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Hi, Myself Tarannum Shams,I am the HR.Manager of a Ltd Co.I would like to arrange a Coffee and Conversation with my M.D and the employees. Please provide some tips. Regards,
From India, Kolkata
Dear Tarannum,
You have asked for tips for organising "Meeting with MD". However, as of now the first advice you need to is to learn how to write heading of some post. What is label of a package is the heading of the e-mail or post at general forum. How can you have such a long heading?
Organising meetings apart, HR should manifest principles of business writing as well.

From India, Bangalore
Dear Tarranum,

Here's how we managed a similar event at an organisation, where I worked. The MD was definite about keeping it very informal without any agenda and minutes being maintained.

We used to find 5 employees every month and arrange for the Lunch/Dinner. The employees were essentially in a non-reporting relationship, ie a Manager and his team will not be scheduled together. We aimed to include diversity, so would invite five employees from five different teams and departments.

The event would have at least one HR attending along with the five employees, who would remain a connector and help team members, identify each other's strengths.

MD would openly communicate, creating a very light environment, sharing incidents on how different ideas for business emerged . The floor would be open for discussion with any topic that weaves in spontaneously.

The core aim was to establish a two-way communication, to open up and listen. It helped us build the culture we wanted to establish and bond the employees across the continuum with the top management.

If any employee wanted to share any information, discuss something related to the company or ask any question, this was their best chance to hear it from the MD at an informal set up.

Trust this helps. You might have different aims for this initiative. Please consider sharing them, we might be able to brainstorm around it. Wish you all the best!

From India, Mumbai
Dear Sunil

(Cite Contribution) has given good example.

While having coffee and conversation with MD is definitely a simple and easy-to-implement initiative to kick-start employee engagement, it does have its dire consequences that contradict the very reason(s) why you want to implement it in the first place. (See separate post seeking advice for a poorly planned initiative to provide coffee for staff).

Please answer the following queries:

1. What is the objective(s) of this initiative?

2. Is this a HR-driven initiative or your MD's idea?

3. Have you gotten the "buy-in" from other staff?

4. What is the current communication & meeting culture in your company?

5. In the view of staff, is HR an "ally" of management or a "bridge" between staff and management"?

For example, one reason why knowing your current communication culture is important because if your current communication culture is a "closed" or "top-down" or "formal" appoarch, a sudden change to "open" or "two-way" or "informal" will send staff speculating "what's going on?" Knowing your communication culture will aid you in determining the best communication channel(s) to use to achieve the desired outcome.

Hear from you soon.

Autumn Jane

From Singapore, Singapore
Excellent contribution Autumn ! What can be better than working towards a goal which is identified so well, that the results get quantified too. Thankyou so much for the suggestions. looking forward to hear from Tarannum on how would she implement this and what are the outcomes post implementation .
From India, Mumbai
Dear HR Folk,

The thought of conducting the conversation is good idea but at the same time you nee to recheck regarding the question that may thrown on MD. The following reasons may keep MD to reply back and look at you directly....

1. Not satisfied with reporting BOSS,

2. Not satisfied with the welfare benefits provided.

3. Not satisfied with the Incentives and any one of the company policies.

4. Not satisfied with any of the functions working very late to deliver the work.

might many more situations may lead to critical time, if the employee directly throws a questions which need to be ask through One 2 One but due to unawareness of the employee what to talk and what not to.

So plan carefully while choosing the programme and questions should limited to if you have any serious pblms really pertainig o Org,

Better establish a suggestion box or develop and initate the Whistle blow policy and make your MD to have a dirct intraction with employee.

Hope the above matter is useful to you if i went anything wrong and some of the points which ae not realted pls dont Mind

Thanks & Regards



From India, Anantapur
Hello Tarannum,

While (Cite Contribution) & Autumn Jane have given you excellent inputs to PLAN a beginning, Chandrakanth has surely pointed to the types of awkward situations that CAN arise...consequently reflecting on HR.

However, IF the suggestions given by Chandrakanth are indeed implemented, the very idea of the whole exercise being an informal one vanish...possibly leading to some sort of an unwanted/undesirable backlash.

I guess the trick would lie in 'BALANCING' the various aspects keeping in mind the fact that this is the First time you would be having such a session. Maybe, in the first few sessions [presuming the intent is to make this a regular affair], you can focus on 'WHO' would attend the session from among the employees--if you can chose the more matured ones in the initial rounds, that would keep the discussion on an 'even keel' AS ALSO ensure the RIGHT feedback goes back to the other employees after the sessions.

In a way, you are ALSO ensuring this becomes a 'Learning' experience for all involved, with one 'fine' difference: the whole approach is CALIBRATED rather than leaving it as a 'free-for-all' right from the word 'go' OR including any sort of CONTROL in what's discussed. The selection of the participants can be made more flexible as you move along. Hope you get the point.

All the Best.



From India, Hyderabad
Love the word "calibrated" in your response. Exactly what I am driving at. Every single actions need to be calibrated to achieve the desired outcome - no matter how simple the plan is.
In addition to sending your matured staff first to the session, it would even be better to send those "early adopters" (early adopters are staff who understands the objectives and positively supports the program) to the session so that they can share their positive experiences with rest of staff and this creates a positive domino or ripple effect. This makes everyone wants to participate in the next round.
Having said so, you still need to nail that objectives first before going forward.
Autumn Jane

From Singapore, Singapore
Dear tarannum shams ji,

dear i have some suggestion to you i wish it will be helpful to you,

You know,If I was the boss, what could I have done differently?

Here is what I would do:

1) Greet the employee. If you were a female boss and your subordinate is a male, by standing up from your chair and acknowledging her into your office is a warm sign of a welcome.

2) Start the conversation with a sincere “How are you and the family?” Allow a pause. Watch the employee’s response, including the non-verbals such as the shrugging of the shoulders, the breathing, and the placement of the hands. Do your research by knowing your employee and the family members like their names? By using their names like “How’s your son, raza?” would be a start.

3) State the purpose of the meeting. Keep the interests of the employee at hand by asking questions and listening to the points of view. Focus on the positives and state them during the meeting.

4) End the meeting with a sincere “Thank you.” By letting the employee know that you believe in him and in their future potential, you have created a positive working environment where everyone on your team will welcome a meeting with their boss because it’s all about feeling good inside.

i would like to share some attachment check it out.......


From India, Noida

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Dear Team,
Am from a company where we have a monthly activity - "Round Table" where the HR chooses one team member from each department on whom the surprise is suddenly sprung upon on the day of the activity that "lunch is on the house" - usually taken out and that the GM has personally invited him / her.
The HR jots the minutes of this highly interactive luncheon where a lot of ideas flow free and later the minutes shared with the HODs for action.
This is similar to "Koffee with MD" concept . Try it!

From India, Gurgaon

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