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Dear All,
I was in working with an organisation from august,11 to march,12. where they deduct 1560/- from my salary and deposited to my PF account. Now i want to withdrawal my PF amount.
Please suggest procedure for withdrawal and what is the time limit for withdrawal.
Thanks in advance,
Yogesh Kumar Gupta

From India, New Delhi
Dear Gupta,
There are no time limit to withdraw PF amount whenever you want you can fill the withdraw forms you will get PF interest up to 36 month having resigned.
So sent your Form-19 and 10C your previous employer to signed and update.

From India, Calcutta
get your form 19 & 10C duly authorisation from your last employer, along with authorised from 5/10, Form 3A is not required in case your employer is submitting details online every month.
From Singapore

Accounts Assistant
It's simple , It's should be duly filled the form 19,10c with the signed of Authorised person of your last employer against which you want to withdraw. I suggest you to transfer the pf amount to current employer if you are engaged with other employer and having pf number. it will help to get pension after 10yr of continution of your service.

From India, Rourkela
Dear All Seniors
I would like to know about pension that after completing of 10 years of service as per pension scheme anyone is entitled for pension
if he is working in any company and getting salary then he will get salary and pension both.
With Regards
Raj Asiwal

From India, Meerut
Dear All,
Need your help on withdrawal of PF. I was working with a company for approx 3 years later that company closed operations. Now i want to withdraw my pf. Kindly help how do I withdraw my PF as the company is closed. My PF account is in Chennai.
Thanks & Regards

From India, Cochin

I am providing below the some copied matter which I got from one of my friend at Chennai.

Yes ! Ė You can withdraw your EPF without Employer Signature

Do you know how to withdraw your EPF without Employer Signature ? Do you think if its possible at all ? Is your previous employer not signing your EPF Withdrawal documents? Have you left your company long back and now you cannot take your past employer signatures ? Or is your EPF Company stuck because your employer is not supporting you or helping you in withdrawal procedure ? Or it might happen that your employer relations with you mess up for some reason and now they are not ready to cooperate in the EPF withdrawal procedure and threatening you? Here are 2 real life examples of this kind of situation

Case 1 : company which was shut down and her PF was stuck

Case 2 : employer was not supporting the employee for EPF withdrawal

Now the question. Can one withdraw his EPF without the support of his past employer signatures or support ? Yes ! - There is a solution! .

Employer cannot control EPF money

Each month employer takes the EPF part, out of your salary and along with their contribution, deposits it into your EPF account with the EPFO organisation. Once they deposit it with EPF office, then itís just your money and no one elseís. Your employer cannot control it. However note, that your employerís signatures are required on the EPF withdrawal form, to certify that you are not employed with them anymore and now you can withdraw the EPF.

3 steps to withdraw your EPF without Employer Signature

Here are 3 steps you need to do to successfully withdraw your EPF without previous employer signatures.

Step 1

First download and fill up Form 10C (for EPF Withdrawal) and Form 19 (for EPS withdrawal)

Step 2

Get it attested by any one of the following

ē Manager of a bank (PSU preferred)

ē By any gazetted officer.

ē Magistrate / Post / Sub Post Master / Notary

Step 3

Write down a letter addressing the regional PF commissioner, stating the reason why you have to get it attested and how you are facing issues with your employer. In case you have any proof of unsupportive behavior from your employer, better attach it. (This step is optional, and not mandatory)

Step 4

If you are unemployed, you will have to make an affidavit that proves that you are unemployed get it printed on a Rs. 100 stamp paper with a notary or any gazetted officer signature on it if you are employed, you can transfer your EPF to your new employer.

Step 5

Send these forms to your regional EPF office and wait for next few months for some kind of action.

Step 6

Once your application is processed, the EPF withdrawal request will be honoured and you will be paid. If you still donít see any action or response, then its time to file an RTI application to EPF Department for finding out the exact Status.

Legal Action against your past employer

Note that Employee provident fund money is totally yours and no matter what the situation, your past employer should be helping you in withdrawing it. It can be some issue your employer or you might have.., your employer cannot say that they will not give signatures and create issues in your EPF Withdrawal.

If thatís the case, it might be time to teach them a lesson.

If you are 100% sure that you are correct and itís a case of harassment, just collect all the documents which proves the harassment and then inform your regional Provided Fund officer about this. He will carry out an enquiry, contact the employer and if he finds them guilty, there can be legal action against the company and might even amount to imprisonment. Itís the Employerís duty to keep records as per the law and also maintain the terms and conditions, failing which employer can get a notice under a section 7A, which lays the guidelines of strict actions against the employer. I got this from one of the RTI related websites

Normally, the EPFO which maintained your EPF account should have settled the claim based on the signature of the Bank Manager since you find it difficult to get the form attested by your previous employer. They should not have sent it back to you telling to get the signature of the previous employer. The fact appears to be that the employer is not willing to sign the form for some reason or the other. (I presume the establishment is not closed but is still working). It is the duty of the employer to sign the settlement form. If he fails to do so the Regional Provident Fund Commissioner (RPFC) concerned can take action against him. You can make a complaint to the RPFC pointing this out and urging him to either settle the claim as it is or to get the claim signed by the employer and in case the employer declines to sign to take appropriate action against him instead of harassing you by not settling the claim. Please send this complaint by registered post and keep copy. After about a month if no action is taken file an application under RTI and ask what action has been taken on your complaint, people responsible for not taking action etc. Your claim will automatically be settled.


Itís possible to withdraw your EPF money without the help of your past employer. You just need to know the right steps and should also have the energy and motivation to follow up on the matter. Let us know what you learned out of this article. Do you think this is something useful for you? From this article, did you understand properly how you can withdraw your EPF without Employer Signature ?


From India, Pune
Dear Shri Yogesh Kumar Gupta Ji & Shri Thakur Ji,
If you are taking up another job, I would suggest you not to opt for closure of your old PF account.
You may please consider transferring your old account to the new account.
If you have not opened new account, you may continue with the old account in your
new company. If you close your old PF accounts before completion of 5 year, the income
so received is taxable. Moreover, you lose pension contribution permanently.
So please consider my suggestion. Thanks & regards,

From India, Pune
Dear Ramakant,
Many thanks for your guidance. I was working with this company from 2005 till 2008. Now for past 5 years I am with single employer. Can I withdraw my PF or I have to transfer my pf.
Kindly help.
Thanks & Regards

From India, Cochin
Dear all
can anyone suggest me if i have written a letter to last emploer to support in withdrawing PF money but not getting reply and any help then can any one tell \'we can go through the court to file the case if yes then what the procedure to file the case against last Employer.

From India, Delhi

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