Dear Professionals,
What is your opinion about the success of a team: does it depend upon the MENTAL ATTITUDE of the whole TEAM or on the STRONGEST INDIVIDUALS/INTELLECTUALS?
Also i want to know, to what extent the TEAM SUCCESS is depending upon the TEAM LEADER'S OPERATIONAL STRATEGIES

I am looking at the CONTRIBUTING FACTOR in PRACTICAL NORMS. According to few it is due to MENTAL ATTITUDE of the TEAM MATES and rest says: the credit for being a SUCCESSFUL TEAM goes to the EXCELLENT TEAM MATES.
Kindly contribute and share your views/opinions/knowledge/information you hold or you gained.
NOTE: I will appreciate if you can post your views POINT WISE or in SMALL PARAGRAPH for easy reading(interpretation).
With profound regards

From India, Chennai
Dinesh Divekar
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Dear Khadir,

Paragraph-wise replies are as below

What is your opinion about the success of a team: does it depend upon the MENTAL ATTITUDE of the whole TEAM or on the STRONGEST INDIVIDUALS/INTELLECTUALS?

Success of the team depends on the organisation's culture. Mental attitude is a result of this this culture. Yes we do require strongest individuals/intellectuals. However, they need to go along with the flow rather than dictating their whims and fancies. Sooner it starts happening, it destroys the teamwork.

Also i want to know, to what extent the TEAM SUCCESS is depending upon the TEAM LEADER'S OPERATIONAL STRATEGIES

If the team is small say for particular project then success of the team would depend on the team leader's operational strategies. But again organisation's culture plays here vital role. Teamwork depends on the type of manpower you have, their level of competence, their motivation level and so on.

Operational strategies of team leader may be very good but what is the use if the company is paying salaries below the market standards? Obviously staffs are demotivated. What is the use of strategy if the systems and processes are not well defined?

Secondly, soft skills of the team leader also play vital role. What is the use if the team leader does not know how to handle the conflict? What is the use of best operations strategy if the team leader has poor Emotional Quotient (EQ)?

I am looking at the CONTRIBUTING FACTOR in PRACTICAL NORMS. According to few it is due to MENTAL ATTITUDE of the TEAM MATES and rest says: the credit for being a SUCCESSFUL TEAM goes to the EXCELLENT TEAM MATES.

As written earlier, mental attitude is a result of your culture. Well before stepping into the company, employee knows very well what is acceptable behaviour here. He/she develops his/her frame of mind accordingly. One very senior ops manager of Infosys once told me that in their company, delay of two minutes is also not acceptable. Mr NR Narayana Murthy is very strict about timings. Obviously, the mental attitude of a candidate who joins Infosys is developed accordingly.

Credit for being a successful team goes not just to the team mates but organisation's factors as well. What if the systems and processes are very old, workers do not have sufficient tools to execute their job, there is always delay in getting raw material, lack of spares of machines etc. Supporting infrastructure also plays a vital role in team's success.

Take the case of staffs of Kingfisher Airlines. They are not paid their salary since Jan 2012. Will they work properly? Will they have sufficient motivation?

Thanks for initiating discussion on this topic. Let other members also contribute their views.


Dinesh V Divekar

Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.

From India, Bangalore
Dear Sir,
Thank you very for sharing your views and i must appreciate your reply had met my expectations as i was/am comparing it with my current organisation's work culture, standards, operational policies, pay standards etc. We are driving our workforce crazy to achieve ORGANISATION'S GOALS/STANDARDS without giving important to the FOUNDATION - THE WORK CULTURE. I knew that every organisation has some or other problem but, who is held responsible for giving birth to such problems or issues faced by the employees(majority). If organisation focus on STANDARDIZED WORK CULTURE, PROPORTIONATE PAY STANDARDS etc., situations would have been much better.
I hope there are many professionals registered in this forum. I invite them to share their practical views/opinions.
With profound regards

From India, Chennai
Pointwise replies are :
Success definitely depends upon the team leaders - if the team leaders can convince the team members about the purpose, the objectives of team. Unless, the goals and purpose for which the team is working it is not possible to work with focussed attention and achieve the end results.
Success of team depends upon the mental attitude of the team members and not on single individual. One or two persons may be good but how about the others on the team. Unless all work cohesively towards the common goal, it is like every batsman trying to score hundered runs in 50 overs match without looking at the run rate.. Similarly, in hockey if one is very good as a striker but you have a poor full backs and goalkeeper, all the efforts of excellent striker would go waste...
More importantly, as someone has rightly said, the team's strength is as good as the weakest link.. just think over this and you would have clarity on your points.

Dear Khadir,
This is support of what Haresh has said.
"Mumbai Dabbawala" is classic example of what Haresh has said. It is the mental attitude of these tiffin carriers has catapulted them to acquire international fame. Neither they were trained on teamwork nor are they educated!

From India, Bangalore
First thanks for an interesting Topic Mr. Kadir,

Second - Thanks for sharing great thoughts Mr. Divekar.


1, Of course success of the organization depend on the whole team work, but an individual needs to push/convince/encourage the teammate, whom we use to call as Team Leader.

One more real fact I want to say that is – An Organization

The Mental Attitude of all employees including Team Leader depends on the behavior of the Organization. If company taking care of their employees and extending strong support, then automatically

Employees loved to work with Efficiently/Precisely to make organization on Top. Thus for great mental attitude an organization also responsible.

Coming back to Question – The success of the company depends on the team work (60%) and 40% by Team Leader operational strategies as he is one of the responsible person of his mates.

2, Yes, the success of team goes to the excellent Team mates, in fact each of an individual employee takes their own responsibility take oath like “Work is Wealth”, then no team leader or a manager needs to bother, as everyone can understand their own responsibility and do their Job with great responsibility.

By considering above Para – I agree with Mr. Divekar as an organization and its culture plays a Vital Role for encouraging, motivating and supporting their employees and reaching their expectation.

Thank you,

From Kuwait, Hawalli
Dear Mr. Haresh Thakur,
At the outset, I appreciate your example.
In certain areas, i had noted that, TEAM MEMBERS are the contributing factor for the TEAM SUCCESS without involvement of their TEAM LEADER. This is considered as SELF DIRECTING TEAM LEADERSHIP where every member has contributed for TEAM SUCCESS. Its a very rare thing to come across such TEAM MEMBERS with DYNAMIC POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE capable of LEADING THEMSELVES and their TEAM MATES.
STRENGTH & WEAKNESS is a part of every team like UPS & DOWN in our lives. It must be taken care and covered by supporting MEMBERS while converting into its STRENGTH.
I conclude by saying that, A GOOD TEAM LEADER is worth billion dollars and every team must have one else, it will be difficult to achieve COMMON GOAL.
Keep sharing as mush as you can. Knowledge grows when shared and LEARNING IS GREAT FUN irrespective of the information or knowledge we had been acquiring till now.
With profound regards

From India, Chennai
Dear Mr. Sayeed,

I extend my gratitude for sharing your views with us.

Both factors will support TEAM SUCCESS - MENTAL ATTITUDE and TALENTED TEAM MEMBERS. TEAM LEADER is none other than the CATALYST or at times serves as FUEL or a MOTIVATING FACTORS boosting TEAM'S SPIRIT.

When everything is perfect, there is another factor hindering the TEAM SUCCESS because SUCCESS is not repeated for the SECOND TIME. It is none other than "THE COMPENSATION FACTOR".

At times, it is very difficult to educate TOP MANAGEMENT on PROPORTIONATE COMPENSATION FACTOR and on the other hand, a PERFORMING TEAM cannot afford to lose its REPUTATION just for not being COMPENSATED. Hence, a wise decision is taken by PERFORMING TEAM MEMBERS- "SEARCH FOR A BETTER JOB AND THEN LEAVE THE ORGANISATION". This is the major reason for losing the BEST WORKFORCE and indeed is very difficult to REPLACE THEM.

Once again, i extent my gratitude to you all. Hope there are more members with more knowledge to share.

With profound regards

From India, Chennai
Thanks for prompt Response and points as well...
Well I agree on your second Para, there is circumstance to happen as mention. But even I prefer a honest Employee can be support same organization from where he getting lots of support and care.
Well see what others has to say on this topic..

From Kuwait, Hawalli

If you are knowledgeable about any fact, resource or experience related to this topic - please add your views.

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