case the manager would not have nominated. But once he has nominated, not honouring it will send wrong signals to both the workers and managers. I am not a HR expert, but that's my view as a lay man.

From United Kingdom

Hello Vachanam,
Seniors have already post their views and I would like to add mine
The concept of recognition program is to award employees who demonstrate a high level of job performance for that month.
The employee has resigned but will remain the employee till his last working day. If he/she has demonstrated star performer then there is no reason not to recognize.
If he/she wins the award during his departure it may be an honor for him/her. This will show how much a resigned employee mater to the company and he/she may think of association in future.
Selection procedure should be fair and may help in retention. You should refer to your company policy.

From India, Bhubaneswar

Hi Vachana,
I am sure we are going to confuse you a bit. But here's my view, and second Anand's thoughts.
You also mentioned that there are other performers as well like the one who was nominated. So, I guess surely they must be chosen over the person who is serving notice period.

From Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

Values and ethics are very critical in retention . Policies and practices concerning awards and rewards must reflect the ethical standards of an organization. If the Company policy is silent about giving the award to a resigned employee, then it must be presumed all employees are eligible and the resigned employee must get the award.
From India, Chennai

There need not be any confusion. I endorse the views of Mr.Simhan and Sivasankaran. The award is given in recognition of some one's performance.Then it should be given to an employee who performed as per the set standards irrespective of the fact that he is leaving. When an employee has been nominated for the award, it goes without saying that he was the only one among others who performed better and deserves the award.If the award is given to some one it has two implications.1) one is that the award is given to some one who performed less.2) the award is given more for showing loyalty than for performance and consequently the award changes it's charecter in the estimation of other employees.It sends bad signals.

From India, Mumbai
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