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One of the ex-employee is rejoining the organisation so I need to send a welcome mail to all the employees welcoming him. Can anyone help me in drafting the mail please?
Also what should i keep the subject line?
Please help...

From India, Madras
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You made my day! I have managed Re-hires, but lacked your interest to formalise it with such an honour. I cant offer you a format, but here's the experience that I gained.

We didn't include the complete Induction Program. Areas including machine learning such as how to use the SAP to request for a leave or claim a reimbursement, were excluded from the Induction program for them, as they already knew it. We used to formally inform the leaders. Most of them would already know, they are rejoining. Hence, call for an informal hurdle or ungrouping than any formal process.

What we primarily aimed through this was, identifying the skills the employee brought in addition to what they had already learnt. For few verticals, such as Business Analytics or development in specific skill sets, they used to call for presentation by the employee. This was primarily to gauge the new information the employee is bringing back and how can it be utilised in the existing systems. This was to be attended by a focussed group.

A leder who used to head a Business Unit, once told me , that re-hire is the ultimate win to why we form employee alumni. Congratulations to you and your organisation on this. Wish you all the best !

From India, Mumbai

Dear Rachana

I can not provide you a draft since I never was in such a situation in my tenure. However my views, in addition to what Mr.Negi said are as under .

1) The letter shall be a mix of formal tone and personal touch. It means while expressing your excitement of receiving him back, you should not go overboard in appeasing him since the company too deserves a credit for it's image when it is able to win back his ex-employee as no would consider coming back to a bad company.I feel it is advisable to refrain from using language like" we have been missing you since you left' etc.

2)You can say that the company is looking forward to his contribution in areas......(you can specify if you want )........ or that it is great that he is renewing his partnership with the company in it's progress etc.

3) you can wish him a great career in the company while concluding the letter.It shall be brief but reflect the soul of your gesture.

Expecting contributions from other members too.



From India, Mumbai

Hi Rachna,

Indeed it is very exciting to bring aboard a person who already had served with us for considerable time. It is exciting not only for us but also on his / her part.

As is already mentioned that they might be aware of the normal proceedings and routine that we follow, there is indeed no need to focus much on it. However, if there are any changes in the policy after the person left, make sure those are communicated.

On his / her day of joining, you can call the team members (he worked with previously) in the conference room or in canteen or some area and give a grand welcome. If he is to work in a different team now, you can call a few members from the new team. Such informal introduction would allow better welcome, better acceptance and break the "How-would-the-team-react" fear.

You can have his desk decorated or put up a welcome back card or something similar over his desk. Put some chocolates or post-on with personalised messages from colleagues...

Make it a little personal. A personal touch always helps :)

All the best. :)

From India, Mumbai

Rejoining of our ex-employee with us'
Dear Employees,
It is quite a heartening news to all of us that Mr. __________, who has chosen to leave our company for some personal reasons, has approached us for joining back and be part of our family again. Though, it is not our policy to entertain the ex-employees, we have decided to give him a final opportunity to join us keeping his past performance record in view and with a fond hope that he would make a positive contribution to the grown and prosperity of our company.
Let us extend a warm welcome to him back in to our family. We request you all to extend him full cooperation and help in the diligent discharge of his duties.
Joga Rao

From India, Eluru
Suresh Rathi

Dear All,
In my opinion, the letter should include
1. A note of welcome.
2. What are major changes and achievements since the person left.
3.May mention few old collegue's name who are stll with the company.
It will also depend upon the time gap between leaving and rejoining.
Suresh Rathi

From India, Delhi

Rejoinee in the organization really nice one!!!
The following can be done:
1) Mark a mail to all telling that we do have rejoinee and his experiences, hobbies etc.., What has he done before in this organization.
2) Take a induction once again if the policies of the company are changes and explain him the Do's and Don't.
3) Attach his photo and send it to all employees so that employees who don't know can also view it.

From India, Hyderabad
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