Need your help and suggestion in one crucial matter,Iam working in an IT Company(workforce-Developers,Testers,BA).We want to install a system wherein the employees would be evaluated periodically(monthly?) based on the KPI set
Would like to know:
1) How to implement and set the same:- Balance Scorecard?
2) How do we track the same?
3) To make dashboards based on the same?
would appreciate your early reply.
Thanks in advance...
Prathiba Nair

From India, Pune
You may have a look at the 'EmpXtrack' Goals setting & tracking module which is linked with the BSC.
From India, Delhi
I presume you have visited the EmpXtrack website and studied the Goal setting process. You may also click on 'What is Balanced Score Card' under the 'Related Links' & understand how the 'EmpXtrack Balanced Score Card Software' helps organizations in managing BSC based goals. Many organizations have utilized this approach and are able to track performance of each employee as per the KPIs for the goals assigned to them. The software provides features such as (i) choice of goals to be tracked (ii) frequency of tracking and (iii) integration with annual performance appraisal.
You may ask for a demo to become more clear on this issue.

From India, Delhi
Mr. Bhatia, can you please let me know the EmpXtrack website regards
From India, Lucknow
You may please do Google search for 'Empxtrack' & get all the details about the HR solutions provided by the company.
From India, Delhi
Pankaj, please discuss & ask for details which are related to the topic which is 'KPI based periodic performance evaluation and performance Dashboard'.
Your requirement may be genuine, but please use the right forum to avoid uncalled for diversions. Hope you appreciate the same.

From India, Delhi
Can you please help me with current happening of HR analytics/ Talent analytics / Workforce analytics in Indian scenario. Some case studies/Websites/ or any other data.
From India, Delhi
Dear All,
Somehow we had 811 views on this topic but the response had been dismal!
I request all those professionals who have significant experience in the same to come out and give their views-on planning,designing,implementing and tracking of the same.
This would help all our Cite HR members to benefit from your expertise.
Thanks in advance..
Prathiba Nair

From India, Pune
Dear Pratibha,

By this time, probably you have read more documents and pdf than anyone else. What is the strength of your firm ? Here's another discussion , you might want to join in. We are discussing the implementation over here Job description to BSC

If you don't have the budget to hire a Management Firm for this, you may hire an expert, BSCMP. You have identified the mission and vision , quantifying it will require the measures, that can be best defined by the expert.

The roles that you have shared so far, are for the Profit Centre. You will need similar measures for the Cost Centres. Attaching a financial measure, might not be new to your firm. Yet, you need a standardised set of calculations for them. Each KPI will be connected to the Cash Flow , to identify the ROI.

Here's a paper on implementing the Balance Score Card in several Indian Firms .Research Paper-XIMB

This will give you a view to few areas for challenges and opportunities in your firm . Looking forward to hear from you on this .

From India, Mumbai
Hello all,

Would like to add a query related to the subject.

While we are all heading to make our appraisal process transparent, and judge the performance on the KPI, how do we convert it to the balanced score card?

Ofcourse we do have certain softwares available in the market that would make the job easy for us, but for SMBs the cost of such software / application is not always feasible.

Let me cite my own example.

My firm has only 34-36 people working. I am the only HR here and yet most of the time I am free except when there is recruitment to be done. So if I buy this application, what should I do in the rest period?

And above all my employer would ask, why had he hired me (qualified HR person) and yet invest in such applications when he could have taken application and gave training to someone to handle it.

Forget the cost, for the sake of knowledge, I think it should be known how to convert the KPI/KRA to metrics so that we can suggest it to the management.

Again converting or tracking the work of marketing or related department that has target oriented job is easier than converting the job roles of people who do quality work like those of - editors, HR, engineers, IT developers etc.

How should we track the tasks done by different people who do quality work, which is difficult to quantify...

From India, Mumbai

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