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Hi.. I am posting this query in real frustration. I know i have been a little irregular to the office, my leave and logins are not accurate or call it professional.

But that is again due to demotivation factors where I was hired saying a different profile and was forced to land in different one. I have been repeatedly discussing this with the management and finally though to release me from the project so that I can search for any other project with in the company that could be of my career aspirations.

Later they stopped my release saying there are no current openings for the aspirations you have but you can move when ever you find one. Nothing in written and that too they dragged it to the last day of my said movement date and finally said it isn't possible.

And now my appraisal, it is the most horrible appraisal of my career till date. By the means of this appraisal now I cannot move out of the project for another year and will have a salary reduction and also will not be eligible for any promotions for at-least another 4 years.

I am really confused as to what should I do, I have rejected the appraisal but the discussion isn't going any good. I have put in a lot of efforts for the accurate and timely processing in the progress of the project but yet it is all shadowed for them just coz of leaves. And they giving me unnecessary gyan on the "bell curve/rationalisation" and are saying there is nothing in there hands.

Please help me come out of this curse and shape my career. I know I can resign and move to another company but doing that with such an appraisal will also have disadvantages for me.

1. I will have to apply in other companies with reduced CTC

2. I cannot specify or describe my career path or progress

3. I will have to serve a 3 months notice, which will help these people (My Current Employer) with the major year activity to processed in my hands. Where no other employee is currently capable of handling. Which is also a very stressed and hectic work. Where one will be required to work extended work hours and take the blame for even the minutes of error.

4. Over all this its a huge risk getting a right job with other company. With this kind of a background.

I am really stressed on this matter and tensed. This looks like the end of road for my career I really seek some serious advise.

PS: I have no faith in the HR of the Firm as to my experience here they HR only nods the head with the project management and provides no resolution. I am saying this as I had earlier brought this to the HR and saw no resolution.

Please provide some serious advise as to what shall I be doing in this current situation.



From India, Bangalore

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Although I can empathize with your situation but absconding is no solution. You may get blacklisted in NASSCOM( I assume you belong to IT sector by the kind of work you mentioned)
Resign and serve the notice period. This will give you time to find a new job, also prioritize what is your need - Profile or money.
You are not the only one in such scenario. Take a deep breadth. You need not always fight to win. You never know this could a beginning of a new career.
Act now !!

From India, Mumbai
Hello Shaik,

Before I can go further with your query -

1. Rationalizing the appraisal results / forced bell curve is a common practice in many firms.

2. Resignation around appraisals is a very common practice (both - before and after appraisals for obvious reasons.)

This is included in the performance appraisal thing. How timely you are.... I have read further about your reasons of coming in late, but that is answered below.... For now, I wish to answer you that if you are relaxing your working hours and/or productivity, the appraisal results would be low, that is something that you would and should know.

Can you be clear on this? What profile where you hired for and what have they given you?

Another thing, were you told by them about the roles and responsibilities you will handle when you join the company or are you just assuming it for yourself because of the kind of designation they must have offered you?

I asked you this because many times, because of many such personal experiences shared below:

When I put up a job posting for some position (say Marketing Executive) I always elaborate on the roles that one would have to assume once they'd be hired (which is more of Sales).

I do know the difference between Sales and Marketing however ours is a SMB and they give marketing designation to even sales people.

Now the people just sees title Marketing executive and apply without going through the detailed job role and then when I call them they tell me no its a sale's job. Ofcourse it's a sales job and so I had already mentioned the details of job role. If you considered to overlook the details, that's not my fault, right?

Secondly, even if hr don't mention, a candidate should ask for the JD atleast when we go for interview.

If the job role was communicated to you and then you were offered a different role, what you did - following up to transfer you to different project - is right.

Now after reading your 1st sentence uptil here, do you mean to say this -

1. You were hired for X position but are made to for for Y position

2. Inspite of you requesting and following up for a change, they didn't oblige with it.

3. As a result you were demotivated (or frustrated or whatever) and you started coming late and relaxed your time and performance.

4. As a result your appraisal result was low.

Is this written in your appraisal? How you deduced that?

What do you wish to do?

Once the appraisal results are out, I do not think there would be any changes.

You do not wish to work for your current employer (because your are demotivated since they gave you a different profile; bad appraisal; etc etc.0

You don't want to apply to new companies as they might give you low ctc.

Somewhere you should be open to take risk.

If the only reason for your demotivation and low performance is change of profile and your employer not willing to switch it, change the job, don't think much.

End of my career...

Don't you think its an over-stretched statement.

You career may not be ending. Sure there's a turn but you need to understand your priorities and interests and accordingly take decision.

I do not know what made you say HR is modding with the management.

Even if they're doing I think only you have experienced where the shoe is pinching.

If you are unhappy (only because of your project change)

take a risk and change the job.

However if you want a better pay, as well as a project of your desire, as well as think of good appraisals without the bell-curve gyaan, and perhaps flexi time...

I think it's too much to have all at once.

Prioritise and decide the criteria for new job hunt.

From India, Mumbai
One sentence response, "please change your job , asap." However, I request you to not do the same and hold on for a while.

All your experience is about, what wasn't right. Have you figured out what exactly would be right for you ? What if you move into a new role with a different combination of offerings and lose your motivation, yet again ?

How about understanding why did these circumstances push you, so that you can pick the right option, in future? Suppose , what is so quintessential for you, for which you can let everything else go ? Such as, If a role in your dream project requires you to take a pay cut or work with a small and almost unknown firm, how long would you be happy and continue in the role ?

Please create a dream role for your self and then test how many ways can you push your limits only to be on that job.

This experience have come to you for a reason. What are your best takeaways from here ?

You have to serve a notice period for 3 months. Its an enough time for you to find a job. Stop worrying about the pay-cut. Slowdown had done it to many top performers, hence can't categorise anyone , just because of that. The new employer who will hire you, will do so for the valued service offerings. Get yourself strong there. You will eventually earn a lot more, when the employer finds the return from you as a billable talent, very high.

Now take a look at the current job.

Take three months to make your self completely unconditional at work. You no longer seek any rating nor hike. No blame-game affects you, as your days are numbered at the organisation. Long hours , without any human treatment , you have already survived it, repeatedly. Yes, its makes you a 'burn-out' . Congrats, you have already figured your limits. It can now only make you tougher and tell you what rejuvenates you the most. The work you need to deliver, let it be your best. Not to punish your employer , but only to get better.

Lets be 'philosophic' to acknowledge a point, that bad things happen to us , only to let us know what exactly is good. No situation or people can be polarised. There are different combinations of factors. What makes something good, are the same reasons what we couldn't substitute.

Wish you all the best! You have a great future ahead, where you will rightly know why what works for you, irrespective of what the situation offers. Stay blessed!

From India, Mumbai

Dear Shaik
Please approach your immediate in charge and ask him the reason for reduced appraisal. If he is telling that he has given you correct rating then escalate the level and ask them about your appraisal and request them where you are lagging in performance or in discipline or in attitude or in productivity. Please ask politely and if they inform the same then you can develop yourself, so that you can get better appraisal in forthcoming years. (This is what I did when my appraisal was low)
Improve yourself and show them your efficiency, dedication & sincerity and win their heart alongwith your appraisal ratings.

From India, Kumbakonam
Hi Ankita.

Thank you for your feed back,

When I joined with the firm (One of the reputed IT gaints) I was said a HR position and they pushed me into HR operations (BPO). Even when I was on production floor they where unable to decide, which profile should I be adjusted for. They took 3 weeks to decide on this and later moved me to Benefits & Compensation.

As this was a New learning I initially pulled up my socks and took thinks as a challenge but I was sitting here as a complete fresher which later started discouraging me and I spoke with the management saying I wasn't hired for this profile and neither is my past experience in line with the profile I am working for. From a Client Coordinator to Payroll executive. They gave me the company policy for no one can move for any other profile unless they complete a period of 18 months in the same process and also started giving me gyan saying not every one will get there desired jobs. The question is why do you hire people with different expectations.

But this never dropped my performance.. it was only the attendance and login hours later on. Infact, have handled many things very responsibly and individually which the management also agrees to it. But they aren't ready to accept this and align my appraisal along with it - the reason I believe is there frustration. There towards my unplanned leaves.

The appraisal in our organisation in divided in 2 cycles mid year and annual which is combined together to form a years appraisal and based on these a band is given on rationalisation.

We are rated on a scale of 0 to 5 in both cycles and then it averaged out for banding. Banding from A to E where A being the Best and E being the lowest. An employee getting a D or a E will have a reduction in the salary even people sitting on the bench will have a default rating of D. In my appraisal I was rated as 3.08 average yet I was banded a D banding and have a reduction in my salary.

I really would like to move out and explore for better opportunity. But my major concern is what should I posses my experience as now. I had a good experience as a Client Coordinator for 3.5 years but current working as a benefits & Compensation executive for 2 years. And aspire to be an HR and you know how difficult it is to get a HR profile Job.

FYI.. as a Client Coordinator my job profile was. Liaise with the client for various client login access as a single POC, update and provide access for the same with the operations and trouble shoot any operations access issues. Maintain the data base, conduct audits, keep a head count report and update the same with the client. etc..

I am really confused in these scenarios what should I be doing. Where it is really difficult to get a Job in the current market in HR stream. I am looking for the right profile and not the salary part but the salary should not drop from atleast what I already have.

I am not getting the right reference/contacts either to apply for any jobs and with the kind of morale level I have with my current employer I can't continue either.

I know this is not the end of my career but i currently feel like meeting an end and is the level of demotivated I am. I am completely confused!

From India, Bangalore
Thanks Bhaskar,
I have already initiated this, they have nothing against my performance but they point out only to my attendance when they already know the reason for it as well.
My discussion on the change of current banding is still going on but with not much hopes.
lets see what have I got in store for my self. Like (Cite Contribution) has said every bad experience has some learning from it. I have learnt a lot from this experience, which I should very much apply in my coming opportunities.

From India, Bangalore
Hello Shaik,

Please find the answer to your post -

You were hired for HR position, moved to HR Operations finally given Compensation & Benefits.

Just to inform you, HR Operations as well as Comp & Ben are HR's roles.

If you just Google the HR's roles and responsibility, I am sure this would be confirmed to you.

I wish to ask at this stage, once again, were you informed in your interview or in the job posting or offer letter or somewhere about your job role as HR would be so and so?

If they never informed you, did you bother to ask them what would you be responsible for?

I do understand you pointing out that they hired you without having done proper manpower planning, but did you play your role well in getting confirmed or asking them what position are your being interviewed for and if you are being selected, what would be your KRA?

About the misalignment of the interest, let us discuss that below where you have actually posted it.

Client Co-ordinator to Payroll is a very very different role.

Especially what you have performed is much different.

What you have done as client co-ordinator is more of IT related.

I wish to ask you what is your academic credential and what is your job expectation.

With out the two and especially the job expectation, frankly it is impossible to chalk out a plan of action that would give you satisfaction from your job.

A company's policy is a policy. Honestly, I am not taking your HR's side but it is difficult to contest the policies and bend the rules for one and not bending it for others. However genuine the reasons may be.

For example, if in your team a person walks in late regularly and has a genuine reason and you seldom are late and yet penalised, won't you point out that the other person is being favored?

As an HR it is our duty to try to solve your issue, but not at the cost of engagement and motivation of others as well.

Another thing you strongly questioned -

The question is why do you hire people with different expectations.

Again I would go back to this question -

Was the conflict in interest ever communicated before the closure?

DId you tell them what role are you seeking?

Did they force you to accept the offer?

If the answer to the above questions are NO, then there is a mutual fault and one just can't put the whole blame on HR.

How can you say your performance was never dropped?

1. Late log in

2. Unplanned Leaves

3. Irregular work hours / Relaxed work hours

Honestly, these are enough to shade the best of performers. I already tried to explain you that though it seems they have small weightage in the performance appraisal, there is a halo effect. Appraisers are human. If the person do not see you on time, there is a kind of impression that you are leaving on your peers, colleagues, managers, etc.

It all depends on how are you rounding the performance.

If I normally round the score you've obtained which is 3.08, it would be 3 and you would fall in C category.

However if I round up the score, your 3.08 would be rounded up to 4 and you fall in D category.

It all depends on the kind of system adopted by your company, and they surely can't change it for pleasing the average and low performers.

Accept it or deny it, the ratings are done. The thing is do you still want to keep looking at the past or you want to learn from the past and prepare yourself for the future.

Kindly be specific what do you wish to do in HR. HR is very vast and the job profile would mean differently to different people. Some think HR is only about recruitment while some other think it is about IR. Some think it's just the T&D while some other feel its the attendance and leave tracking. In actual, HR is inclusive of all and much more.

So please note down what you want to do as HR.

The client cordination profile you shared is much different than HR peofile.

First gain some clarity and put it down on paper before we can decide anything ahead.

As I told you unless you know your destination, where would you go?

What is the role that you're fetching. You can't keep experimenting, right.

Put first the role that you're desirous of and then we can plan the job hunting.

Hope it helped.

From India, Mumbai
Thanks Ankita,

I understand the points you have highlighted and widely agree to it. I am still under a discussion with the management over the change of my banding and a little hope it might be changed. This has impacted me in many ways, this has dropped my salary for a total of $22,000. I can not move laterally with in the firm for another year now when I movement was already decided and since I was the critical resource they did not let me move.

Though I trained people over 5 months and also created SOP's. The Major thing here is we work for an Australian client and they want me to handle the year end activity (which falls on June and July) as they are not confident of any other person doing that. And post that they are ready to release me and also spoil my rating like they have done now.

Last year end there was a major error in the client systems and none of the other members from payroll got involved in this activity, I was the only person who handled the issue and saw it to its closer, yet I wasn't for once appreciated for my work. And later as since I wasn't happy with the work and also since they had said that they would move me in September last year which they dint and kept on extending my release date my leaves and late logins increased/started.

Now as you saw what is past is past and we can only learn from it and use these experience to handle future endeavors. Just hope that any progress helps me in our ongoing discussion.

About my career endeavors, I want a profile of an HR employee engagement and employee relations. I understand that also requires understanding of the payroll but atleast you don't have to sit and process pay here. Where as to my previous experience of client coordinator to HR I can relate it only as I used conduct audits, MIS, Headcount management and maintain public relations.

I was very good with public relations and love to carry that on, I enjoy that work, I was self motivated in such kind of profile.

To be honest with you I am confused with my career options. I do not want to do a 8 hours of system Job, I am creative, good with employee relations and customer interactions team motivations. Currently I am in BPO industry though I work for an IT giant.

My current Designation is of a Business process lead, but I am not handling any team. but I do have little experience with my previous employer. Majority of my experience has been as an individual contributor.

I am ok if I get a Team lead profile, or off and HR employee relations. If not these I am also open to join up some ad agencies where we can put in creative though to cook up creative media ads - but here I am a complete fresher, will these impact my pay in a huge way if done so?

These are my desired roles or aspiration, I understand creative director or Ad Maker will not be right thing to take up now having 5 plus years of experience. But to take up my career forward with HR Lead/Employee Relations/employee engagement etc.. please advise how do I go about now.

I am situated in Bangalore and finding it really difficult to find a Job for my self as an HR employee relations.

I really appreciate your patience and advise.



From India, Bangalore
Hi Shaik,

Okay let us weigh all pros and cons for you in your profile as well as dream profile...

1 thing good for you is that your manager do not have confidence that this would be done by someone else. So you know you would be here till June/July without any much risk to the job.

Again this is very subjective.

Now say for eg: If in your team you are the only one with IT knowledge, they would expect you to get the error fixed. If the others do not have IT knowledge, we can't expect them to help us. Right?

About acknowledging or appreciating someone's efforts.

Well, honestly, though it is a thumb rule that acknolwedge and appreciate the gestures of the peers, it is often forgotten in the companies.

People have started thinking that we pay you and we expect you to perform your best. So there is nothing out of the world if you performed well. We pay your for that.

Sad part is that this mentality would only discourage people to work better the next time.

The reason I am mentioning this to you is because you are aspiring to be an HR and I hope this would be with you where you go and you can suggest to your employers the impact such mentality would have.

I hope you are well aware of what goes into employee engagement.

Just do one thing on a piece of paper list down a few things that you would want to do once you get selected for the said profile. Keep this with you.

Knowing the kind of different routes available to take your career up, it is very obvious to get confused and lost in a few traps.

I would suggest you that just in order to be double sure about your dream profile, spend some time with yourself. Try to analyze every job role and accordingly decide what has motivated you the best and what will engage you the most.

Myself being a creative spunk, find it difficult to concentrate and do one single task for continuous 8-9 hours. So what do I do?

I study, I enhance my knowledge, I pursue my writing hobby, I read, listen to music, I am super active on citeHR helping myself and others.

There are lots of things one can do and honestly for a creative person, 8 hours is just toooooo long to be glued to just one thing.

Decide what else can you do.

The reason I chose a Generalist HR profile is so that I do not get bored with the same job day in and day out.

Okay now this confuses me big time.

I thought you were working for HR and were placed for Operations but eventually landed up with Comp and Ben.

Now you are saying that you are working as a Business Process lead.

The two are very very very different as one is HR and other is Marketing and/or IT.

Again your dream role jumps from employee engagement (HR) to ad maker (Marketing)

Stick to one department atleast if not role.

To be very honest (I know I am saying this too bluntly but I don't know how should I be communicating this)

1 of the reasons for you not landing up a good job is the lack of clarity on your part.

In your 3 posts, you gave me 3 different job profiles that you worked at and 2 different job profiles that you wish to work on.

I mean I do not know how do I make you understand but atleast I didn't find a sync between employee engagement and Ad maker.

Just sit one fine weekend and first gain clarity where you wish to head - IT or Marketing or HR and if you have the proper credentials for it. Then let us know about your decision.

From India, Mumbai

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