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Hi All,
Greeting for the day!!!
i faced the following situation in my company.
Today in my office i found people who think recruitment is a thankless job and recruitment profile has no value if we compare with generalist. recruitment profile does not have any respect or decision making power in any organization. HR generalist people have more respect in comparison to recruitment.
so i would like to know your opinion on the above statement.

From India, Mumbai
Hussain Zulfikar
Hris Implementation, Payroll, Recruitment,
Hr Executive
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Hi Mamata,
Recruitment is the most challenging task of HR. If you bring the right employee at right place. Than role of HR generalist ends, the other responsibilities of HR like - Motivation, Conflict mgt, culture building, policy implementation, employee satisfaction, engagement, appraisal, etc. only needs a little push.

From India, Raipur

Dear mamatha,
Recruitment is the first step in managing the talent pool in the organization. If you dont hire right people how the company will perform and grow. Yes it is a thankless job as you can not show the results which directly affects the topline or bottomline of the company but mind you as a recrutier you are also shaping the future of the company. Dont get dishearted. If possible discuss this in any of the open fourms ( if your company have such ones) or indirectly with your superiors.

From India, Bangalore

Dear Mamta, "Recruitment is base of any construction" Remember that without base nothing is valuable. With Regards, Vineet Deshmukh
From India, Yavatmal
Hussain Zulfikar

Dear Readers

Recruitment is a cycle of hiring manpower upon requisition. Its one of the most important part of HR field,

A true recruitment specialist is not only responsible for sourcing and coordinating interviews but does important tasks like :

Salary Negotiation
Mapping Human Resources
Bringing down recruitment cost
Ensuring consistent Knowledge and skill supply to business

It becomes a thankless job when the recruiter does not attach value to its own work. I do understand recruitment in India is hectic due to no shows, unpredictable behavior of candidates and competing recruitment firms. but that is part of every field, marketing, finance, IT all have their respective challenges.

If we understand the whole cycle of recruitment there is more variety, more substance and value in recruitment field as compared to generalist. I dont undermine any of the fields, they both have merits.

Service based companies are dependent on Human Resource to carry out its business, for them Human skills and knowledge are inventories to make profits from., in this situation recruiters are the purchase managers or executive of these skills sets, and it is more complex than buying physical inventory of any kind. thus its of high value.

A generalist work starts after people are hired, and as much as I understand, generalist HRs manage employees, there are no strict KPIs or KRAs through which HR generalist performance can be judged, but in terms of recruiter thier KPIs and KRAs can be judged from recruitment targets, salary negotiated, recruitment cost incurred.

Recruiters are the first face of the company, they are the PRs, negotiators, advertisers of the company.

In a company where HR is practised honestly, recruiters do have authority, after all only those candidate make it to OPs round who clear HR round.

Recruiters working in consultancies have more hard time meeting targets and facing no shows. but the exposure, the grill, the pressure refines them to become strong negotiators, persuasive skills are developed, become assertive and more dynamic and upto the point individuals. with time and opportunity smart people move on the better opportunity.

having worked in a recruitment consultancy has really helped me. As HR of corporates understand that I have been through the grill and pressure of recruitment cycles.

Its a matter of attitude and patience.

A sharp recruiter has opportunity to become HR generalist in future as he / she understands the thinking pattern of people which is learnt from various kinds of interviewing. where as a generalist HR having less or relaxed experience in recruitment doesnt understand the real human dynamics, other than talking sweet, flashy ppts, following compliance orders etc, which is more clerical than challenging.

I miss being a hardcore assertive recruiter.

From Kuwait, Salmiya
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