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Dear Seniors,
How to face co-worker domination due to her 15 years experience in the same office under same boss? She is a female without much knowledge about management but she makes the boss to nod the head for her silly, useless decisions.
After all she is basically a diploma holder but she screws up with all the MBA, BE and BTech inside the office just because she is working there for 15 long years. And the boss believes she is the only loyal worker.
How to get rid of her? Suggestions and advices are most welcome.

From India, Madras
There is a saying......"You cannot afford to be in the lake and also be an enemy of the crocodile at the same time". You being a new comer, it won't be easy to get rid of her before you make your strong footing.
Your options:
1) Bear with her and believe in fate
2) Quit the Job and ensure you don't find her clone in another organization
3) Understand her and why she makes silly, useless decisions. Learn if there is something more into her decisions with practical experience of 15years which you being a new comer might be lacking. I guess her decisions would be obviously affecting others too in the organization apart from yourself. If you, then united we stand, divided we fall.

From India, Mumbai

In an organization, one finds its way to the top through experiences, that they have no clue, how to deal with ! This is one such incident, which will help you grow .

Are you in a decision making role, where you have the authority to decide upon her existence in the organization? If not, here are my suggestions for you to consider:
  • Consider the effort and the hardships, this senior had to put up with, just to maintain the role she have. Find out more about her career path, with full focus on the learning she gained.
  • Identify her mentors and find out the skills and competencies they help her groom.
  • Observe every situation where she looses her temper . Find out what shoots her, off the handle.
  • Identify what she appreciates the most. Even if she doesn't appreciate anybody, there are many areas, where she wants to grow and tries to learn them quickly , before others.
  • She is an influencer and an ally. Her strongest area is to connect with the power centers. Learn it from her.
  • Once your study on her strengths are over, acknowledge all of them, not just through words but actions. She need not respond, if at all positively to it. This is your training on getting better with your emotional quotient.
  • Lastly, keep yourself motivated. Find out what excites and inspires you the most and do it regularly. This is vital , as when you push yourself beyond your limits, its normal and natural for you to grow toxic. Avoid every negative pattern in your behavior and continue growing smarter than ever!

God bless you. Wish you all the best !

From India, Mumbai

I do accept about the existence of such senior employees in organisations who had succeeded in making their boss dance to their tunes. But, you must look into the PROBLEM - FIRST.

- Kindly do share your EXACT(REALISTIC) PROBLEM(your perception) associated with senior most employee in your organisation.

- If it has affected you, kindly let us know what kind of loss you had incurred.

- I am sure, Its not about the XYZ EMPLOYEE(irrespective of her seniority or position in the hierarchy). Its all about your INTERPRETATION & PERCEPTION.

Hence, i request you to kindly focus on the problem(interpret accurately with high perception level), but not on the HUMAN BEING.

Your QUALIFICATION(s) may not support you to take DECISIONS or HANDLE SITUATION(S) or MANAGE THINGS BETTER THAN EXPECTED or DEVELOP A PROCESS FOR FURTHER IMPROVEMENT, unless you had been through a STAGE where, you had spent SUFFICIENT TIME and DEALT WITH VARIOUS PROBLEMS/ISSUES/PROCESS etc., that must be REALISTIC IN NATURE. If i have to put it in simple words, It is all about the

1) EXPERIENCE(knowledge/information) GAINED OVER A PERIOD OF TIME,


Do share your problem, will present a solution to your PERCEPTION. You need to solve it before it takes you for a long ride.

With profound regards

From India, Chennai
Dear Prakash,
Boost her ego, so much that she gets carried away, make her give all the wrong advise to management, give her all wrong information about everything, but see to it that such information are verbal in nature only.
Cause her to make mistake, and thus indirectly causinh pain and problem to people down the line, when she makes a mistake and lands people or company in trouble, you go and clean the mess, do it for couple of times, and your popularity in company will increase. And slowly she will be sidelined.
Learn your enemy, know your enemy and then lay traps they would walk into.
Devise methods and ideas on daily basis, and enjoy her fallacy. Politics is dirty thing to do, but if that's only way one can survive, then please proceed without a ounce of heart ache.

From India, Mumbai
You have to understand that this way has been successful for her , for last so many years. It`s has become her working style, tried and tested-accepted by Boss - who has also got accustomed to the same. You have to work very hard,smart and diplomatically as long as you don`t match the level of loyalty and dependability from Boss`s point of view. ~To understand all is to forgive all.~ Understand her majboori/insecurity behind this. Never take it personally.Part and parcel of non professionally managed set-ups everywhere in small and medium scale industries especially!
From United States, New York
Think this way,
Why cant you extract work from her
Understand her requirement, analyse the same,
Make a strategy and make her work for her.
by doing so, you will concentrate on developmental works instead of breaking your head in this issue,

From India, Coimbatore
"To get what you want, STOP doing what isn't working" - Dennis Weaver.
Take a different approach. Look the world from her point of view. What are her fears , her anxieties. How has last 15 years shaped her beliefs about workplace. Why is the boss listening to her?. You may get a different perspective.
Be the change

From India, Madras
Dear Vivek,
As per him/her If you think that some body is working more then 15 year in a organization. Has really a influence on each and every thing. So want to work then bear it and work hard.. you can come on driving seat..

From India, Jaipur
God, seems like there is more politics and less work nowdays.See if this worker of your is causing you trouble intentionally it must be coming from some insecurity she haves on her end.Change your attitude,have faith on yourself and your skills- please do not gratify her by reacting- that is just what she wants.Forget her and concentrate on your work - believe me things will settle down after sometime.
From India, Mumbai

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