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You have explained as under:-

"I was conducting session of one of our female employee and in the session she told me the senior male person who is giving her trainings she is not comfortable with him. he was calling her in the past month everyday but she was ignoring him. How can i solve this problem because he is not disturbing her right now but she is not comfortable with him whenever he is giving trainings"

You have request this

"and the other problem is how can i represent this problem in fromt of my seniors as one of our senior is very agressive. "

ask the lady if she has any complaints she must report to the management not you because you are not the member of Management team. the male is your colleague and your team member. It is possible that the lady is telling lie and she is making a joke of you. it is also possible that she is interested in you and need your attention! it is also possible that ..................many many things can don't take this matter as an issue simply ask the lady to contact the HR Department if she has any problem.

Hi Niya

This has happened in the past at many organisations.

People try to see if there is a chance of getting a relationship with a cute new employee.

in this particular case, I assume he has understood that she is not interested.

naturally the employee who has been the target will remember that every time she sees him, so she will naturally be uncomfortable.

The problem may be first that The senior does not know this amounts to sexual harassment. I have seen that in many cases. That is why the supreme court guidelines asks organisation to run sensitising training on the matter.

I would suggest the following :

- explain to the lady that she has to make a written statement in confidence to you so that you can take action. Assure it will be kept confidential.

- irrespective of whether she does not not, inform the management of the incident and that you are taking steps to prevent its recurrence

- get sher training shifted to someone else (if possible)

- call the senior over and explain to him that his calling a female employee repeatedly is wrong and it can be interpreted as sexual harassment, which could lead to severe penalties for him, including loss of job, loss of face and criminal persecuation.

- get an assurance that he will not do it again with anyone

- conduct sensitising training for all managers and then juniors on avoiding and dealing with sexual harassment (ref vishakha case)

- create and implement procedure for addressing such issues.

- get the MD to issue a statement in this regard

From India, Mumbai
Lots of unrboken links are there:
The women is uncomfortable, what the women is telling is it truth or lie. Is there a possibility that women is trying / tried to woo YOU (Thread Starter) or the Manager.

From India, Madras
Hey guys i am a female so she is not trying to woo me... dear mrpakistani i am from HR department thats why she is telling me this problem Thanx Navdeep
From India, Chandigarh
Dear Navdeep,
In the first instance, you please ask the woman employee, to file a written complaint against the male employee, duly specifying the nature of harassment meted by her and specific reasons for her in-comfortableness. Then you forward the complaint the Competent authority, who is competent to take action against the employees, for further action. The Top Management will ask your comments on that. You have to give your comments depending upon the situations you observed in your official transactions. The top management will, then take suitable action in the matter.

From Canada, Calgary
Dear Sir,
Dealing with woman employee one should be polite. You ascertain what makes her inconvenient
in the process of work . Ask the senior persson to behave in a convenient/decent manner with her. If she complains to the management, it will comes under sexual harassment. Please follow tactfully.
HR/IR Consultant

From India, Hyderabad
Dear Navdeep,
As per Law in any organization you need to have an internal comitee to handle sexual or mental harrasement cases. Go through books of Law or Sexual Harasement Act you may find a solution. This case may not be related to sexual harasement but you can definitely refer to it as it will guide you how to handle this problem and resolve it.
Sandesh Chavan

From India, Mumbai
i would advice u to do the inquiry without knowing the both employee, if the female employee is really uncomfortable with the male employee behavior then u should call the male employee and give him initial warning without knowing the other employees, if he do the same then give him the memo as disciplinary action, and keep the senior informed.

From India, Hyderabad
Dear HR Folks,

From several responses to issues from our HR folks, I tend to ask a question to myself - is HR in the job of creating issues or resolving them? I remember, long back when I was not a part of the HR Function, one highly experienced HR person did tell me that sometimes they need to create issues and later resolve them to show their competence and ability to the management. Later, I became a part of the HR function and now I feel such strategies are too old and have gone away.

The greatest problem with us, the HR folks, now is that we are not listening to our hearts and suddenly take issues to our brains. Brain, by its very nature, does not like simple things and the moment you give simple things for it to handle, it makes it as complex it can and give back to you. Then you are in problem. So, let's start from heart.

At this stage, you are not sure whether the manager who you feel wrong and guilty is actually done anything wrong. He may have done / may not have done. You have listened to the story from one side. Lot of times, people misread the gestures and comments and formulate their own responses against them. Sometimes, people do false allegations on others just to take revenge on something else. It may be a strategy adopted by the female employee to convey you that she is more comfortable with you.

So, whatever the case may be, the simple thing you can do now is to have an informal dialogue with the person you doubt and explain the situation to him (from your write-up, I think he is your colleague). Update him about others' feedback against his behaviors. Give him a chance to get the feedback and correct himself / modify the way he behave. I am sure, he will understand the consequences and change himself. Then speak with your female employee and assure her that such things will not recur. No need to do these exercises publicly, rather do it one-on-one. Please do not compare the HR function to Police Station & Court. Our job should be making things simpler. Getting a compulsory written complaint in such situation is like the fabricating a false case against someone so that action could be taken with supporting evidence. Why do we need to think that way when speaking to both the parties and resolving the issue without anything in writing is also possible?

Most often, the culprit in such situations is one's response to a particular behavior from a colleague / friend / manager, etc. Means, in this case, the culprit may be the response of your female employee to a behavior demonstrated by the trainer. To clarify, Stephen Covey in his famous book "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" says - "The thing that hart us is not what others do to us, it is our chosen response to what others do to us". That's the reason for different responses from different people for a particular issue / situation.

I suggest, don't engage into written complaints, involving senior managers, written warning letters, etc. etc. Try and solve the issue through simple means. If the simple means do not work, then you have other options available. Never start anything from where it has to end.

From India, Delhi
In this case, you should findout whether she has told aganist him all true or lie. If we take her version is true, first you should analyse the facts and circumstances and take this matter to senior management. or Wait for sometime and gather the facts, recorded evidences which are all aganist him and build the confidence her and receive a complaint.Based on the complaint ,conduct enquiry.Appoint female Enquiry officer who should be qualifed in LAW.
If she is reluctant to give a complaint aganist him, you shold wait and get the evidences by fixing cameras and recording the conversation with her.Once he caught into prey,then your action will be easy for proceeding further.
D Pannerselvam

From India, Mumbai

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