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Dear Seniors,
I am working for a project in Recruitment and Selection for company having 60+ employees and planning for expansion. I would be really be grateful to all if you provide me the insights on this topic. 'does CEO involve in all recruitment and selection process of all job position?'.
Please let me know if there is any confusion and need more information.
Looking forward for your helpful support.
Thank You
Have a great time.

From Nepal
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As far as CEO will be involved in Hiring of Higher management (Example-Managers), Later Managers will hire Supervisors and Employees.
Optional - If there is any relatives of CEO then he can fix him in any dept..

From Kuwait, Hawalli

Dear Nigha,
Sayeed has given you a sound answer given the limited information you have given. Hence, I will raise some questions the answers to which will clarify the situation. In what capacity are you workng on the project? What experience have you got in all after finishing your "education" and what qualifications do you have?Can you tell us whether it is a owner managed orgnisation and how long has it been in operation? Why has the confusion arisen? Is it because the CEO wants to get involved in all appointments?

From United Kingdom

As rightly said by SImhan, there are other aspects that one would want to know to answer a yes or a no to your question.

It would depend on the hierarchy and the organizational chart of your firm.

It would depend on the type of industry or work you perform.

In my internship, I found that Head HR was the one responsible for most hiring. CEO might have an information as to the no. of vacant positions or no. of new requisitions made and progress on it, but do not get involved in the actual hiring process.

However in the firm where I currently work, it is a very small organization with strength of only about 40 people. Here, the final round of interview is conducted with the CEO.

Not just this, I had been to a hospital for interview for the position of HR where my 1st round was by the HR Executive, 2nd by the Head of HR and 3rd by the CEO of the hospital.

It would all depend on the policy your firm follows. There is no hard and fast rule regarding it and neither is there a pure black and white area for it.

Hope it helped

From India, Mumbai

1. Not only CEO, sometimes BOARD approval is also required for certain positions
2. CEO may get involved in creating JDs and finalizing budget
My suggestion is to plan properly and make formal approval notes before starting the actual hiring process

From India, Bangalore

Dear Nigha,

Your query about CEO taking interview is just of academic nature and just consider CEO is the Chief Executive Officer of the Company and all the operations are under his supervision and it depends on him that how many powers/jobs he wish to delegate to other officials and in how many fields he feel he has the knowledge, experience & time to take care. Please understand he is the source of all the authorities and every department and employee of the company is ultimately responsible to him, Even in case Company is having different COO & CFO still they too comes under his command. During my 34 years of experience in India & abroad I have seen that the major responsibility of HR dept is before selection and after selection of the candidate. It's their job to shortlist the candidates fix up the interviews and once they are selected, complete the paperwork and joining responsibilities. Please don't take it other-way. Actually you see HR people may be expert in man management but they are not experts in the operations, finance, marketing, commercial or technical aspects of the Company's operations.

Even where HR is empowered to recruit junior and lower management people for all the fields they generally invite department heads to interview and judge the capabilities of the candidates. In case of middle management and at senior levels it's always some one at VP/GM or CEO who interview & select the candidate.Moreover you must understand only CEO knows what type of person he wish to recruits and brings to his company and it's always best for the Company if CEO takes personal interest in recruitment's as I feel in small and medium size Companies CEO's are mostly Owners/Directors or very committed employees of the Companies and their direct participation in the interviews give them an opportunity to develop personal relations with new employees and this can be a big motivating factor for the joining officials. This also encourage the openness among the people working under CEO.

Most important reason behind my opinion is. now a days in many companies employee turnover has increased to an alarming levels. Many of the times Company recruit one VP/GM and he brings his old team from the previous Company just on the basis of his personal relation with his old subordinates and the day that VP/GM decide to jump to another Company whole team is ready to go with him as they were recruited by that VP/GM and feel obligated to accompany him, but in case if the CEO had taken personal interest in their recruitment it's normal that they would feel more attached to him & Company and may not just leave like that.

So Dear friend there is no harm in CEO's taking interviews it only helps in improvement of productivity, continuity and reduction of work for HR people.

From India, Delhi

Dear Nigha,
The CEO is normally not involved in the process of selection. He is, of course the authority to sanction the vacancies and accord approval to the panel of selection suggested by the selection committee. He is usually involved in the selection of f senior executives.

From India, Delhi

It all depends on the Delegation and Chart of Authority. In some companies where the size is small the CEO involve in all recruitment and selection of all job positions whereas in medium and large sized company it is delegated to the Managers for their employees and supervisors and General Manager for hiring Department Managers etc.
From India, Ahmadabad
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