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Dear Friends
Please let me know what kind of various reports that an HR Department can provide to its companys Management Team it must be comprehensive at the same time must cater to the needs of the management.
If any one has any sample format request you all to share it with me
Thanks in Advance
Harikrishna Gaura

From India, Madras
Manager -hr&a
Kumar H P
Hr And Compliance
Hr Manager
Director - Human Resources
Hr Practices
Hr Manager
Poorvi Shah
Human Resource Professional
Human Resource
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absentee report , turnover analysis , exit interview analysis , educational qualification analysis......
From India, Mumbai

Hi Hari,

Apart from all the reports as said by one of our old member Pranati you may prepare leave records, Weekly Attendance reports, and above all MIS..

MIS report is known as Management Information System... regarding the Manpower status of a particular month, place and overall..

It helps the Management in decision making.. like what are the reasons of resignation.. in which area attrition is high.. and so many things to help in decision making.. with teh help of MIS you may prepare a lot of reports.. Like annual attrition.. regionwise attrition.. regionwise manpower.. graphical representation of regions manpower status.. and so on..

You may prepare the same at your end.As it will help you to prepare other such formats too.

I am describing you the contents with sheet wise..

First Sheet-

Details of employee

a. E.Code b. Name of employee

c. Date of birth d. Designation e. CTC

f. Address for communication

g.Permanent address h. Contact number

i. Blood group j. Maximum qualification

k. Extra qualification l.Total Experience

Second Sheet-

Salary structure

In this sheet write down the complete salary structure.. and make a column what is salary after any revision

Third Sheet -

New Joinees

In this sheet write down the name of New joinees of that month with detail




DOB n etc.

Forth Sheet -

Resigned employees

In this sheet write the name of employees who resigned during

that particular month with details like name, designation, date of joining,

Date of resignation, last working day.

Fifth sheet -

Attrition rate

Based on this MIS report, you may find out the attrition report, Qualification analysis reports, team managemet reports and so on can prepare a number of reports..


Amit Seth.

From India, Ahmadabad
Hi All Thanks for your inputs. I have not worked on Turnover Analysis could any one of you guide me how to prepare that report. Regards Harikrishna Gaura
From India, Madras

Hi Hari...
We calculate the attrition rate with a formula..
The formula for the same is..
Attrition rate = No. of resigned employees/ Available Manpower *100
So if the no of employees in a month was 200, out of which 10 resigns and 20 joins as new joinee then available manpower would be
200-10+20 = 210
So formula would be = 10/210*100
Amit Seth.

From India, Ahmadabad
hi Hari
Even I feel that MIS Report should have the contents as mentioned. infact i also prepare the same at my workplace but i would like to add on one more thing . The main disciplinary actions taken in a month and special events organised at your workplace can also be reported.
To make your report self explanatory, you can also make use of the bar graphs to indicate the difference in manpower status of two months.
that is all from my side.

From India, Jalandhar

Hi Hari!!
As my company is in project phase we are doing recruitments in huge nos.. So we also include the Total interviews,Total Selects at each level in all the offers made .. offers not accepted.. n their reasons!!!
In our Monthly MIS we also include the Recruitment Costs, Budgets of the various engagement activities etc.
In the starting we also mention the Highlights of the Month...mentioning max recuitment in which deaprtment, activities performed in the Month etc..
Warm Regards

From India, Kota

Hi Amit,
I have slight difference of opinion in your calculation. In total manpower you are deducting the people who left and then you are dividing people left with the net head count. In this way, the net headcount is excluding people who left and the base does not contain those people. So, ideally the formula should be
People who left / net head count + people who left
This way you are calculating the % out of the base from which people left.
So, in your example, 10/(210+10)*100 is the right way of calculating the Attrition %.

From India, Madras

Dear Friends You can also add the training held details/Incedents /accidents and Govt and other Officials visits in MIS Regards malladi_alps :lol: :lol: :lol:
From India, Madras
Poorvi Shah
Hi Harikirhsna,
Being in recruitment I can say you may also include reports on :
Source wise recruitment
Total payments made to consultants in a month
Total cost saved by recruiting through other sources
Graphical comparison on recruitment cost for every quarter
Total pending positions at the end of the said month.
and also additional reports like
Offers declined by prospects in a month and reasons for the same
Reason for employee(if any) resigning in the same month that he/she has joined
Poorvi Shah

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