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Rajlakshmi Bhattacherji
Hi, I would like to know as to who issues the warning letter to an employee - is it the Operations team or the HR personell. Also,what is the role of HR in the same?
From India, New Delhi
Anita P Panicker

Hi Rajlakshmi, Could you be more specific about the offence conducted by this person, so that we can reply to your query. Regards Anita
From India, Mumbai

Hey Rajalakshmi.
The answer for the question shall be it completely depends on the HR-Policies and Management style of the company . Suppose the employee has made problems or caused an inconvenience in the operations of the plant, then the Operation department shall communicate the same to the HR dept. I'm pretty sure HR will not be aware of the Operations part. So an investigation has to be done through the HR dept. The guilty has to be given a chance to Speak. On conclusion form the External Agengy (HR), the employee shall be given warning letter, If found Guilty.
If the Employee has some Behavioral problems or Disciplinary action it can be directly done through the HR dept, Provided HR-Dept gives an information to the Operations dept too. So it actually Depends on the HR dept Directly or Indirectly. This is because HR handles Appraisal.
Yashwanth R

From India, Bangalore

It all depends up on the company's policies. Asuming it is not a disciplinary issue and mere an administrative warning to an employee regarding his normal conduct at work palce, the general rule is that the Controlling or reporting authority under whise administrative control the employee functions is competent to issue the warning letter.
HR & Labour Law Advsior

From India, Mumbai

Normally the HR Head is the signatory to all compliances and communications in respect of the organisation's employees. As other friends have opined above, you have to be very clear and specific in your posting. We cant assume things and advise you which may end up on a wrong note.
The HR head issues letters through the Unit Head where the employee is working. This is the general procedure employed in corporates.
However, we dont know the reporting structure or organisation structure of your company and it will not be prudent on our behalf to make a guess and suggest something on vague matters.
Best wishes

From India

I am agree with the replies received to this tread, one important thing is the the appointing autorities of the company has to sign the warning letter if there is no specefic policies regarding singing authoity.
From India, Pune

If it is on a functional issue, the operations department may take action and issue the warning letter, otherwise the HR dept should take care of it.
Either way, the records need to be updated to the HR department for mentioning in the personal file of the employee, since in case it is required to prove that the employee has been a regular or repeat offender, there should be evidence.

From India, Bangalore
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