hi..I want to start PMS in our company..it is automotive manufacturing..plz suggest how should i start..i hav to conclude it in 3 days to owner..& at present there is no system here..plz help as I\'m not having sufficient experience & m the only one here in HR..
From India, Faridabad
You should get external help from professional consultants to help you on this matter.
My company, Emilla International Consulting Services, specializes in this area. We have a world-class PMS that we can set up in your company. I have worked for ten (10) years at Toyota Motor Philippines so I know your industry requirements on this matter.
Contact us if you have an approved budget for this.
Ed Llarena, Jr.
Managing Partner
Emilla International Consulting Services
Email: <[email protected]>

From Philippines, Parañaque
Dear friend,
When you ask some queries to others, it is important for you to disclose your name and designation.
As Ed Llarena, Jr has said, you have to hire professional consultant. For a person who is still wet behind ears, this is a too big responsibility. When your seniors told this you could have told him/her immediately.
Anyway, I help companies on instituting PMS. Click here to read my past post.
Dinesh V Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Hi Drishti,
We recently finished PMS module for one of our client who is in the manufacturing industry,so we can help you finish in three days.Please get in touch with us at 9820603160 or

From India, Mumbai
Hi Drishti,

Framing a performance appraisal policy or system takes more than just the information or performance appraisal forms.

Since you would be evaluating performance for various positions, you should first know what to evaluate. In simpler terms, the detailed job description for each role should be drafted. There may be cases where a person at a particular position/designation might be carrying out roles not specifically coming into his/her JD. There should be open ended questions which would help the person to describe any extra job role that he might be performing.

You should first find out depending on your industry and employee strength what method of performance appraisal would you be using - 360 degree, 180 degree, etc. Who would be evaluating whom. And according to such details, you should be forming appraisal forms and its questions. Again you should figure out if you want to keep same appraisal forms for all departments or you want to customize it as per the department.

In addition to it, there should be proper understanding so that the appraisal forms are not filled with ambiguous words like good and excellent which can be defined differently by different people but in concrete terms of numbers which would be same for all.

As suggested by the experts, you should look out to outsource the performance appraisal task, atleast for this year, knowing the time constrain given to you by your management. In the process you can also learn the process that is being performed and its significance and frame a performance appraisal policy for your firm for next year onwards.

Wish you good luck.

From India, Mumbai
Dear Drishti

Pl. excuse me. I take liberty to make assumptions about the organization you are working for since you have not disclosed any information.

1. It is a small scale manufacturing unit.

2. The management is owner centric, and no professionals hired at top level.

3. The owner might not be much aware about the "Performance Management Systems" in details and perhaps does not have specific Objective in mind to adapt PMS.

As a HR professionals you need to know following and brief it to your boss too.

1. PMS cannot be built in three days.

2. Top management’s conviction in system is crucial.

3. PMS is not THE "Performance Evaluation System". - It has to be integrated system..linked with developmental initiatives- like succession planning, Training, job rotation, job enrichment and career plan etc.

4. A bad -defective system can harm much more than its absence.

5. A system has to be built on Fabric--it cannot be in Vacuum- The fabric is company culture, top management’s belief about HR and Business Goals.

There is dearth of material available on web for you to gain the knowledge about the system and process.


Shailesh Parikh

Vadodara, Gujarat

99 98 97 10 65

From India, Mumbai

Dear Drishti,

If you need to just do a formality, go ahead and download some formats that are readily available on Google and satisfy your management.

However, this would not serve the purpose. Working on a project like PMS system needs a lot of understanding of the organization, its culture, its people and the commitment of its top management. It you wish to install a proper system, you should hire consultants who have experience in the field.

They can guide you, based on their assessment of your organization, how to go ahead in the matter and install a PMS system.

PMS system can not be installed in a day or a week. It would be rolled out gradually by taking everyone on board otherwise you would have a lot of resistance from all quarters.

If you wish to seek professional help, please feel free to contact us. We have experience in working on such assignments for various organizations and we would help you.


Kind Regards,

Avika Kapoor

Vice President - Operations

, 7503110330

Website: Kapgrow

From India, New Delhi

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