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I left my company without serving notice period of 30 days.Now they sent me a letter saying i need to pay Rs-25000/- for company loss.Otherwise they take next step.
But nothing is mentioned in my appointment letter about this money and i have no bond with the company.Only mentioned that, If i leave the company without serving the 30 days notice period they take legal actions.
So,what shoud i do.

From India, Ballia
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Rahul Chhabra
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Dear friend,
As a HR professional I would always suggest you to clear all liabilities and obtain proper NDC-No Demand Certificate -from your employer before a decent switch over. If you join another organisation without proper release, your next employment will lead to dual employment as not released formally. As far as liabilities are concerned, you have every right to know about even a penny of demand. If the employer demands any unjust demand, ask for break Ups and legality. Thanks & Regards

From India, Calcutta

There can not be a letter just saying you have to pay for company loss.
You should reply to the letter asking them to clarify what the loss is pertaining to and how it was computed.
I hope you got a relieving letter and have returned all assets to the company

From India, Mumbai

Have you joined any new company which, I presume, was the cause for your resigning? Rgds, TS
From India, Hyderabad

Oops, just re-read your post You have not completed your notice period. so there would be no relieving letter
From India, Mumbai

Hi Sandip,
What ya U don't know even how to ask a question, First of all tell us whether U have sent the "Resignation letter" atleast before joining the co, and if so, when and if yes from when U R absenting ? If U have not sent even the Resignation letter till now, it is ridiculous and idiotic to switch over in this manner (sorry that I'm using strong words but can't help)
What is clear is U have not issued a 30 days notice in advance before leaving or absenting and they have asked you to remit Rs.25K for the failure of 30 days notice period towards loss. If it is so it is a "breach of contract " as per the apptt.letter and they are right is asking U to pay 25K. But if they mentioned "towards LOss" is a debatable point and U can successfully contest in the court, but if you really filed your formal resignation letter before joining with proper ack. and can justify as to why U failed give that mandatory 30 days notice. Its all depends folk.

From India, Bangalore

Your appointment letter states that the separation policy - 30 days' notice
So officially you're bound to put ur papers, they accept it and you serve notice period, get ur experience & relieving letter and leave...
In case you can't serve 1 month's notice period, you can pay off the period by you'r monthly sal. So you might be getting a sal of 25,000 pm. So they're right in claiming the amount from you. This is only against notice period. It is not for bond breakage. the two are different.
Hope it helped.

From India, Mumbai
Rahul Chhabra

Dear friend,
Please go through the clauses of your appointment letter again.
If there is a notice period mentioned in the appointment letter and you resign without serving a notice period, you are bound to compensate the notice period amount.
In fact, all of us should take our employments seriously and respect the policies made. It will make us a better professional.
Rahul Chhabra

From India, Delhi
I have resigned and served notice period but I dont have acknowledgement for acceptance of my resignation, now my employer is asking to continue or pay the notice pay. what should be done now
From India, Bangalore
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