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I am a MBA HR fresher i got a job in a consulting company as a recruiter can you please say what are the courses which i can do to get a high position. And can you please say can i continue as a HR recruiter or should i search for Generalist.

From India, Madras

Hi Satish,
In HR filed recruitment is primary ( First Stage ) Function . In this stage you will get knowledge about judge the candidates by resumes. So No need to worry about. You have to involve in other HR functions with this work.
All the best.

From India, Ahmadabad
Dear Seniors
Thanks for all of your advice.
I will try to follow all of your suggestions.
Please tell me how many years of experience i should have to enter into a Generalist role as some companies are asking for experience.

From India, Madras
Hussain Zulfikar

Dear Sathish

Be it a recruiter or Generalist, love your work and you will never have to chase other things. Grass looks greener on other side, always water your side better to make it more greener.

However its always refreshing to keep a yearning to learn more about various specialties and scope in chosen career. HR has many functions which are worth exploring and you shall always strive to better yourself.

In my opinion, whatever you choose or get into, spend respectful time into learning that profession, experience the pros and cons and master them. You will always move on as wiser and learned.

Specific to your career advise, donít chase courses and certificates to beef up your CV. If your intention is to learn, then read books of topics which interest you and learn from experience. Make a sound decision of investing in courses and certification which appeals to your interest and add valued skill to your abilities. Learn skills which are niche and technology oriented, rather then investing in generic skills. For example. Learn HRIS, compensation & benefit strategies, Labor Law, Collective Bargaining, Legal Compliance, PMS etc.

Work as a recruiter for 2 Ė 3 years, enjoy the challenges and live through the grill. Meanwhile hone your skills in other aspects of HR which attracts you. Donít go for another field because someone said its easy being generalist, this and that. Donít go for the glamour either. Study, research and analyze what are the core duties, responsibilities, scope and involvement of the desired field you want to get into. Donít take haphazard hasty decision to resign and chase those elusive roles. Keep working no matter what. Look into yourself, your abilities and constraints to decide whether you are capable for new role you desire, rather then listen to 10 people with different POVs. Donít over rate or under estimate your self. Be objective about your skills and be brutally honest in your self assessment.

Donít live in a hurry ! High positions, money and respect will come to you by virtue of your conduct and performance, rather than seeking restless shortcuts to high fancy job titles resulting in stressful failures due to non competency.

Spend your energies in networking better and wider, network to learn not exploit, make friends not contacts.

Wish you all the best.

From Kuwait, Salmiya
Dear Mr. Hussain
I am working since 4 years as an HR GERNLIST. I am post graduate in eng. to hindi translation but not having any education in HR like MBA etc. should I do further study for good job or I can get get job in MNC on my exp basis. Please suggest.

From India, Amritsar
Hussain Zulfikar

Hi Renu

You are working as HR generalist, is good enough to continue your career in HR field, research and learn more about HR possibilities. In my opinion you donít have to do MBA-HR to grow, unless you aim at prestigious, reputed MBA schools, for which you may have to take en educational gap, enroll in full time course and invest a lot of money if you want to develop yourself into management professional. Which is hit and miss gamble.

If you want to specialize, then focus on the field which interest you in HR field. What do you enjoy the most in HR (T&D, PMS, HRIS, Recrtuiment, Labor Law, Admin etc) read books, attend seminars, trainings, workshops and learn about this fields, these are cheaper and convenient as compared to pledging your time and money into full time course with no career guarantee.

You can always get a good job with a reputed MNC, its matter of time and your abilities. MBA or no MBA, It doesnít matter. You shall acquire the skills which are in demand in the job market. Your prospects for job in MNC depends on many factors, which includes :

ē Your work experience and job profile

ē Qualification (Minimum Graduate)

ē Communication Skills

ē Computer Skills

ē Personal Grooming

ē Corporate Etiquettes

From Kuwait, Salmiya
Dear Mr Hussain I want to open my own job consultancy office at my home.As i have have no much money to buy office. can you suggest me in detail what i have to do for that. Thanks & Regards, Renu
From India, Amritsar

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